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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Fan Fest day offers a little of everything ...RADIO TODAY -- SATURDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


If you're a Louisville sports fan, Floyd Street and beyond should be your destination today (listening to THE CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR while you're headed there, of course)...with five events taking place on the Belknap Campus.

Tailgaters for the Spring Football game are probably already out at Papa John's as this article is being written. The kickoff for the event is 1 p.m. in the Papa's Pizza Palace and record crowds are expected...given this beautiful Saturday weather Louisville is experiencing and the fact that Lamar Jackson is...well...Lamar Jackson, the most exciting quarterback in college football. 

Things get underway earlier for the other events. Track and Field is having the Louisville Invitational and field events get underway at 11 a.m. at Cardinal Park. Situated on campus between Ulmer Stadium and the Louisville Lacrosse Stadium, it might be a fun way to start your day on Floyd Street. 

At noon, the #5 Louisville Lacrosse team plays #11 Virginia in ACC action at the LLC. The Cards are 12-2 on the season and will look for their fourth in-conference win against a 7-6 Cavalier squad. Loucrosse will also be looking for a bit of payback...losing to Wahoo lacrosse last year in Charlottesville 17-9 in the inaugural meeting between the two programs. 

Softball is hosting North Carolina Central for a double-header in Ulmer Stadium that will start around 3 p.m. The Cards are 27-9 overall and hold second place in the ACC with a 11-4 conference record.

NC Central doesn't appear to be a overwhelming foe...with a 4-35 record overall. The chances of catching the bags full of Cards and Spaldings flying over the fence today look to be pretty good. 

Baseball will also jump into the sports frenzy with a 4 p.m. game at Patterson Stadium against Clemson.

Plenty to do and plenty to see on campus today! Parking could be at a premium but five different concession stands are at you call and beckon. Let the games begin! 

Cardinal women's golf and rowing are also in action on the road today...participating in the ACC Championships (golf) and the Clemson Invitational. 



That old song in the title above, performed by Autograph in 1984 is a rocker and we've got a rockin' show planned for you on THE CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR today on WCHQ 100.9 FM that will start at 11 a.m.

(To watch that great,mid-eighties, hair-band video with the boys from the link below)


Worldwide and the Paulster have softball, lacrosse, volleyball and hoops on the buffet and interviews with Anne Kordes, Sandy Pearsall and Sidney Melton to listen to. 

You can pick up WCHQ 100.9 FM on campus, so if you're down there, give us a listen. We're also available at the link below, if you choose to tune in via Internet: 


Tune in, turn it up and have a great Saturday! 



  1. UofL women's basketball roster is at 10 players now with the departure of Sydney brackemyre. The maximum players on the roster is 15 players. So now there is room for the incoming recruits.

  2. Paulie do you know w/l record Walz vs Kentucky. I know we are oh for last 5 but thought he was even before that. Even since I first started watching Cards 3 yrs ago the Kentucky game intensity has really dropped off. I like it when we put more into it though from Coach's standpoint I see why he downplays it.
    It's no longer a rivalry . I thin Hines-Allen is the only one that wants to put it in Kentucky's face and totally cream them

    1. Walz was 3-1 against the Cats before the current losing streak. The rivalry still lives strong in the fan bases of both squads from what I see in the comments and e-mails we get. I'm pretty sure that besides Hines-Allen, there is a desire from Walton, BJ, Mariya and pretty much the rest of the squad to get a win over the Cats.

      Yes, it's a non-conference game on schedule. It'll be a big fan draw when they play again in the upcoming season.


    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I went back and read some of the post game comments Coach Walz has made AFTER Kentucky losses. He says things like "I don't give a rat's ass about this game" and "Matthew Mitchell would trade 2 final fours for a win in this game". I know if I were a KY fan I would look at it as sour grapes after a big ball game.
      I wish our Coach did give a rats ass about beating Kentucky. I don't nearly as much as I used to but I find Walz having to remind us after each KY loss how much better he does than Mitchell in the tourney as cheap shots. They sound desperate after a while. I'm not saying this right but I do t want to hear that garbage again every time we lose to them. Take the loss with character and stop defending yourself .

    4. Walz's psychology as this losing streak builds is to take the approach the games means zip. He is right in the big picture at the end of the season. People don't ask did you beat Kentucky? He would like us to buy into his rationale like a politician appeases for a vote. What happens if we go 0-10 verse Kentucky? We take them off the schedule like Tenn did with UConn and it was the smart thing for Tenn to do to save valuable pride for the program.

    5. The real reason we lose to Kentucky is they match up great against us with superior guard play especially in the second half. I think the last two years Kentucky was almost bored.

  3. I think this year's Kentucky vs U OF L game will be different the player's know what the rivalry is about PRIDE! GO CARDS BEAT KENTUCKY!


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