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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

What A Finish!...Rowing captures two in Big 10/ACC Challenge...Walz Interview -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


As a rule, we don't do a lot of men's sports here at CARDINAL COUPLE. There are more than enough qualified and highly knowledgeable sports journalists out there who cover that area quite well. The finish of the NCAA Men's Championship Game for college basketball last night, though bears a little coverage and commentary today. 

Two three-pointers in the final 4.7 seconds. A North Carolina team that clawed back from a 10-point deficit with under five minutes to play...only to get the dagger with less than a second to go. Kris Jenkins with the winner...who learned how to shoot a basketball from his mom. She wouldn't let him practice distance shots until the eighth grade. Marcus Page's lunging-forward, improbable three to tie the game.

Villanova 77 - UNC 74. If the end of that one didn't awaken the spirit, competitiveness and mixed emotions in your doctor for a check-up to see if you still have a pulse. 

Was it the best final five seconds in the history of NCAA men's basketball? Only you can decide that in your own mind, I guess...I still like the buzzer beater Lorenzo Charles stuck in when NC State defeated Houston back in 1983 over it...but it was simply incredible. 

I almost turned it off when 'Nova had the ten-point lead late in the contest. It was late, my eyes heavy with sleep...but I hung on. Roy Williams is probably still incredulous. Jay Wright...he of the no-emotion school of winning...probably considers himself one of the luckiest men alive today after seeing the seemingly insurmountable lead vanquish. 

March Madness evolving into April Awesomeness. Will we see anything like it tonight when underdog Syracuse faces mighty UConn in the NCAA Women's Championship Game? Indianapolis should be rocking tonight as David goes forth to try and slay women's college basketball's Goliath.

You just never know this time of year...



The University of Louisville rowing team took two of the six events in the ACC/BIG 10 Challenge held over the weekend at Lake Lemon in Bloomington, IN. 

Outnumbered by Indiana and Iowa, the Cards captured the Second Varsity +4 and Third Varsity +4 races and finished a close second in the Third Varsity/Novice +8 and Varsity +4 events. 

Louisville's Second Varsity +4 actually turned in a better time the the Varsity +4 by over 2 seconds while beating the Indiana squad by over 8 seconds. Third Varsity rowed their way to a 9 second win over Iowa...showing the strong depth the Cards possess on their roster. 

Up next, the Cards will stroke down to Clemson for the Clemson Invitational on April 16-17th. 



We'll be dropping by the SAC Center later this morning to get some words from Louisville WBB head coach Jeff Walz for our Wednesday column.

Coach has been a busy guy since the NCAA Tournament ended for the Cards...catching up with recruiting, individual instructions and his family.

Always great to catch up with Coach. With "Q" and Geno both being on the Walz buddy list, we'll see if we can find out if he has a favorite tonight in the NCAA WBB Final or if he's even going to watch. 



  1. Just a teaser for tomorrow
    Spent nearly a half hour talking with Coach Walz today for tomorrow's article
    We'll play in in its entirety on our Saturday radio show and present the major comments tomorrow

  2. Looking forward to it Paulie!
    Didn't watch the second half of UCONN title game for the exact reason Dan Shaunnasy tweeted. Not competitive. Nice to watch UCONN but eventually it gets VERY OLD with NO COMPETITION . Shaunassy is right.

    1. Oh wah, wah, wah. Mean old Connecticut is too good and I won't watch because they always win. Shaugnessy is still a jerk and you play to win the game. Buck up buttercup. Strive to beat the best, not cry about their talent.

    2. Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about how UConn’s greatness is bad for the women’s game. I couldn’t disagree more. It’s a privilege to watch a team that’s among the best ever. All five of the team’s starters can drain threes, so defenders can’t sag off anyone. Closing off the perimeter leaves the paint open for post-ups by Stewart and Tuck, who are each unguardable one on one, or for drives by Jefferson, who no defender can keep out of the lane. Given these advantages, UConn could run simple, stagnant sets aimed to exploit mismatches. Instead, their offense is a symphony of clever screens, cuts, ball movement, and player movement. Learn that, Cards. - The Deb Factor

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. 31 point wins over and over are not what I consider compelling. Look at Villanova and NC that was a good basketball game for the fan

  3. I'd say nationally 90% disagree w Shaunessy comments and 10% agree
    I guess I hate womans sports haha


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