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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Softball Adds Makayla Hurst -- Shorter Seasons -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Softball Adds Makayla Hurst

Holly Aprile has been busy lately.  The Cardinals have added their second transfer in as many weeks.

Makayla Hurst joins the Cards from Utah.  The rising junior is a first baseman and designated player, as well as adds some power at the plate on offense.

Before the season was cut short due to the pandemic, Hurst's Utes were 14-4 and ranked 20th in a couple polls.  She was 2-for-7 at the plate with three RBI's and two walks.

"Makayla is a determined and confident young woman that impressed me with her conviction and strong desire to be a Cardinal," said Coach Aprile.  "Makayla will bring both power and invaluable experience to our team, in addition to being someone who shares our core vales and understands what it means to be a great teammate.  We are really excited to have her on board."

The Cards were 10-13 and had won four of the last five games before the season was cut short.  They scored three runs or less in 14 of their 23 games.

Makayla will add missing power at the plate and can help knock runners in or put the ball over the fence.  She will also help fill a vacancy at first base.

NCAA Approves Shorter Seasons

The NCAA D1 Council Coordination Committee announced yesterday that they are granting a blanket waiver to reduce the minimum number of contests by 50% for all fall sports outside of football.

This waiver allows field hockey, volleyball, women's soccer, and men's soccer will be able to have a season without scrambling to add extra games.  This can also limit exposure and lower risks with travel.

Most likely, we will see UofL teams focus mainly on ACC schedules with a few nearby teams on the schedule, pending schools' and conferences' decisions on their respective sports.

It is a step in the right direction to allow schools to still have a fall sports season.  The ACC Board of Directors is still set to meet soon to make a decision on all ACC schools.

If we do see fall sports play we are still unsure on what limitations we will see for fans and media.  We will continue to be patient to see what will happen and be prepared to make the most of whatever situation is thrown our way.

Continue to stay safe and stay healthy.

Happy Tuesday and Go Cards!


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