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Saturday, July 11, 2020


Rowing Team to Honor Class of 2020

This spring season saw thousands of athletes across the country end their college careers. Despite the opportunity for another year of eligibility, many student-athletes elected to move on with their lives and careers.

At UofL, some of those student-athletes that saw their careers come to a close were a part of the Louisville Rowing team.

The rowing team is one of the favorites here at Cardinal Couple due to the live remote show Paulie and Jeff did at one of the regattas back in the day. 

An announcement came down yesterday that the Louisville Rowing Alumni did their best to honor the Class of 2020 that missed their senior season due to the ongoing pandemic. The alumni and parents of current team members raised the amount necessary (more than $3,500) to name a current racing shell. The name they chose was Leave A Legacy to honor the legacy that the Class of 2020 leaves on the program. The name was assigned to the best rowing shell in the boathouse and the shell will also include a decal specifically calling out the Class of 2020. 

According to Coach Derek Copeland, the team hopes to have a special naming ceremony, at the Red and Black Regatta in October if possible. The state of affairs with the pandemic will obviously come into play for both a ceremony and the regatta in general. 

While things do admittedly look grim for fall sports, as the axe seems suspended over their collective
necks, it’s not over yet. While only racing leagues have been able to travel consistently and avoid outbreaks to this point in the US, other sports leagues have begun their bubble events and have been successful so far. Whether or not they will maintain that success is yet to be seen but it does provide some glimmer of hope. It’s not clear why colleges and universities have seemed to decide that conference games are more reliable than regional games in terms of football, but that does appear to be the first step. Other sports are likely to follow suit, considering they start at some point after September 1st. 

My working hope is that fall sports seniors will be afforded the same opportunity that spring athletes were if their season is canceled. There will surely be players that would choose to move on with their lives or educations like some spring athletes did, but to be given the chance to continue playing is better than to not. Plus, I don’t want to give up on the chance that a few of our fall sports teams could be very good and the senior class will likely play a large part in the success of those teams.

Cardinal Couple Radio Hour

Saturday brings the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour Podcast, but for the second weekend in a row, I’ll be missing the show. I’m going to be out in a couple of more weeks as well as I’m in the final countdown in preparing for my PE exam. Never fear, though, as Paulie, Jeff, and Jared will hold down the fort and bring you the joy and excitement of Louisville women’s athletics.

Hopefully, Jeff will be able to knock Jared off his high horse in this week’s quiz. Tune in to the Cardinal Couple YouTube channel at 11AM for this week’s show or check out the rebroadcast any time after 12. 

Until next time, Go Cards!

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  1. I've seen rowers on the river many times over the years. They are awesome athletes. Something I wish I had tried when about 50 years younger.


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