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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Candyce (Bingham) Wheeler -- KFD Teleconference -- THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

One Moment, Please...

I am back after a brief stint with technical troubles.

The storm here in the Louisville area Monday night fried my router, causing me to lose everything tied to UVerse, but I am now back up and running. The power oitage hit Paulie as well, but his electricity was restored in time for him to cover me on Tuesday and thanks to him for that!

My bathroom renovations and mold situation are a little more complicated and will take a bit more time, but those will not affect my contributions here at Cardinal Couple.

Candyce Wheeler to USC Upstate

Former Cardinal and current USC Upstate women's basketball head coach Becky Burke added
another Cardinal to her staff, USC Upstate announced yesterday.  Candyce (Bingham) Wheeler joins the team as an assistant coach and recruiting coordinator.

Wheeler spent the last four seasons as an assistant coach with Bellarmine women's basketball.  She was also a teammate with Burke during the 2009 Final Four and NCAA Runner-Up season.

"Candyce was my teammate, and through that, our bond has remained pretty tight," said Burke.  You're very close with your teammates throughout your life.  Through that, being peers in the coaching world at different universities for the last few years and seeing each other out recruiting, we've kept our relationship.

It is nice to see former teammates back together again.  With a hopeful season this year we should have a great look at what this dynamic duo will be able to do with rebuilding the USC Upstate program.

Karen Ferguson-Dayes Teleconference

Louisville head women's soccer coach Karen Ferguson-Dayes held a teleconference yesterday, giving us a chance to catch up with her and hear about what's going on with the team.

Paulie started off asking Coach KFD about Gaby Vincent with the Utah Royals FC.

Coach then went onto answer some questions about the process of bringing the student-athletes back to campus and gave us better insight into some of their phases.

We heard some of the reasoning behind cancelling summer camps- COVID-19 related, of course.

Coach went into some detail about workouts and protocol with the workouts and training.

The good news is that as of right now all regular-season scheduled matches are still good to go if a season happens.  Butler University, who was listed as a scrimmage, did cancel.

There are a few other questions that were asked.  You can see the whole 13:39 teleconference below.

On a bright note, congratulations to softball great Kelsi Jones on her engagement!  She shared the good news on her social media last night.

We know you spent money, but...

Please be courteous and hold off on the fireworks until at least Friday night, if not Saturday.  And to those taking advantage of that fun activity please be safe and take proper precautions.  We don't need any Nine-Fingered Neds and Nellies.

On that note, we will be having our regularly scheduled Cardinal Couple Podcast on Saturday! No fireworks there, usually, of course.

Happy Thursday and Go Cards!



  1. A great move for Candyce! Here's hoping they can build a powerhouse down there in Spartanburg. It won't be easy, with South Carolina and Clemson in state, but, don't count Becky and her staff short.

    I hope they can play soccer this fall. Look forward to your guys coverage of it.

    Curtis "Black Lives Matter" Franklin

  2. My guess is most of you saw this but Joann McCauley at Duke resigned fer head WBB coaching job today. She said it was a contract dispute. I call bullshit on that. I think they told her "resign or be fired". One man's opinion, of course.

    Nick O.


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