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Monday, November 16, 2020

Cardinals Swimming Success in US Open -- MONDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Arthur Albiero, head Louisville Swimming Coach, isn't a man who openly or arrogantly boasts or brags about the successful swimmers he has had the pleasure of coaching at UofL over his time at Louisville. Since August of could probably say, in his case, actions speak louder that words -- and the Cards put up some significant results in the 2020 US Open at the IU Natatorium No vember 12-14. 

We put our emphasis on UofL women's sports here at Cardinal Couple, and it gives us a lot of pride and pleasure to report that former UofL standouts performed in excellent fashion at the event. 

Mallory Comerford captured the women's 100m freestyle with an amazing time of 55.21. Former teammate Casey Fanz finished second with a time of 56.18, which would win a lot of meets. Louisville also grabbed the sixth and seventh spots in the event with Christiana Regenauer's 56.76 and Gabi Albiero's 56.85. 

Alena Kraus took second place in the women's 200m butterfly. Fellow Cardinals Tristan Ulett garnered a fourth place finish in that event and Gabi showed her versatilityby ending up sixth in the "fly". 

Morgan Friesen finished sixth in the 200m breaststroke.  \

Albiero's philosophy on coaching: 

"I'm not someone who yells during practice. I do my best coaching when the commitment is 100% on both side -- not 50-50. To be successful, it takes that 100% commitment. When you have that level of commitment, you have understanding. That makes it easy to have fun in the pool. It should always be fun at the core. That's the nature of our sport." 

More fun and success is coming for Cardinal swimmers and they can go forward assured that Coach Albiero will be there to share it with them. 


It is akin, maybe, to waiting for Christmas morning -- this anticipation of the Cards WBB season. 

We get a lot of questions, comments, speculation and inquiries about the UofL WBB squad here at Cardinal Couple and we, too, can't wait to see the squad in action. As far as the answers to them, let's take a look at four of your most recently asked questions: 


Let's back-track here a second and remind you of Coach Walz's philosophy that it isn't so much who is who is in there in the final two minutes of a close contest. That being said...I think you can put Dana Evans in a starting role with no hesitation. If the intent is to have an experienced line=up on the floor to begin a contest -- add Liz (Dixon) and "E" (Balogun) to the starters. Walz has mentioned and toyed with the idea of a four-guard lineup, so let's follow through on that train of thought and add freshman sensation Hailey Van Lith and steady, dependable Kianna Smith to the mix. 

We'll see how close I am on 25th in Murfreesboro. .


First off, they are the pre-season C-USA Conference favorite to win the title. Secondly, they have a very insightful and wise coach in Rick Insell. 

The Blue Raiders went 21-9 last year and were on a four-game winning streak going into the C-USA Conference Tournament -- but it was cancelled. Heavyweights Kentucky, Gonzaga, Arizona State, WKU were on the Blue Raiders schedule and even though they didn't win any of those, they weren't blown out in any of them. 


Two out of last year's starting five return and it's a sister act with Anastasia and Aislynn Hayes. The sisters were also the two leading scorers on the squad (18.7 and 14.1 ppg) and the 5'7" guards are redshirt juniors and sophomores respectively  There's also another "sister act" on the squad with guards Alexis and Amanda Whittington, who were reserves last season. Insell brought in transfer Deja Cage from Ole Miss and she was the leading scorer and three-point shooter for the Rebs in 2018-19. MTSU has a bit of height as well, 6'4"  Ra'Shika White transfers in from Elon, where she was the CAA's Sixth Player of the Year and they also added freshman center 6'4" Kseviia Kozlova -- a highly sought-after post from Moscow, Russia. 

MTSU has also added two 6'3" freshmen forwards (from Ontario, Canada and Spain) so "tall ball" could very well be an option for Insell, as well. 


That traditionally fun event has probably gone the way of so many UofL activities and won't be held because of the pandemic. Maybe the Cards get creative and do some type of on-line event...who knows? Grab a bag of Doritos and listen to Dana would be fun...Hamburgers with Hailey? Waffles with Walz? Pizza with Purcell & Pineda... all have intriguing possibilities,  but we've heard nothing yet.  

Inviting 1200 or so to the Galt House right now to eat would probably get a "we can't be doing that" admonishing from Governor Andy and with the virus reaching new heights...I wouldn't want to be a part of it. 

We'll have much more on the opening matchup for the Cards and the season outlook as game day draws closer. 

last BUT not least...

I don't get out a lot anymore with the COVID and such, so I may have missed any updates on highway safety and traffic regulations. In any event, someone explain this road sign to me...

Have a meaningful Monday! 



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  1. Great news on swimming!

    I think Walz goes Evans, Liz, "E", Nyah and Kianna. Just a guess.

    Paulie, that road sign. Hmmm. Hope you didn't "disturb" anyone.

    Nick O.


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