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Monday, September 25, 2017


Soccer Earns First ACC Win

After finally breaking through into the ACC scoring column late in their game against Florida State, Louisville's women's soccer team got their first ACC win of the season over Miami yesterday, with a final score of 1-0. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the goal came at the feet of Emina Ekic, the freshman sensation that has led the Cards in scoring thus far. Ekic can do great things with the ball at her feet and can also create off of set pieces. She has been a driving force for the success of Louisville's young season and will continue to do great things for the Cards in her remaining years at UofL.

Although Ekic's goal didn't come until the 83rd minute of play, the box score shows a relatively lopsided game. Louisville led in shots 16-7, shots on goal 7-2, corners 7-4, and fouls 6-11. Those numbers show one team having a greater time of possession and keeping the other on its heels. Of course, in soccer, one team can dominate an entire game and the other team can win by getting lucky once. Such was not the case yesterday. Louisville finally snagged that first conference win, dropping the Hurricanes to 4-4 (0-2) on the season and improving their own mark to 7-4 (1-2). Louisville returns to the field in Lynn Stadium on Friday at 7:00 PM to take on the Duke Blue Devils. The Cards will look to improve upon their scoring (only 2 goals in 3 conference games so far), but will also hope to continue to play solid defense.

Field Hockey (hopefully) Gets Offense Back on Track

Something that has been missing for Justine Sowry's team this season has been consistent offense.

Scoring has not been a problem for the team in the past, but this year's iteration, for whatever reason, has had trouble putting the ball in the cage. Louisville has lost a couple of games they should have won because the defense simply couldn't support the offensive woes. (As a Seahawks fan, I totally get this.) Yesterday may have been a large step in the right direction. After opening the home conference slate on Friday with a win against Wake Forest, Louisville was back in action yesterday against the thirteenth ranked James Madison University. When JMU scored in the first 7 minutes, it looked as though it might be a long day for the Cards.

Fortunately, Louisville broke through with a goal just before the half ended. Minout Mink tied the score at 1-1. Louisville would not look back, scoring three times in the second half (Martin Pellegrina, Swartwood, and Stone) and not allowing another JMU goal to win 4-1. Louisville created a ton of offense, putting up 14 shots, with 11 being on frame. They also converted 2/6 penalty corners and prevented goals on either of JMU's 2 corners. The defense held JMU to only 5 shots (3) with only the one goal scored. This late in the season, a ranking means something. Yesterday's game was only their 3rd loss of the season. The Cards might have proven that they aren't yet done hanging with the big dogs this season. They'll get a chance to continue their winning ways when they take on Syracuse at 3:30PM on Friday. The game is in Trager Stadium. 

Volleyball Drops Fifth Set to Tar Heels

After a thrilling five set victory over Notre Dame on Friday, Louisville was on the wrong side of things yesterday, falling victim to a reverse sweep by the North Carolina Tar Heels. After winning the first two sets hitting .269 and then a whopping .429, Louisville's hitting broke down. Their best set of the final three was .163. Louisville looked poised to sweep, hitting well and leading 13-10 in the third set. UNC then went on a big run, jumping out to an 18-14 lead before ultimately winning the set 25-18. UNC won the fourth wire-to-wire. Louisville's best and last chance came when they jumped ahead in the fifth set 7-3. They led 8-4 at the turn, but were unable to close it out. Cards fell 15-12 and dropped the match 3-2.

It's a frustrating end to a great start, but sometimes things like this happen on the road. Louisville can only learn from such an experience, and it may prove to be a benefit later in the season to help them grind out a win when the opponent has momentum. Louisville was led statistically by Melanie McHenry (18 kills), Maggie DeJong (6 blocks), Wilma Rivera (53 assists), and Molly Sauer (18 digs). Volleyball will be back in action (you guessed it!) on Friday, when Florida State visits Cardinal Arena. The match is set to start at 7:00 PM.

Until next time, Go Cards!

Paulie battles D.P.S. to a scoreless tie

(EDITOR NOTE: The latest update on me against UofL's Department of Public Safety)

(Are these guys my last resort ?) 
In keeping with the various battles concerning UofL...this update in from Paulie's contest against the
University of Louisville's Department of Public Safety. We're tied in a scoreless battle...I did receive a call Monday morning from the D.P.S. informing me that they had approved a four-year handicapped spot for me...first year cost $100.

I had originally asked them to "comp" this for me. We are a non-profit 501c organization here at CARDINAL COUPLE. So is WCHQ 100.9 FM, where we broadcast the radio show and play a lot of the clips that you hear on THE CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR. I mentioned this and asked if there was anyone I could appeal the cost to. I won't declare a win until it's free.

I was sent to a Mr. Becker's voicemail. Now...if this is former Softball pitcher Maryssa Becker's Dad or brother...I may have a shot here.  It probably isn't, though. Could it be my House of Cards buddy George "Screech" Becker? Once again, probably not bloody likely....

My point is this. I am only going to use this sticker 1-2 times a week. For interviews at the "Little Yum" and the SAC building. That's it. I am actively promoting the UofL Sports programs and not asking for a penny in return.

I am walking better with the right hip but, sadly, the left knee has stepped into the batter's box and now giving me fits.  Steps are still an issue with me. I try to avoid walking on grassy, uneven surfaces.

(I wonder if it's too late to get in on this deal?) 
I did receive a call back from Mr. Becker. In all fairness, he was polite but right to the point. He explained that the University had many volunteers and such that work with various departments on campus. To "comp" them all was be impossible. He further added that any possible "comps" should actually be implemented (or paid for) by the organization the volunteer (or media reporter) is covering.

What he's saying is that UofL Athletics would pay for me to park. (With-hold laughter until the end of the performance, please.) We all know the likelihood of UofL Athletics sending me $100 a year to park is like me outrunning Lamar Jackson (or Minnie Mink or Jaz Jones) in the 40 yard dash.

Would someone please get the nice Softball
lady a golf cart? That I could borrow? 
I say this is a scoreless tie. The next thing I have to decide is whether I want to take the money out of a tightly-budgeted, under-funded Cardinal Couple account or pony up the 'sheckles' myself. Or do neither? I can still see me absconding with a golf cart, hiding it in Sandy Pearsall's shed (we BOTH benefit that way) and running a-muck around campus that way. With a few chimps, social director, a Bjerke, Mink, Arica or two and business cards.

Maybe I should have got in on some of that Foundation money-grab or hit Andre McGee up for a few $$$ when the getting was good.

The rich get richer, the non-profits continue to struggle and what else is new in your Monday World.?

Excuse the rant today...mind still turning, revisiting options and strategies...



  1. Nice win Soccer over a talented Miami team that had been on the road for their last seven games. I enjoyed following Paulie and Jeff's tweets from field hockey here at the site yesterday. I think Dani is on the right path with Volleyball.

    Great that you saw Steph McNamara yesterday at Field Hockey. She was a strong part of those lacrosse teams. She could be your next "catching up" segment Paulie.

    A nice write up Mr. Case! I came to this site several years ago just to follow lacrosse. My daughter played there. She's graduated but I came to love the coverage of all the women's sports here and still read (almost) daily.

    Keep up the fine work!

    Lax MOM

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting Lax Mom! Steph was fun to chat with and was always a great interview after or before games. Is she your daughter?

      We're glad you stuck around! I'll be interviewing head LAX coach Kellie Young tomorrow and will play it on our Saturday Radio show THE CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR.

      One of the things that makes our site fun for me is our new writers and radio participants Case and Jared. I've known Case since he was knee high to a tadpole and he brings it each and every article! So does Jared.

      Then, there's the cantankerous, gregarious and "problem child" Worldwide Jeff...who we have to watch like a hawk and prevent him from turning this into a Volleyball only website. (Just kidding...he's the "rock" our foundation is built on!)

      Stay tuned. WE got lots of good stuff lined up for ya here at the Couple!


    2. Compliments (and criticisms) are always appreciated! Thank you very much!

  2. UaSmell needs to get that squirrel on a scholarship. He was the best runner on the field Saturday.

    Matthew Mitchell For Governor.

    1. Ha, ha, Guv. How'd that Kentucky win over, wait...check that...LOSS to the Gators go over in Commonwealth (oops) Kroger Stadium? Were there riots in the produce and canned goods section? Was the beer aisle wiped out completely? And the prescription meds that wasn't pretty...


  3. The Bird Lady9/26/2017 10:12 PM

    Paulie, I hate to tell you but I don't think you are getting your pass paid for by athletics. I think they are going to be busy for awhile. :(

    1. Yeah, JC. Broke down and paid for it.



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