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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Cards v. Cats in Softball Tonight...Congrats Angel McCoughtry...What up, Matty? -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


The in-state rival between Louisville and Kentucky switches to softball and takes place tonight at Ulmer Stadium. ESPN 3 will air the ball game (Don Russell and Stephanie Cantway are the talking heads). This one will cost $5 if you decide to go. 

The Cards enter the contest at 32-10. UofL bested Syracuse in a three game series 2-1. Louisville recently gained control of second place in the ACC with a 13-5 record.

Kentucky (39-11) enters after a 1-2 series against #4 Alabama. The Cats are third in the SEC with a 14-7 conference mark. 

The two foes were scheduled for an early April game this season but the contest was cancelled due to weather concerns in the Lexington area. With a 60% chance of rain today in the Louisville area...both teams will have their eyes to the skies as game times approaches today. 

Louisville won the last outing between the two...knocking down UK 8-0 in Ulmer Stadium. The all-time record favors the Cats 19-17.

Old foe Kelsey Nunley (18-5) and Megan Prince (17-4) share the pitching duties for Kentucky. At the plate, Sylver Samuel is batting .370 with 19 stolen bases and Abbey Cheek hits for .329 and leads the Cats with nine home runs and 48 RBI's. 

Louisville counters with the pitching duo of Maryssa Becker (19-6) and Megan Hensley (13-4). Becker is the leading swinger for Sandy Pearsall with a .425 batting average and Hensley is batting .372 and leads Louisville with 13 over-the-fence shots. Sidney Melton has had a successful sophomore campaign with a .342 average and has scored a team-high 40 runs. 

Fun times at the ball park tonight (rain, rain...GO AWAY !) when the Cats and Cards step in the circle for softball! 



The beleaguered Kentucky women's basketball program has had their share of body punches recently and Matthew Mitchell has called a press conference today at 1:30. 

He will probably announce that he's hired Kyra Elzy, who Tennessee recently dismissed, as an associate coach. How much further he goes is anyone's guess.  

With five transfer announcements, one dismissal, two de-commits and three coaching changes in the last six would assume he might also want to discuss the state of the program. 

Cardinal Couple will be sending Bill The Goat to cover the presser and (probably) disrupt the proceedings. 



The USA Olympic women's basketball squad has been announced and Louisville's Angel McCoughtry is one of the 12 headed to Rio for Geno Auriemma.

She joins Tamika Catchings, Sue Bird, Diana Taurasi, Brit Griner, Breanna Stewart, Elena Della Donne, Tina Charles, Maya Moore, Lindsay Whalen, Seimone Augustus and Sylvia Fowles on the roster.

Five UConn players. No Candace Parker. Not throwing stones or anything...but Tina Charles over Parker? 

Let's face could probably take 12 of the McDonald's All-American players down there and win the Olympics...but leaving Parker off the squad is just wrong...



  1. Beat the Cats!

  2. Off today's topic but Matthew Mitchell has scheduled a press conference today at 1:30. Gee, I wonder what he's going to be talking about? Cooking? Dancing? Hair grooming?

    Curtis Franklin

    1. Probably a Prince tribute.


      Check this out:

      10/16/15 Chrishae Rowe dismissed
      10/26/15 Linnae Harper traansferring
      11/03/15 Morgan Rich transferring
      12/11/15 Kyvin Goodin-Rogers transferring
      03/29/16 Ivana Jakubcova transferring
      04/14/16 Asst. Coach Amadou dismissed
      04/25/16 Madison Treece reopens recruitment
      04/25/16 Asst. Coach Williams-Jeter resigns
      04/25/16 Lindsay Corsaro reopens commitment
      04/26/16 Batouly Camara transferring
      04/26/16 Matthew Mitchell holding presser
      04/26/16 Kyra Elzy rejoins staff as associate coach

      Yes, things are spinning out of control in Memorial Coliseum. The Deb Factor

    3. Mitchell is going to announce that all players and coaches are stupid and he needs a raise to deal with the morons.

      Hey, Gov? You want to weigh in on this?

      -- The Real Joe Hill --

    4. Mitchell will blame it all on Walz and call for his immediate resignation.

      Blue Lou

    5. Matt will toss out the ball at the softball game tonight and then dismiss the ball from the game and fire the umpires.

    6. Don't throw rocks little Birdies. You lost an All-American, and hobbled wanna be and walk-on in the last month. We can still beat the Cards even with eight scholarship players.

      Matthew Mitchell For Governor

    7. UK will announce Matthew Mitchell will switch places with Calipari next season. That ought to pare down the men's roster considerably for 2016-17.

      Dance, Matthew, dance !

    8. How about this? Matty will proclaim that Lexington will now be known as Mattieville and that UK will withdraw from the union and form their own principality.

      Congratulations Angel! Still repping after all these years. Take Shoni under your wing and get her a$$ straightened out, #35!

      Nick O.

    9. I freaking agree with the Guv Kentucky would still kick our ass with 8 players as long as Epps is there.
      But for Guv to try to compare losing Cole and Dalota to what's happening with Cats is nuts

    10. Btw "hobbled wanna be?" Sydney Brackemeyer is a whole lot more than a "hobbled wanna be". That's funny. Stay classy Guv haha!

  3. Way to go, Angel! And, boo Geno for not selecting Parker. Sue Bird? What, is it a 30 and over league?

    Blue Lou

    1. No way he was cutting Sue Bird. She is so good her team has finished with the worst record two years straight. She makes all star teams off reputation and no one blinks. Chalk me up as a proud Sue Bird hater. Diggers would destroy her . Even Shoni "I only play good in all star games" made her look silly.

  4. Late breaking out of Lexington. Another assistant UK WBB coach leaving.

    Camryn Whitaker, a Cynthiana native, is interviewing for other opportunities including some head coaching positions, Mitchell said on Wednesday morning.

    Read more here:

  5. Paulie, another coach is leaving the Cats WBB squad? Wow, something really big must be going on internally. Maybe there's something linking back to all this about the recruitment of Epps and Goodin-Rogers several years when they were virtually guaranteed to be on the UofL roster? There have been widespread but unconfirmed rumors for years about money flowing freely around the UK WBB program. What will Mitchell disclose today? I know a lot of Cat WBB fans who are up-in-arms about all this. Mitchell has a lot of explaining to do and if the NCAA is investigating JoAnne P. McCauley at Duke, can Mitchell be far behind? The Deb Factor.

    1. Let's just wait for Mitchell to have his press conference and see what is covered. Speculation and accusations at this point are just that and we have a staple here in America about innocent until proven guilty.


  6. how about? mitchell announces partnership with hair products magnate paul mitchell salons and grows a goatee

  7. I think we would do well to leave UK alone and just mind taking care of our own business - it's time to be grateful for what we have.

    1. Mitchell said nothing of importance except that he wanted coaches at UK that wanted to be a UK. Straight out of a Dr. Seuss primer. Good luck with that, Matt.

  8. Matthew Mitchell is not looking very competent dealing w people. Thank goodness for him he seems to know how to find enough talent and win basketball games. If he comes out of this with another relatively successful season he's a magician.

  9. Was Amadou the recruiting wizard from Dayron? The guy was making $150,000. Is he the same guy?

  10. Don't know why I threw his salary in there ha!
    Anyway he is who I thought meaning one of the top recruiters in the game (Amadour).
    He is a big loss based on what he did for Dayton for 4 years. Ally Mallot and that guard who tore us up in the tourney two years ago were recruited by him. Both in WNBA NOW and he helped develop Mallott.


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