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Wednesday, November 4, 2020



Field Hockey

I had the chance to interview two coaches heading their squads into ACC Tournament play yesterday.  Justine Sowry has her #1 seeded Louisville Field Hockey squad beginning action on Friday in Chapel Hill, NC against the winner of the #4 Virginia vs. #5 Wake Forest match that will take place Thursday. The Cards got the quarterfinal bye due to going 7-1 in the fall ACC competition and winning the tie-breaker over #2 seed UNC by virtue of beating them in regular-season play. Game time for the Cards opener is 1:30 p.m.

Coach discusses the season, the upcoming tournament and her student-athletes in this informative and comprehensive talk we had, You can hear it at the link below: 


Women's Soccer

Karen Ferguson Dayes takes the #6 seed Louisville Women's Soccer squad to the Wake Med Soccer Complex in Cary, NC for ACC Women's Soccer Tournament action next week. The Cards will face #3 seed Virginia in quarter-final play. After Sunday's action, the Cards ended up in a three-way tie for sixth in the regular season standings with a 4-4 record. The Cards won the tie-breaker between them, Virginia Tech and Notre Dame by winning the point-differential margin over the two and their head-to-head win over Virginia Tech. 

Coach and I discussed the tournament, the season and some of her student-athletes as well and you can here our discussion at the link below: 


I appreciate both coaches taking time out of their busy planning and strategy sessions to speak with me. You can follow all the action on the ACC Network for both tournaments live and we'll offer you updates and by-lines on the contests here at your leader for the joy and excitement of UofL Women's Sports -- CARDINAL COUPLE ! 


We haven't had a huge response yet to the ACC Tournament Pick 'Em yet....maybe it's because were not offering a gift and no one wants to go out with me, discuss technology with Jeff or Case or have their picture taken by Jared...Maybe it's because of  election anxiety -- or maybe the dog ate your selections.

It was also brought up to me that, in the initial announcement, no tie-breaker was mentioned. So, I'll propose that the tie-breaker be the final score of the final game in each tournament. 

Since the ACC Field Hockey is first up, you might want to hurry and get those selections in. You can leave them in the comments section or e-mail Jared with your picks at: or us here at 

I persisted Sonya for her Field Hockey picks last night while we were watching election returns and, after originally telling me to "just write me down for Louisville winning everything" I did get her to fill out the complete tournament and final score. she declined to have a date with me, has no interest in techno stuff but might be open for a photo shoot with Jared. 




Finals: LOUISVILLE wins 2-1

Have a wonderful Wednesday! 




  1. i NEVER win these things but here goes.

    For field Hockey, Virginia, North Carolina, Syracuse, Louisville, North Carolina, Louisville 2-0 score
    For women's soccer, FSU, Duke, North Carolina, Louisville, FSU, North Carolina, North Carolina 1-0

    Curtis "Be Kind" Franklin

  2. Hello Friends !
    Arthur Here !

    I hope you are all doing well. I could listen to coaches all day (except Steve Spurrier - HA HA) and Sowry and Ferguson-Dayes sound like they are great ones.

    On the homefront, Bea is on her second day using her walker. Her physical therapy gal has her go through a series of exercises and then a few steps. She's still got a little pain but feeling better.

    I don't know a bunch about Field Hockey, we don't offer it at Clemson, as you know, but hope the Cardinals do well. Anyone who beats UNC is OK in my book. I'm worried about our women's soccer team drawing Duke. They bested us 1-0 at their place back in October. Hopefully we do better on a neutral site against them.

    My entries are as follows,
    In Field Hockey. Virginia, NC, Duke, Louisville, UNC and Louisville by a 3-2 score. In Women's Soccer, Florida State, Clemson, North Carolina, Louisville, Clemson, North Carolina, Clemson 1-0

    Your Friend
    #1 Clemson Fan
    Greer, SC


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