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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Football fiasco...WSOC and Wide-Netters do battle today -- SUNDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Why couldn't UofL play THIS
Clemson team yesterday? 
Getting out of bed this Sunday morning proved to be a rather difficult task. The Louisville football game didn't finish until almost midnight and then I had another hour after that of pouting and mumbling less-than-nice words. The 47-21 final in favor of the Tigers could have been a lot worse, but a couple of fourth quarter touchdown passes from Lamar Jackson made the score look a wee bit better. 

The defense? (Insert your own appropriate sentence or paragraph here). We hope Jaire Alexander (Zaire to Paulie) comes back soon. Credit the Clemson brain-trust for going to a spread offense -- which forced the Cards to insert even more defensive backs into a lineup that has scarcely few decent performers at that position. 

Checking with Paulie this morning about filling in for Jeff and his write-up today -- Jeff was pressed into Sunday work because of I.T. issues at work -- he mentioned a couple of things. Firstly, he didn't get home from the game until after 2 a.m. Seems there was a bit of tailgate therapy session going on about this embarrassment. Secondly, pointed out that Lamar did have over 400 yards of combined offense against Mike the Tiger's bunch.

We got these guys instead and they weren't very kind to us. 
Next, he suggested that Petrino should made a call over to the Trinity football program and see if he can switch defenses with the national high school power. Finally, he wanted to call out "drunk guy" in Sec. 122 one last time. This genius decides to start calling the fans out and blaming them for not supporting the team properly after Clemson made it 33-7. He was subdued and embarrassed with some classic retorts by Paulie and several others -- which included:

 'We let the whole team down!'

'Get out there and play safety if you've got all the answers!' 

'You seriously want us to get fired up about this?'

'Thank you, Mary Poppins!' 

'Game DAY is over! Surrender Dorothy and I'll get you and your little dog Toto too!"

For God's sake, get this cat some sunglasses! 
So, to close the football segment, Game Day was great but post Game Day was not. The defending National Champions came in and showed that they are a contender for that title again this year.

Louisville will re-muster, the world hasn't ended, and they'll enter "the field of honor" next Saturday at noon to take on Kent State. The Golden Flashes are 1-2 on the season and began their year visiting Clemson and falling 56-3. They did come home for their second effort and defeated Howard 38-31. (Howard who....Schnellenger? Johnson? Cosell? Sprague?) 

You guessed it, they probably won't come back here for GameDay next week. 


Our ladies of the pitch visit Boston College today to start conference play. Remember last year's match against them? Two goals in the final fifteen minutes to push the match to overtime. KAELA DICKERMAN gave the Cardinals the win in double overtime. That ended up being the final win of the season for the Cards. 

Louisville is 6-2 this year. B.C. is 6-3. If this one comes down to the wire....remember Dickerman is still on the roster. Live video with commentary on ACC Network Extra. 


Spike one. Molly! 
Coach DBK's serve and volley gals look to bounce back after the road lost to the Cats when they face Kennesaw State today at 3 p.m. in Cardinal Arena. Do you know where Kennesaw State is located? If you listened to The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour yesterday you were informed. 

You won't see me carrying a camera around pretending like I know what I'm doing...but I'll make a first half appearance in the crowd to cheer the Cards on. We won't get Paulie down on press row today, either. He's reporting a little swelling in his left knee and is putting himself on the "unable to perform" list. 

This one also available on ACC Network Extra. 


"Dear Minnie Mink

I need your help. I said that you'd score an average of two goals per game this season. So far you have scored a total of three goals in seven games. Help me out and please score 13 times in Tuesday's game to get me back on track with my prediction.

Thank you in advance. A nervous, poor predictor." 

Your friend,

Jared Anderson

The Stick Girls are on a two game losing streak and taking a short break before travelling to scenic Evanston, IL to face a northern bunch of Wildcats of Northwestern on Tuesday. Let's hope they can beat one of those feline mascots that we discussed during THE CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR yesterday. 

These two squads don't like each other very much. NW is 5-3 on the year and two of the losses have come from ACC opponents Boston College and Duke. 


-- Come to Softball's first fall game Friday afternoon at 4 p.m. It's an intra-squad scrimmage and you can help me celebrate growing older at that still unwise age of 23.

-- Just remember that one game does not a season make, no matter what sport it is. Every team is still in good shape to make the postseason. Stay confident and don't give up too early. 

-- GIve the rebroadcast of THE CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR a listen at the link below if you missed the live version yesterday. Or even if you heard the live broadcast, go back and listen again.  The "A" team was in magnificent spirits, dressed in black and even got Crescent Hill Radio's KEVIN COX from THE MORNING JAM involved in the fray. 


Go Cards!
Jared Anderson


  1. Well, Paulie! I predicted 44-21 Clemson. Surely that's the winner or pretty close to it. Is Sonja that slow in calculating? Who won?

    Matthew Mitchell for Governor

    1. Sorry for the delay. Was watching WSOC. Yes, are the winner. Congrats and we'll send it to the IU campus for the women's tennis team to buy snacks with.

      (just kidding)


    2. And...FYI...Sonja had the results way before I toddled out of bed this late AM. Don't be comin' up in here and even thinking about busting up my Sonja, Guv. We will responded in a a very negative and strong response. Check that, I'm keeping the Card and holding it for the next contest.


    3. Gee whiz! Just in good fun, Paulie. You guys take losses really hard don't you? FWIW, I apologize for something that was just a gentle joking. I assume you still have my mailing address.

      Matthew Mitchell For Governor


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