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Thursday, July 9, 2020

COVID-19 on Campus -- Ivy League Cancels Sports -- THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

COVID-19 on Louisville's Campus

We found out Tuesday that Asia Durr had tested positive for COVID-19 and would sit out the 2020 WNBA season.  There was also news of COVID-19 hitting UofL's campus.

The men's basketball program had two members test positive, although the names of the staff or student-athletes were not released.  Thanks to the procedures in place on campus the different sports are kept apart from each other so no other team has had any cases.  Fortunately, all women's sports, including women's basketball are seemingly in good shape.

Ivy League Cancels Sports

The Ivy League made the announcement yesterday that they would be cancelling all fall sports.  Winter sports, like hockey and basketball, would not begin until January.

This decision comes as a bit of a surprise for many.  Ivy League football coaches were hopeful of a season that might have been conference games only.  Once football went, the rest of the sports were goners too.

It is important to note that when COVID-19 first started attacking the United States, the Ivy League was the first conference to shut down sports.  Many people ridiculed the decision but almost all of the NCAA was shut down within two days.

So, the questions is, How does that affect everyone else?

The most likely scenario now is that the rest of the NCAA will follow suit.  That concept isn't too far-fetched with fall sports already having a lot of uncertainty.

There is the chance that some schools and conferences might choose to play sports.  Having fans in attendance is another ballgame altogether.  Those chances now became slimmer with the Ivy League decision.

A major factor is football.  With football being the big moneymaker for most schools it is highly unlikely to have other fall sports- field hockey, women's soccer, volleyball, women's cross country- if there is no football.

We must continue to be patient and hopeful; hopeful that a cure will be found soon.  That a vaccine can be developed as soon as possible. Of course, we need to be hopeful that the return of the Black Plague and the new strand of the swine flu aren't as severe as some scientists and researchers have guessed.

Continue to stay safe and take proper precautions.

Happy Thursday and Go Cards!



  1. When the arguably most academic-oriented league in college athletics makes the call, everyone else should listen. Let's face it, more physicians, scientists and such (per capita) come out of the Ivy League than the SEC, OK.

    Do you really want to put student-athletes at risk for your own entertainment needs?

    We live in a society where people want what they want immediately. Personal gratification. What we really need to be doing is taking the lead from countries where the virus rate is lower.

    Unfortunately, when you have leadership at the top that "doesn't get it" the process is doomed.

    You can catch COVID-19. It doesn't discriminate. Why risk football huddles, heavy breathing, umpires on top of batters and catchers and other close contact situations just so you can be entertained?

    Nick O

  2. On COVID-19:

    That the students should have to make such basic demands is shameful. But UCLA’s actions are not unique. Many colleges are pushing athletes back into active sports, potentially increasing their risks and the risks for everyone around them.

    The COVID-19 pandemic has made the exploitation of student-athletes even more stark. It also shows why students playing under the auspices of the NCAA, which generates nearly $1 billion annually, should be paid.

    Why can't black athletes, all athletes, get some reward for risk? The old days of the slap on the back and verbal praise need to be gone. Other college kids work and make money while they attend classes? Why can't the star center or the bench rider in soccer get a little cash as well from the NCAA?

    Sorry for the rant, but, if I were looking at four years of being exploited, just because I dribble well or can avoid a defense tackling me, I'd have a chip on my shoulder too. Don't give me the old crap about 'oh you're getting an education and housing and food' line. That university is making money of my name and number on the back of that jersey being sol in the kiosk, fan apparel store or online.

    How many #25 Asia Durr jerseys were sold while she was a Cardinal? How many Lamar Jackson? How much did they receive in payouts?

    Time for a change, y'all.

    Curtis "Black Lives Matter" Franklin

  3. Ok, boys and girls...

    I'm sensing a bit of anger and hostility in our comments section todday and I'd just like to remind everyone that we are a site that reports on the joy and excitement of UofL women's sports.

    I really don't want to see any social or political ideology here, so I'm respectfully asking you to "tone it down" with your comments.

    I appreciate it.


  4. Paulie, I appreciate the "no anger and no politics" request. Too much of that everywhere else. Let's talk sports.

    I just don't see how there will be any NCAA sports this fall/winter. If I had a (grand)son or (grand)daughter who was an athlete, I'd be lobbying hard against her/him participating in any organized athletic activity.

    I'm willing to wager that the restarted NBA season, and the soon-to-be-started WNBA and MLB seasons, will not be completed, and that the NFL season will not be held. But at least those sports are being played by athletes who are being compensated (many extremely so) for all of the risks that they take - so one could say that Covid-19 is just another risk. Not the same deal as amateur athletes.

    1. And the signs are pointing to that, Mike.

      I think college athletic will pull the hook faster than professional and it all goes back to the safty of the athlete.



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