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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Thursday Cardinal Couple

Softball Recap...Sorta

Louisville Softball was going to be down in Lexington for the first half of the traditional home and home against Kentucky, but inclement spring weather had other plans.  Both Softball and the UofL vs UK Baseball game were cancelled or rescheduled.  There is no make-up date scheduled for Softball at this point.

In other news, the Cardinal Couple Ulmer Stadium Dome Fund is progressing well.  With the $.17 I just found in the couch cushions at my brother's house where I'm house-sitting for the week, the fund has $8.53.  Keep digging deep, and think of the yellow-shirts.  We'll have a dome built over Ulmer in no time!

Spring Volleyball

You saw my recap the other day of the spring volleyball match for UofL vs UK.  The spring season continues this Saturday at the Ohio Valley Volleyball Center over off Poplar Level Rd.  The event is the College Spring Showcase, and it's a tournament that UofL has participated in for many years, usually quietly.  OVVC is not a large facility, so parking and seating space is rather limited, but it's always a fun chance to check out a lot of good college volleyball.  There will be 19 teams participating from across the region, and each team will play three matches in a best of three format.

Louisville will play against Michigan State at 10am, against Xavier (and former Card Brooke Bettes) at 12:30pm, and against the Ohio Bobcats at 2:30pm.  Other teams of interest that will be playing are Kentucky, Cincinnati, Morehead State, Northern Kentucky, Purdue, and Western Kentucky.  The travel award for the team traveling the furthest would go to either Memphis, Georgia Tech or Auburn (all around the 8-hour drive mark).  There are about 20 players that are from the local area that will be participating.  If you didn't get down to Lexington on Sunday, this will be your first chance to see Louisvillian Nikki Koval in action for The Cards as a Defensive Specialist.

Admission is $5, kids 5 and under are free.  There is a nice concession stand in the facility that has a darn tasty fried chicken wrap, and they serve up big baskets of nice crispy fries.

Paulie's Pain in the ....

Paulie is having a minor medical procedure this morning...just a checkup as I understand it.  Best wishes, buddy, and I hope everything comes out OK!

- JMcA


  1. Thanks Jeff. In the waiting room now waiting to be called back for my lobotomy which should please a lot of our readers. Sleepless night hungry as a bear and if I see another toilet in the near future I just might give it an "E" discus toss. It's been a sh$#@&y experience these last 18 hours. - sorry for the pun.

    Oops Paulie

  2. Final WBB rankings ACC and PAC 12 finish with 8 of the top 14 teams in the country with 4 each
    SEC HAS 1

  3. Dan Shaughnessy my man strikes again! UConn title game down 33.6% from two years ago.
    People are bored as good as UConn is. We need better teams to challenge them fast. If this continues WCBB title games will be continue to be a joke like this last one vs Syracuse. Read it for yourself.

  4. When we got our rear ends kicked by 30 points twice by UConn in the championship game was that good for WCBB? The answer is it was awful. So bad that the tournament committee was dreading another UConn Louisville matchup so they made sure the brackets wouldnt allow it the next year.

  5. UConn won 6 tournament games by an average of 40 points. Vegas had better odds of an earthquake hitting during the Super Bowl than UConn losing anyone one of those 6 games. My temporary obsession with this subject is officially over.

  6. They were the best by far no doubt. We'll see the they do without Stewart Tuck and Jefferson.

  7. The wbbc in 2017 will be up for grabs,Go lady cards!


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