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Sunday, November 8, 2020

Field Hockey Championship Day - Sunday Cardinal Couple

 Field Hockey Goes for the 'Ship

Championship day in the ACC for Field Hockey gets underway.  The UofL Cards will square off with the UNC Tarheels at noon today for the Tournament Championship.

Justine Sowry's squad has been on an absolute tear this year, with the only blemish on the record being the regular season closeout against Syracuse.  The biggest win, of the many wins, is undoubtedly the early October, late afternoon victory over UNC, which at the time, snapped the Tarheels incredible 47 game win streak.

Given that the ACC is the only Division 1 conference playing fall Field Hockey this year, due to Covid-19, there will be no NCAA tournament this fall, though there will be one in the spring.  Currently the Field Hockey Final Four is scheduled for May 7th and 9th with a "regular" season slated for February 2nd through April 23rd.  Does this mean the ACC, or ACC teams will have another "regular" season?  No word, yet.  The tournament will be 12 teams, with all but two of them getting automatic qualifiers.  Has UofL already locked up an automatic qualifier for the ACC by virtual of winning this fall "regular" season?  Again, we don't have certainty on this.

If you've seen anything of UNC Field Hockey this year, including UofL's game against them earlier in the season, you've heard about Erin Matson.  Definitely the star of the team, Matson has 11 goals on the season, more then double anyone else on the team.  They aren't without other goal scorers, however, with Paityn Wirth and Eva Smolenaars both have five on the season, and a trio with a trio each, Meredith Sholder, Cassie Sumfest, and Hannah Griggs coming of the bench.

Amanda Henry is in the cage for UNC and has only had 12 goals scored on her all season, with 47 saves (79.7% save percentage).  In comparison, UofL's Hollyn Barr has 10 goals against with 28 saves (73.7% save percentage).

UNC will be looking for revenge for the earlier matchup that Louisville won, 3-1.  Erin Matson will, no doubt, be looking to reassert her presence on the field after largely being shut down by UofL in the earlier matchup.  They are playing on their home field and have slept in their own beds, so UofL has their work cut out for them.

The matchup will be on the ACC Network at noon.

Cardinal Couple Radio Hour

We were three for the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour yesterday, at least audibly.  Jared checked in with some comments in our chat during the show, but mostly it was Paulie, Case and myself.

We enjoyed the warm weather, covered Field Hockey, Soccer, Women's Basketball (the WUGs are back!), and the appointment of a new "Senior Woman Administrator" in UofL Athletics in Amy Calabrese.

Check it out below.


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