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Sunday, August 16, 2020

Sunday Cardinal Couple

 WNBA Check-in

A moment of editorial, if you will, before we check on results in the WNBA.  While there was some concern about the frequency of games in the WNBA this year, with teams playing every 2nd or 3rd day, compared to the more typical one a week of WNBA scheduling, I must say that I have been thoroughly enjoying the ability to pretty much sit down and turn on an WNBA game any day of the week.  Perhaps, in future seasons, the league could consider more frequent games, even if not at the frenetic pace of this year's schedule.  But, anyway, let's check in on our Cards.

The Washington Mystics looked unbeatable in the opening week of the season but now?  I'm not really sure what has happened.  They won the opening trio of games, but now have dropped the next seven.  The most recent 73-88.  Admittedly, they played the Las Vegas Aces yesterday, who are sitting at 2nd place in the league with a record of 8-2.

This matchup, of course, pits Myisha Hines-Allen vs Angel McCoughtry.

Neither of our alumnae had stellar games in this one, but neither does anything to apologize for on the court.  Hines-Allen may have been the most help for the Mystics on the boards, with seven rebounds, but she did contribute nine points to go along with them.  A near double-double is certainly nothing to sneeze at, but it's not the headline grabbing numbers we saw at the beginning of the year.

McCoughtry got 11 points, but was otherwise not a huge factor on the stats sheet with a trio of rebounds and an assist.

The evening game saw the New York Liberty get...well, thumped is about the only way to put it, by the Minnesota Lynx.  The final in this one 94-64.  Perhaps Muffet McGraw can chime in and help the Liberty figure out how to bounce back from a drubbing like that.  The Liberty, as has been discussed here plenty, have a roster replete with rookies, including Jaz Jones and Kylee Shook.

Kylee Shook put up nine points, three rebounds, and it wouldn't be a Kylee Shook game without a blocked shot.  A couple of clips made the Liberty social media feed, including a trey from beyond the arc with the assist to Jaz Jones.

Speaking of Jaz Jones, she got a highlight reel of her own from the Liberty after getting a team high 13 points, four rebounds and a couple of dimes, including the aforementioned one to Shook.  A coast-to-coast, shooting from range, a spin cycle, a euro-step, the dime to Shook, and finishing with some no-foul contact, all made the clip.

No Cards in action today with all of them on the court yesterday,   Wings and Mercury at 1pm, Storm and Sun at 3pm, and Sky vs Dream at 4pm.

Cardinal Couple Radio Hour

(Rumors of Paulie's defection to NC State to join cover Wes Moore and Mr & Ms. Wuf have not been confirmed) 

Let's say it was three and a half of us on the show yesterday.  Jared was banking, but a slow day let him listen in and chime in with some comments and quiz answers in our chat feature.  Otherwise, well, let's just say we were all in some sort of mood for this one.

Plenty of Covid-19 related news to digest, WNBA analysis, and a really fun quiz made up the show yesterday.  "Who Am I?" was the theme for the quiz. See if you can do better than us in the rebroadcast below. In a battle to the wire, I managed to eke out perennial winner Jared by a mere 10 points, 70-60. Case "also participated" 

The quiz is always great fun and Paulie threw a very, very tough one at us with the "Who Am I" format.

Check it out!


  1. How about the big news of saliva COVID tests!?! This could be a game-changer, guys!

    Curtis "Be Kind" Franklin

  2. Thanks for your coverage of the Cardinals in the WNBA. Mainstream media is mostly ignoring them.


  3. Yes on the "spit" test and I'll have much more on it tomorrow!



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