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Monday, August 17, 2020



(Just a preliminary's article is not about scores, results, players or teams. It's a discussion on health...and that can ultimately affect any and all players, teams, results and scores.)


If you have gone through COVID 19 testing, you know that it can be uncomfortable, it takes a few days  (normally) to get the results back and it wasn't widely accessible at first and still isn't, in some areas. 

That could be in the past, as a saliva-based laboratory test, developed by researchers at the Yale School of Public Health has been granted an emergency use authorization by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

The NBA (National Basketball Association) funded the project and is validating the test for asymptomatic individuals. The good news is that SalivaDirect is simpler, less painful, less expensive than the nose swab and results can be determined in several hours, according to scientist.

It makes sense. Saliva is quick and easy to collect. It's less obtrusive to gather and labs can double their testing capabilities since the procedure of drawing the mucus from the Q-Tip is now eliminated. . 

For athletes, it's a game-changer. Quicker decisions to quarantine individuals who test positive can be ensure the health and safety of the entire team, coaches and staff. And, all of society could benefit from this rapid turn-around in this procedure to determine if you have COVID 19 or not.

Imagine a test that can be made available, almost immediately, to diagnostic laboratories who could quickly scale it up for use across the nation in mere weeks. It is here in Saliva-Direct. 

To put it in sports terms, if you can identify a problem faster and take steps to prevent it, you're chances of winning are better. Or, the faster we stop (Player A) from scoring, the better (team B) going to do in the game.

For the student-athletes on college campuses all across our nation, it's a step to help alleviate fears of catching COVID-19. If a positive case can be identified fasted and quarantined quickly, the spread is lessened. 

The questions remain on how fast this new procedure can be implemented for mass usage and how widely will it be accepted and used by schools, organizations and other aspects of society. Like anything, there will not be 100% acceptance and those who hold out. To that, I simply say: "Welcome to 2020." 

Imagine going to work on a Monday morning, though, producing a sample for testing and knowing by the end of the work day (or sooner) whether you are positive or negative. Talk about a quick remedy for alleviating  fear and anxiety that exists in a lot of us! Talk about helping eliminating or lessen the chances of spread of the disease!  

Until then, it's important that you do the things being recommended. Wear a mask, avoid big social gatherings that don't have spacing properly implenents and proceduures in play and wash and use hand sanitizer. Follow the example of those in the "bubble", "wubble", on college campuses and (hopefully) schools that are choosing to resume in-attendance classes

Be safe and smart. If you;re "high-risk", don't subject yourself or others to danger and COVID-19. 

Many of us want to enjoy the possibilities of attending live sporting events and not having to worry about our or other's safety and health. Until a vaccine is developed and widely administered, it just makes good sense to stay safe. Ask your favorite coach or athlete. They'll tell you the same.  

I don't speak for the entire staff here at Cardinal Couple with these statements today, but I'd bet that my fellow writers and participants would agree in principal with the "stay safe" guidelines. I may not speak for you, the reader, as well. But, with the promising testing developments that are starting to surface, it's a benefit to all of us in our quest to put this game out of reach and get the win over COVID-19. 

As any coach will tell you, once you cut down on the decisions that can create errors or setbacks, your chances of winning go up. Play smart, make good decisions. Be a team player and align your own personal goals and desires with those around you. .You are part of the solution, if you become a team player. You're part of the problem if you are a "me first" type.

Let's go get this win. 

(If you're commenting today, keep it civil. If you want to e-mail me today about the article, have at it but keep it civil. Use your indoor voice and try to make a point.)  

paulie .  

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