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Friday, August 28, 2020

No scores but things to think about -- FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


We know that a lot of our readers come here for scores and results of athletic events. It is in our mission statement, to share and report on the joy and excitement of UofL women's sports. That extends to former Cardinal student-athletes who have gone on past the collegiate to participate professionally.  

No scores from last night, as the WNBA chose to stay off the court a second night because of the Jacob Blake protest. Below is a statement from the WNBA's New York Liberty: 

1,103 days since the New York Liberty’s first annual UNITY Day game dedicated to social justice. As the injustices persist, so does the work.

Today marks what should have been the Liberty’s 4th annual UNITY Day game which is devoted to telling Breonna Taylor’s story and highlighting the #SayHerName campaign. In light of today’s protest, our UNITY Day will be rescheduled at a later date. While we will not take the court today, we will continue to stay loud in our pursuit of justice.

The New York Liberty organization stand in solidarity with our players and demand justice for #JacobBlake, #GeorgeFloyd, #BreonnaTaylor, #AhmaudArbery, and the many human lives affected by brutal police encounters. We will not be silenced.

All lives can’t matter until Black lives matter.

The statement reflects an important part of the change in sporting these days. We try not to get too political or opinionated on things here at Cardinal Couple, but we live in a changing world. A world that has become very political, statement-laden and rightly so. We will continue to cover it as best we can. I'd like to think that our coverage of UofL women's athletics contests has been comprehensive, factual, and accurate in past seasons. I fully expect it to be the same in the future. There will come a day when we are able to resume that. Until then, we wait and see what will transpire with COVID. We have always been about the health, safety and well-being of the student-athlete. That is priority. 


Louisville's Volleyball, Field Hockey and women's soccer squad continue to practice hard for the hopeful eventuality of a schedule and competition. There isn't a schedule out there for any of these three sports yet, some adjusting and re configuring most likely going on since ACC members Duke and Syracuse won't be fall participants in the three sports. Are there more ACC schools that will follow suit? That's possible, if 2020 has shown us anything, we have learn that things are subject to change. 

It's tough to request interviews to discuss game results, future games, player performance and overall conference standings and trends with coaches and players when they don't currently exist. Any "up close and personal" interviews are pretty much out-of-the-question these days and it is a time where the student-athletes and coaches are having meaningful dialogue and meetings about what is going on in the world and our country today. So, we wait patiently and hope for the best.

One thing we haven't gotten official verification on, but have heard that happened, is that the year-old UofL Golf facility on Floyd Street, north of "the circle" has been closed. This is a beautiful facility and I hope the closure is just temporary -- because of budget cuts and COVID -- and isn't permanent. We have to realize that the UofL Athletic Department is not able to operate at a profit these days and that cutbacks to save dollars are necessary. Still, I feel bad for the coaches and golfers.  Just for the record, I've contacted several sources on this news, and haven't received a reply or confirmation.  

If you like to follow the pursuits of the squads in their preparations, I can highly recommend that you follow them on Twitter. We have our columnist Jeff McAdams UofL Sports based Twitter feed over on the right side of our site and it's a real good way to stay informed on the who, what and how of Louisville women's athletics as they exist these days. 

We hope for the best, accept what is in front of us, realize change is needed and continue to hope for the safety, good health and success for all. 


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  1. What I hear is UofL threw golf out and the program needs around $10,000 for training equipment now


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