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Friday, April 15, 2016

Sydney Brackemyre Leaving Louisville Basketball -- FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Last week, we reported to you that Sydney Brackemyre would not be playing basketball next season for Louisville women's basketball but would be remaining with the team. We also played the interview we had with Jeff Walz on the scenario on our Saturday Morning radio show...THE CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR...where Walz discussed the matter. 

Much like the ever-changing weather in Louisville in April, though, players sometimes develop different patterns and it was announced Thursday that Brackemyre would be leaving the program to continue her WBB career at another program. 

Walz statement: 

"Syd has been a valuable asset to this program. Unfortunately, her knee injuries have not allowed her to compete at this level. I really admire the positive attitude she brought to the gym each day and I am hopeful she can find a program where she can truly flourish."

So what does it all mean?

The forward from Wilmington, OH can't physically handle the rigors of Division I practices because of three surgeries on her left knee anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) since 2013. After reconsideration, Brackemyre has decided that there might be a chance for her to play at a lesser program...a lower NCAA Division or NAIA school possibly...where the demands and requirements aren't as stringent. 

It has happened before with players associated with UofL. 

A case that comes to mind is former Cardinal guard Nikki Burton. Slowed by hip injuries and surgeries...Burton spent two years at Louisville (2009-11) before leaving to find a less demanding place to play hoops. She found it at Wingate University...a Division II school located in North Carolina...where she was able to practice less, rest more and eventually became an All-South Atlantic Conference first team selection her senior year. The practice requirements were less. The body healed, the pain was managable and Burton fulfilled her dream of playing college hoops. 

We hope a similar scenario can be in the future for Brackemyre, a player who was highly heralded in high school but never got to showcase those skills at Louisville because of the injuries.
We also hope that it's a move that doesn't further injure her. When a team of coaches, physicians and trainers come up with the evaluation that because of injuries, a particular player can't handle the extremities and conditioning needed to compete at a level like Louisville's...there is always the risk that despite the drop to a less competitive league, those injuries still may come back to haunt well as the possibility that a less strenuous routine can be managed. Sometimes the player is willing to take that chance and give it a try...because of love for game. 

We hope that future injury and discomfort isn't the case with Syd and she can have a successful student-athlete experience in her remaining years of college. 

The heart wants what the heart wants...and in this case it's a quest to see if a player's passion can be portrayed at a less demanding venue. Good luck, Syd...we barely got to know you.



  1. Best wishes to her. I hope she finds a place she can play. And doesn't get hurt again. One has to wonder if it's really all about the playing time or not?

    The Real Joe Hill

  2. Remember that Asia Taylor and Tia Gibbs came back from serious injuries. My money is on Syd. Give her a call, Bellarmine!

    Curtis Franklin

  3. Man, the Cardinal Couple Add-Sid/Syd/Szyd team has really taken a beating.

    Less than two years after the team was named, we're down to two.

    Sydney King on the Field Hockey team graduated, but of the other five, three have now left their respective programs for various reasons.

    We still have Sidney Melton, and Allison Szydlowski (who has since picked up the new nickname, "Mike"), both of the Softball team.

    1. You have Syd Zambrotta coming in for the Sid-Syd-Szyd team

  4. Good luck sydney go for your dream,wants a cardinal always a cardinal.


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