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Monday, August 10, 2020

ACES squeak by Liberty -- Mystics fall -- MONDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


A thrilling finish yesterday when Cardinal WBB stars Angel McCoughtry and Jazmine Jones met up in the "wubble". 

Las Vegas pulled off the 78-76 win after trailing most of the game to New York. Let's give credit to McCoughtry and to A'ja Wilson -- they hit the tying (McCoughtry) and winning shots (Wilson) but let's also point out that a malfunctioning clock played just as big a part in Las Vegas's win as well.

Trailing 61-58 after three quarters, Las Vegas tied it when McCoughtry hit a shot from mid-range to even it up at 76-76. After a New York miss, the Aces got the ball to Wilson, who scored with 6.1 seconds to play. Plenty of time to get a hoop and get it to overtime, right? 

Not if you're a shot-clock operator in the "wubble". 

Kia Nurse took the potential tying shot but missed. The Liberty got the rebound but the Aces claimed she was out of bound and the ball was awarded to Las Vegas. Bot with .5 seconds to go, the Aces stepped out of bounds, so the ball went back to New York. A nice play was drawn up by the Liberty to have Layshia Clarendon get the inbounds pass to LeAnna Odom, but the game ending buzzer went off before the ball even got to Odom. 

Another stoppage of action and another review. 

 This time, the Aces knew what was coming and the subsequent pass was intercepted on the second chance. 

Walt Hopkins, Liberty head coach, was not a happy camper: 

“We executed that play — the one that the score keeper started the clock before the ball was touched... we should be fighting in overtime right now,” Hopkins said in describing the play. “I don’t know if it was the scoreboard malfunction or if it was actually the scorekeeper who started early, because it’s all automated. So, somebody made a really big mistake and stole the game from us.”

I've worked a shot clock before. And a game clock. Rule #1 is you don't start it until the ball is touched. Don't believe me? Ask my buddies, "the monkeys", who do this every year for Cardinal basketball and the ACC Tournament. 

As far as Cardinals in the action, Kylee Shook did not play because of a foot injury. No word on how long she'll be out. Jaz saw just 14 minutes and had three points.  For the Aces, McCoughtry put in 20 minutes and had six points and five rebounds. 


In the nightcap of "wubble" action, the slumping Washington Mystics got 11 points from Myisha Hines-Allen but dropped their fourth game in a row, losing to the Indiana Fever 91-84. 

A rough second quarter for Washington proved to be a hole they could not dig their way out of. The Mystics were outscored 27-11 in the second quarter and trailed 52-39 at the half. 

WNBA standings through yesterday's action: 

Seattle             6-1

Minnesota       5-2

Chicago          5-2

Las Vegas      5-2

Los Angeles   4-3

Phoenix          4-3

Dallas             3-4

Washington    3-4

Indiana           3-4

Atlanta            2-5

Connecticut    1-6

New York        1-6


The Big Ten presidents were in meetings last night considering cancelling football and other fall sports. If this conference follows the trend of the MAC Conference, can the rest of the Power 5 be far behind? No official announcement on this as of 9:30 this morning

College football players have taken to Twitter and other internet outlets to plea the case for playing this fall (and NOT playing this fall).

I want events, scores and play to report on -- as we all do here at Cardinal Couple. But we also realize the human health and safety during a pandemic are priority #1. If we have to wait awhile for athletic events on the collegiate level to take place, that is something that fan disappointment, enraged e-mails to me, social media blasting and athlete desire can't change.The presidents and athletic directors of colleges are faced with a enormous responsibility here -- health-wise, financial and more.  

Let's just remember, none of us have walked down this path before. I hope our "I want it now" society can tolerate a delay, if those in charge mandate it. It would be disappointing, financially disastrous to athletic programs and athletes-in-training, but these are not normal times. 

Maybe a delay is the right thing to do now. I'm no expert but until the pandemic slows here in the United States, maybe we need to listen to the medical experts and not the politicians? 

Sound off, in the comments if you have a take, but, PLEASE, quit sending me hostile isn't me calling the shots, I get it, you're frustrated. Don't blame me for the source of your frustrations, though. I'd like to go to games, too. 




  1. It's an angry world out there Curtis.


  2. Maybe not the right place for this, as we knew it is over.
    Things are gonna get worse. And I ain't talking about this stinking virus.
    Eyes on the skies, that's where the real threat is coming from.

  3. Care to elaborate?

    Nick O.

    1. Not really the right place.
      Find me on fb.

  4. Hello Friends!

    Arthur here!

    It was exciting hoops yesterday.. I do think that this Liberty team could be a good one if they can get healthy and a few of their stars back.

    As an aside, we had a Zoom Meeting with the other organization gentlemen and gals I tailgate with each year on the Clemson campus.

    We are as uncertain about which direction to go. So, we're waiting like everyone else. (They gave me a hard time because I was wearing my UofL WBB t- shirt. Ha-ha.)

    Your friend
    #1 Clemson Fan
    Greer, SC

  5. Love it!
    (the shirt, not the tailgate dilemma)



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