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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Favorite Pictures from the Soccer Season -- Pick Em -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

 Jared's Favorite Soccer Photos

The soccer regular season recently concluded and the Cards are one of eight teams gearing up for the ACC Tournament.  This season went about as expected, with Louisville finishing 4-4 and earning the 6-seed. Like the field hockey photos from last year, the soccer photos range from action to celebration to pregame activities.  You may have seen some of the photos already while others may be new.

Louisville gears up for a first round match against 3-seed Virginia tonight at 8:00 p.m., on the ACC Network.

The Wahoos come into the match ranked #10 in the country, boasting a 7-2-1 record and 5-2-1 in the ACC.  They are fresh off back-to-back wins against Boston College and Syracuse.   Alexa Spaanstra leads Virginia with five goals.  Both goals in Virginia's regular season over Louisville came from Spaanstra.  Lia Godfrey leads the team with five assists.

Emina Ekic ranks second in the ACC and fourth in the NCAA with 1.88 points per match.  Her 0.75 goals per match is also second in the ACC and sixth overall in the NCAA. Louisville is 0-8 against Virginia all-time, including this year's 2-0 loss.

The match is scheduled for 8:00 p.m.  However, with three matches scheduled before the Cards play it is likely kickoff may be later.  Field conditions are also expected to be rough with no team to even the grass between matches.

Pick Em

We had six entries for field hockey.  Currently, there are six entries for soccer with one of them being a new face from the last Pick Em, but you still have until 12:30 p.m. today to submit those!

Paulie and Sonya each went 3-3 in the field hockey Pick Em, never able to fully recover from 1-2 starts on the first day.  Nick O and Arthur each went 4-2 with mirroring brackets.  Curtis was rocking a 5-0 bracket going into the championship game, where he had the Cards downing North Carolina again.  Jared edged out Curtis in the end by going 6-0 after picking UNC over UofL.  I think I'll pass on the prizes, although finding a way to take selfies on a camera would be quite interesting!

Soccer is a chance to redeem yourself or join in on the fun!  It always adds a little extra excitement when watching the other matches.  I will provide an update on Thursday.

Feel free to leave your picks in our comments section. In case of tie, you might want to leave a guess at the final score of the championship game also with the, You can also e-mail your picks to the Cardinal Couple e-mail address....   or directly to me

As it was in Field Hockey, no official prize is being awarded except for a date with Paulie, technology discussion with Case and Jeff or a photo shoot with Jared.,,,but if you win you can proudly boast about your prowess on social media outlets and those lengthy Zoom and Skype meetings a lot of us have to endure weekly.  

As an example for you, here are Sonya's picks: 

Quarterfinals: FSU, Duke, UNC, Louisville

Semifinals: FSU, Louisville

Finals: Louisville  1-0 

Happy Tuesday and Go Cards!



  1. Hey Ho! It's Dave-O !

    Greetings from the land of COVID ignorance, Republican governor idiocy and palm trees!

    I remain sequestered in our home, attending to yard work, making a trip a week to the grocery with the wife and playing golf about 3-4 days a week at a pretty empty Country Club. The Virus still sucks, the yard looks beautiful, though, the grocery a treacherous death zone of toddling old farts not knowing where they are and why they came. Sadly, I still play typical Watson golf -- settling for bogeys and celebrating anything better. Maybe I should wear the mask on the fairways, it could muffle my groans of disappointment and slightly off-color dialogue after errant stokes.

    Having four people in a house built for three has its challenges. Especially when the older two of my three are underemployed, have battled since birth and can't see their respective friends and allies. The fact they have to share a bedroom as well (which was originally designed for my youngest daughter) -- who is on campus at a non-descript southeastern institute of learning is even more interesting. My son, in desperation, thinking about moving into the golf maintenance building at the country club ala Carl from Caddyshack.

    How's your orb?

    I did not enter the Field Hockey pick 'em, when I consulted my oldest daughter, she matter-of-factly told me that the Louisville squad was good but North Carolina, playing at home -- where they're 1938-0 or some ridiculous number like that -- would not lose.

    As we watched the finals, she pointed out several times in the second half that the Cards were failing at getting the ball out of their side of the field in the second half, Pastor couldn't overcome the intensive defensive pressure and Hollyn Barr was definitely no Ayeshia McFerran.

    FWIW, I guess. She misses not being around people. She's staying safe, though, as she transitions out of the corporate world and desires to teach. I hear they need teachers, when the kids go back. Maybe she'll become one and find her one digs. She was able to unload her condo in New York City very quickly, though, and is sustainably and financially solvent for a few years.

    In terms of the illustrious Cardinal Couple Pick 'EM, I will tender a bracket selection. If I should win, I'd love a date with Paulie. Maybe he could talk Sonya out of attending the Syracuse Football game with him, he could fly me in and put me up at the Galt House or A-Loft.

    Yeah. Keep dreaming, Dave O, right?

    So, I'll provide this bracket.

    FSU, Clemson, North Carolina, Virginia, FSU, North Carolina, FSU 3-2

    Hoping you all remain safe and keep your "L's Up" (after you've properly sanitized that hand) I remain.

    Dave O

  2. Always great to hear from you Dave! Stay safe and hang in there!



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