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Monday, September 11, 2017

Field Hockey Falls at Maryland, GameDay Returns -- MONDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Before jumping into today's article, it is important to recognize what today means to many people. Today, on September 11th, it is important to remember the lives lost by many innocent people as well as those lost by first responders who saved many more in the largest terrorist attack on US soil.

Many were personally affected by those events or know someone who was. Louisville basketball plays in the Billy Minardi Classic every year in honor of a life lost in the event. As the world continues to get more and more strange (or maybe it just seems that way due to the "tell me all the news now" mentality), remember that any event you read about has families and people that are affected just as people were on September 11th, 2001. Do your part to try and make the world a better place. Be kind to people, today and everyday.

True Road Game Again a Killer for Field Hockey

The Louisville field hockey teams suffered their second defeat of the season yesterday afternoon in only their second true road game. The 9th ranked Cardinals will see that number drop a few spots after being beaten in College Park by Maryland 1-0. Yesterday's was a tightly contested match, as a penalty corner goal 12 minutes into the second half was the only score for either team.

 However, Louisville was on their heels for much of the game. Ayeisha McFerran saw her first start of the season and came up with 6 saves, allowing only the one goal mentioned (the team was credited with the last save). The Cards successfully defended 4/5 penalty corners. It was the offense that couldn't get it done yesterday. Louisville finished with only 4 shots on goal and earned only 3 penalty corners (obviously failing to convert on any of them). For all that Maryland threw at them (19 total shots, 8 on goal), Louisville's defense was up to the task. It was only the first time this season that Louisville has failed to score, and they picked a heck of a time to do it. Yesterday's game feels a bit like a pitcher's duel in a baseball game where the only run in the game comes off of a home run. 

Louisville's season is far from over with this loss. Yes, they'll likely drop to the low end of the top-15, but the non-conference season is over. Nearly every game from this point will be big, as the ACC schedule is a rough one. There are plenty of chances to regain favor in the eyes of the NCAA selection committee. The first opportunity is another true road game. Friday, the Cards head to Duke, and hope to win their first true road game of the season. Friday's game gets underway at 6PM and will be available on the ACC Network Extra.

College GameDay Officially Returning

After Louisville and Clemson both took care of their week two games, Louisville with the victory we've all seen/heard about over UNC and Clemson with a drag-em-out-beat-em-down win over Auburn, and the official postponing of the Miami vs Florida State game this upcoming Saturday, ESPN and the ACC recognized an opportunity. The announcements were made yesterday that the top-15 matchup between Louisville and Clemson would receive the College GameDay treatment and that the game would be moved to the 8 PM to replace the FSU/Miami game.

There are a lot of other ACC scheduling items that came from the postponing of the game, but none that directly affect Louisville. With Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium under construction and the game not kicking off at noon, options opened up for this year's Game Day location. It was announced yesterday evening that the festivities would take place on the Grawemeyer Hall Oval Lawn. This came as a surprise to me, as students aren't even supposed to walk on this lawn to protect it's aesthetic value. After attending Game Day last year, I can only assume what that grass will look like after all is said and done. Regardless, here is hoping that the outcome of this year's huge home match-up is similar to last year's. Louisville opened last night as a 2.5 point underdog.

This one had officially been designated a "Blackout" prepare accordingly. Does anyone's 2005 Blackout shirt from the West Virginia game still fit? 

Some Other News

Jeff alluded to me mentioning the Louisville vs Wake Forest soccer game, so I can do that. I wasn't in attendance (maybe Jared will chime in with a comment or two), but I was keeping up on twitter. Louisville had a great chance to win Saturday's game. Tate Schmitt opened the scoring in the 16th minute to give Louisville the early lead. Things went south for the Cards after a red card was issued to Tim Kubel in the 34th minute. Louisville had to play the rest of the game not only without their player-of-the-year candidate, but also with one less man on the field. Wake scored the equalizer 33 seconds after the card. They would go on to score the winning two goals in the second half. Kubel will also be out for the next game, Louisville's conference opener at Syracuse on Friday.

Louisville's lacrosse team got their fall underway yesterday. They notched exhibition victories over Vanderbilt, Lindenwood, and Alabama-Huntsville on Vandy's campus. With all of the turnover we've heard about in the program, it is good to see them get early victories, even if only in an exhibition matchups. Coach Kellie Young was similarly pleased, praising the team's poise and organization despite little practice time and new rules this season. Lacrosse will be looking to fight through the ACC and contend for a championship next season.

We will be keeping an eye on Louisville Volleyball's trip to Lexington later this week on Friday. The Cats are a very good Volleyball team this year and should present quite a challenge to the Cards.

That's all I've got for you this morning!
Until next time, Go Cards!


  1. Thank you for including 911 in today's write-up Paulie. Let us never forget. Do you still remember where yu were when you heard about the attack?

    The front lawn seems like a long way from Papa John's based on what I know about the campus. Was this the only option?

    And, any update on Joe Hill?

    Curtis "with a lot of questions today" Franklin

    1. Thanks for checking in, Curtis. In all fairness, today's article was crafted by Case...who continues to knock them out of the park for us twice a week here at the site and on radio.

      I was in a Walgreens in Prospect, KY when I heard the news about 9/11. The cashier had a small portable TV on by the register (back in the days of free TV) and was watching the reports with several customers and employees.

      The front lawn wouldn't have been my first choice. There is a big, empty gravel area directly across from the lacrosse stadium and next to Lynn Stadium on Floyd. That would be ideal...but maybe they'll be using it for parking for the game? Not sure.

      Joe Hill is safe and in Gatlinburg with Deloris. David Watson in Muncie with wife's relatives. That's all I know. Maybe they'll check in today. I tried to Google Earth Joe's address to see what it looked like know Paulie and technology...


  2. I was in my second grade class and remember the reactions of the teachers and them turning the news on in class.

    I believe they chose the lawn because of the backdrop (Grawemeyer). With Game Day festivities wrapping up at noon and the game being at 8, the proximity isn't all that important this year. Last year they were right next to the stadium because they actually packed up the set and moved it onto the field for the last hour to take place inside the stadium. It is quite a hike from the stadium, but I think it will be a decent location.

    1. This could possibly be the first Paulie Challenge of the 2017-18 season. Walking from the Thinker on the front lawn to Gate 1 at PCJS. Not sure if I'm going to assign one of our writers to this or attempt it myself and whether it will involve a round trip or not. I will request whoever makes the trek wear a pedometer so we can get a fix on how many walking steps are involved...and we encourage readers to line the sidewalk on Floyd Street with hydration, signs and encouragement when this takes place.

      I'm thinking if it's me, I'll probably need to stop off at the YUM! Practice Facility on the way back and pester someone from the Basketball or Lacrosse staff to drive me back to the Thinker or get me the keys to a golf cart for the return trip. Or just take a nap and whirlpool at the facility and continue...

      More details to follow.


  3. Hi, all.

    David Watson here. Our place via Google Earth doesn't look too bad in Sarasota. I was not able to reach either of my neighbors on either side of me nor my neighbor across the street. I think they rode it out but power is out in most of the state. One isn't answering cell phone. The other two don't have cell phones.

    Meanwhile, I am back in Muncie where I lived from a few year. My wife's sister took us in and I got to attend the Ball State vs. UAB football game on campus Saturday with my brother in law. The Cardinals romped the Blazers 51-31. There you have it Paulie. I haven't written a sports article for you. Don't bother me again until hoops season.

    I did talk to Joe Hill on cell phone this morning. Looks like they got it pretty bad with the winds and the storm surge from what he can tell via Google Earth. He did try to call his neighbor they stayed to ride it out but the calls are going straight to voice mail.

    We are going to head back down tomorrow and see how it looks. Wish I would spend a few more days up here. Weather is beautiful and I'd like to go to that Louisville v. Clemson game. I know my old buddy Paulie would hook the three of us up with tickets, right? (I can hear Paulie now: 'For a nominal fee, anything is possible'). Maybe I could get my youngest daughter a tryout with Coach Ferguson-Dayes? She's a sophomore in high school and leads her team in scoring after four games. Another Alison Price in the making. Too bad UofL doesn't have an oceanography program.

    Anyway, thanks for the concerns and comments Cardinal Couple readers and staff. I'll be rolling through Louisville sometime tomorrow, Paulie. Maybe a little lunch or dinner somewhere? I'll call you.

    And, keep up the good articles, Case. You are becoming my favorite "read" at the site. (Next to when I post, of course).

    1. Safe travels, Dave. Take a few gas containers filled up with you. Just in case. I'm fine with either tomorrow. They closed Lynn's Paradise Cafe a few years ago. I remember it was a favorite of yours. However, there are still plenty of White Castles in town. I'll buy.

      Hope the house and property (especially the 8-tracks) survived. You had a dog...was it Benji or Bernie...something like that. Hopefully he made the trip with you or you got him a room at the Marriott.


    2. I appreciate the compliment! Glad you are safe as well. I'm just glad to have an opportunity to keep sharing my voice. Glad to hear people enjoy my points of view!

  4. We had, what I hear, a 5 foot storm surge at the beach I frequent. I'm a block away from it. I think we may just be OK. Trees everywhere down from what I've been able to determine. We had banyans and palms around the condo. Google Earth showing that most of them made it. My neighbor that stayed ended up being taken to the local high school on the strong recommendation of law enforcement. He said it is packed. He slept in the bleachers between rows on the floor. He's going to try and go over this morning to the condos what he told me.


    Gatlinburg great as always. The folks did the best they could to cheer me up and take my mind off what was going on. You know what that usually me. Ha-Ha. We're staying with Deloris' brother on south side of Gatlinburg. Both my rentals have occupants through December. He's got a nice cabin but a nagging dog.

    Thanks CC for the thoughts. We're probably leaving Wednesday to head back home.

    BTW, I was just opening the building for the day at the F&P when 911 happened. Turned on the outside TV's on the patio and the tables filled up almost immediately. People drinking coffee, ordering lunch, booze and mostly stunned and shocked.

    I will never forget.

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

  5. I hope it isn't too bad Joe. Safe travels back and you are safe and that's the most important thing.



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