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Monday, July 13, 2020

Kylee comments on the WNBA bubble -- MONDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


The WNBA has had players grouped in the bubble for roughly five days now and University of Louisville fans eagerly await information on the four Cardinal WBB players that are a part of the process. 

Kylee Shook weighs in on her bubble experience so far: 

"So far, my apartment is nice" the former UofL WBB great comments. "It's a little bigger than college, so that's nice. The practice schedule? Normally, you used to have to drive somewhere or fly somewhere, but here it's all in one area, like in college. That's why it feels like college. You just walk to the gym, then walk back to your room". 

Shook has a good situation, it seems. For other WNBA players, it's not so good. 

Are we in the modern day version of "Whoville"? 
There have been reports of bed bugs, mouse traps and mediocre box lunches from other teams inside the IMG Academy in Bradenton, FL.  It's been reported that two teams have moved accommodations because of bed bug issues. Having been part of a bed bug scare years ago, I can tell you it's an uneasy time. Fortunately, a pest control company responded rapidly to my potential dilemma, brought in a bed bug sniffing dog that patrolled my living quarters and found no evidence of them. Our writer Jared Anderson has gone through bed bugs issues as well.

It's a nervous situation, when you consider all the things in your house, apartment or living quarters that are susceptible or at risk. Watching the bed bug dog do his work was pretty amazing though, I have to admit. As far as mediocre box lunches on the road, I can recall some of the mediocre meals I've experienced at venues over the years covering Cardinal women's sports. It also makes me appreciate all that much more the wonderful dining spread and choice that the University of Louisville provides media representative at home contests.  

I haven't come across any statements by Angel, Myisha or Jaz about life in the WNBA bubble yet. If you have, feel free to share them in the comments section. I did find this cool picture of Jaz and her Liberty teammates, though, on Twitter.

Moving on to pre-bubble arrival news, In the testing that was done from June 28 to July 5th, seven of the 138 players tested for COVID-19 came up positive. 

Each day, we hear of significant sports figures that are opting-out of competition in the professional ranks because of COVID-19 fears or positive tests. 

This is 2020, in short. Waiting to see what tomorrow might bring. From our viewpoint, waiting to see what decisions the ACC will make, how it will affect our coverage and the student-athletes we love to cover. 

A friend and I discussed the situation Sunday and she likened it back to her early childhood -- anticipating Christmas morning to see what presents might await you under the tree, but knowing full well that you weren't exactly a good boy or girl all year long and how would Santa respond to that? Except, in 2020, COVID-19 is the "Grinch who stole everything" and we, the residents of this virus-induced version of "Whoville" plunge onward in uncertainty. Masks, schools, crowds, social and racial issues...the debate and opinions go on and on. 


I'm hoping for some type of women's sports action on the UofL campus this fall, but there are so many observations, opinions and viewpoints out there about collegiate athletics right now, it's hard to get a clear, concise take on what lies ahead.

I know this. Health and safety are rule #1. I'm in favor of that rule. 

There is a phrase that goes "no storm lasts forever". I try to keep that in mind as I go day-to-day and watch the world react. I hope and want safety and good health for Myisha, Jaz, Angel, Kylee and all of you. When it all comes down to it, we're all still humans and humanity is such a important thing.

COVID-19 doesn't discriminate or target.

I tend to be a musicologist at times, and I think of a song from the late John Lennon from time-to-time these days. I'll share it with you and wish you a meaningful Monday. Keep your dreams, pursuits, causes and beliefs alive. Try to be less angry.

No storm last forever. 




  1. Stay safe Kylee and all.

    I took a drive this morning after getting off work. Just needed to clear my head after a night of 'angry' among my fellow workers. I drove the countryside and i saw a lot of very simple but poignant signs.

    Be Kind

    And, I guess that's the way to go. It's going to be my new mantra. There is no use in getting mad, sad, angry or cruel anymore. There is way too much of that out there as it is, so I'm choosing the "other team".

    I could use some teammates. You with me?

    Curtis "Be Kind" Franklin

    1. Straight up my brothers. Be kind. Be thankful. I play the same song each morning. Be Thankful For What You Got. Curtis Mayfield had it right,

      Been there and came back.

    2. Just for clarification, Curtis never did the song. It was a man named William DeVaughn.

      I love the song and did a lot of "cruising to it "back in the day".

      Still "digging the scene with a gangsta lean" in 2020.

      We can all stand tall.


    3. Paulie is right. It was William DeVaughn.

      I got turned on to another version of it about 7-8 years ago by this girl named Rumer when she was on the show Daryl's House and I made it a permanent part of my play list for driving.

      I found it on you Tube also:

      Damn sure worth the listen!
      Blue Lou

  2. Tremendous seeing Kylee and Jaz about to play in WNBA. Kind of surreal. I hope they have successful full careers. Would like to see Arica land somewhere.


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