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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Four Fall Sports Suspended -- THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Four Fall Sports Suspended

You're not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy

Paulie gave us an afternoon update yesterday after UofL released breaking news of suspending four fall sports.  29 members from volleyball, field hockey, women's soccer, and men's soccer tested positive for COVID-19 while many more were exposed.

The news later came out that the outbreak was traced back to an off-campus party.  The location of the party was not announced, although many people speculated one of the off-campus housing locations.

Those fall sports will be suspended from activities for the next 14 days and all who tested positive will self quarantine.  UofL issued a statement that all the proper procedures would be followed.

We haven't even gotten to the true season before we saw our first major outbreak.  The chances of playing a full season seem even more slim.  It's easy for the virus to spread throughout a team and we yesterday how quickly the number of people exposed can add up.

Having a party goes against recommendations by health officials right now.  For UofL, it looks bad after they talked about how every precaution was made and each sport was in their own bubble.

For fans, the hope of having a fall sports season looks even more out of reach.  We have already seen outbreaks in sports that have started back up like MLB and NBA.

Of course, I am disappointed in what happened, mostly in the manner of how it happened.  But I also can see things from the viewpoint of the student-athletes.

I was a college student not too long ago.  I was young and didn't always make the best decisions.  I wanted to have fun and live life.  I felt invincible at times.  Many of the friends you make in college you don't see in person again when you graduate.  People move all over the country or around the world.  Your time with them is limited to just a few years so you try to make the most of the time you have.

"Well, sir, we were looking for the bingo...

So my guess of what happened is this: the student-athletes were bored back on campus.  They wanted to hang out with their friends.  Feeling young and invincible, they thought nothing of the virus or the idea of it cross-spreading among different teams.  These teenagers and young adults just wanted to have fun with their friends while they had free time (don't forget that student-athletes are some of the busiest people in the world).

In the end, we all make mistakes and have to learn from them.

We should see these programs pick operations back up in two weeks, still a month before their first scheduled games.

As a reminder, please stay safe and healthy.

Happy Thursday and Go Cards!



  1. Dumb, Dumb, Dumb.

    These are student-athletes, in non-revenue sports, that the University is spending a whole s---load of money on to keep safe and protectted and they pull this?

    This isn't a harmless '80s heg party. This is 2020, there is a COVID-19 virus out there and npeople dying from it.

    C'mon Vince. Sad and disappointed? I'd be pulling scholarships and dismissing participants.

    Nick O.

    1. I have to wonder how the parents of these kids feel. A parent(s) has trusted the University to keep my child safe and protected while on campus and then this?

      Who's watching these students? I'd take a long, hard look at the protocols, coaches, staff and administrative personnel and put them on a very short lease.

      I know, peer pressure and that, but coaches teach these players to make good decisions and act responsibly. And this is the result? Cincinnati dropped men's soccer. Let UofL suspend it here for a year and see who falls in line and starts doing the right thing.

      I was taught when I played sports that you are responsible for you own actions. I guess that idea is old-fashioned now.

      There are a ton of students that are holding down full time jobs and receiving no benefits to get a college degree. I know, you can't hold kids under hostage, but if these student-athletes want to be treated as responsible adults, maybe they should start acting like them.

      Teach them all a lesson. Cancel each sport for the fall. Each day, I hear about people of all ages dying or contracting COVID-19, due to no fault of there own. And then there is this. I am way beyond disappointed. You don't just shrug this off and move forward. You set more effective protocols and you clear out those who can't abide by them.

      Curtis "Be Kind" Franklin

  2. A purely selfish move here but if it isn't WBB, MBB or Football -- then can it for 2020-21 and spend the money ear-marked for field hockey, soccer and the other non-revenue sports into something that makes money and follows the protocols. JMO.

    1. For the time being, I'm going to remain neutral on this latest news. Of course, all opinions are welcome here at the site, but -- in horse-players lingo -- they've just entered the backstretch and there's a long way to go to the wire.


  3. Wow,I was just thinking that I don't know anyone who went to college (not commuted while living at home...glorified high school in regards to responsibility)and didn't do some dumb things. If all of these students had been in their respective "bubbles" then who is "case number 1" that then shared it. I would be having questions for "case number 1" so that I would understand how it entered the group.

    1. Word on talk radio and other sources seem to point to men's soccer as the main culprit. HIPPA laws, of course, prevent any naming of specific individuals. It's also binge reported there were other sports involved and tested positive but not enough student-athletes in them who tested positive to mandate an suspension of activities in those sports.

      An unconfirmed source has e-mailed me with information on where the party took place. Since I cannot verify the accuracy of this, I AM NOT RELEASING THAT INFORMATION and will not do so until, and if, the university comes out with it. No sense in dragging any group or individuals through the mud because of "informed source" speculation. The individual did indicate he/she was in attendance and tested negative.


    2. Agree. It is done and over.


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