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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Bears hunting Deines? -- Sunday Cardinal Couple


The transfer process. It can be a tricky thing. When Megan Deines' name popped up as a transfer possibility/probability/seen on (fill in your choice campus) with (fill in your name choice)...the general consensus was this:

If she wants a year of significant playing time somewhere, then a transfer would be a logical choice. A mid-major seemed logical as well. 

We've heard Kansas State and Nebraska mentioned as possibilities. A buddy who knows very little about her or the program speculated that she might stay close to the Louisville area and go to Bellarmine or NKU. Maybe even WKU. We're not buying that hypothesis...even with your money. 

Deines has had an interesting career at UofL in three years. She started 15 games in 2012-13. Averaged 4.9 points on a team that went to the NCAA final game and a team that beat Baylor. She also hit 20 of 65 threes that year. She 2013-14 campaign dropped off..just 1 start in 33 games. 3.2 ppg average and was 5 for 23 from beyond the arc. Last season? She played in 24 games, no starts. She missed nine straight with an ankle injury. 

She is a Missouri girl, however (Glendale)...and the speculation arose that she might be interested (or vice versa) in a Missouri school. Here's an interesting piece from a Missouri State blogger that speculates on the possibilities of Deines and Missouri State:   

I've been asked numerous times if I thought that Kellie Harper and Missouri State would look to go the transfer route, specifically with high-profile area products such as Megan Deines (Glendale-Louisville), Michaela and Moriah Dapprich (Branson-Wichita State), and Kyndal Clark (Webb City-Drake) all announcing their decision to leave their current institutions within the last two weeks.

In short, the answer is no.

If we entertain the idea, assuming there is mutual interest from both sides and roster spots available, there wouldn't be a possibility of the Dapprichs or Clark coming to Springfield, as it is virtually impossible to transfer within the conference.

While the idea of an Ozarks return is nice and while we can certainly agree that the previous regime dropped the ball by not offering any of the three players, the chances of seeing them in maroon and white are about as likely as it is for me to stop binge eating Insomnia Cookies and Andy's.

Deines is  a different conversation.

Assuming that Missouri State and Louisville don't continue the current trend of playing every other year as they have in 2011-12 and 2013-14, Deines would likely be a viable option.

After sitting out a year, Deines would slide nicely in the spot vacated by Kenzie Williams, forming what could be the Valley's most dynamic backcourt in two years with Liza Fruendt and Riley Rose.

But, is it really necessary?

So....for the time being...she stays on the UofL roster until she heads elsewhere or decides maybe being a reserve on a top ten WBB team may not be such a bad gig after all.




  1. I am sure that Megan is a nice person or she would have not have been recruited by Lou. I am unsure how good of a outside shooter she was in high school but I believe she played in a smaller sized school within the state ie. AAA vs AA...

    The thing is. She was given the opportunity from her first game on campus as a freshman to keep substantial playing minutes every game. They were hers to keep rather than to earn coming off of the bench.

    She could not hot from the outside. As much as we wanted her to do so, she just could not do it. Yes, she hit a memorable shot here and there, but game after game, shot after shot, she could not hit the outside open ball and that will earn you a place on the bench, no matter where you play.

  2. Sixth best guard on the team if she comes back. Is it worth going somewhere to sit a year, though, and then see if you can get plying time? Tough question. She would be the only senior on the UofL roster.

    The Real Joe Hill

  3. So who is on scholarship as of now (not counting Deines? Walton, Henderson, Brackemyer, Carter, Hines-Allen, Moore, DeGrate, Fuehring, Cole, Jones, Durr.

    Room for her to stay, obviously but the question is if she wants to work hard enough in the practices to earn the scholarship? It's easy to coast in and get that final year as a benchrider for some kids and benevolent coaches. . Walz wouldn't stand for that, probably.

    Blue Lou

  4. If she stays here she won't play. If she had two years of eligibility it might be worth bringing her into a strong program but to transfer her in, wait a year and then only play for a year it doesn't make sense for most good D1 programs.

    I agree with the mid-major transfer strategy. She can play immediately and help any number of weak programs out there.

    I don't think Walz gives up much by keeping Megan in the program for her final year. They've got 15 total scholarships in D1 WBB. If she wants to play tho she's going to have to leave.

    1. I was at last year's Cal game in Cal and was telling my buddy during the game how bad Deines is and she shut me up as soon as I said it. She had some nice plays in that game.

  5. Noticed Kylee Shook is rated #46 by Hoopgurlz. She wasn't ranked in the top 60 when we signed her. I got excited until I saw her grade at 92. The 2015 Hoopgurlz #46 was a 96. 2016 must be a subpar class. Samantha Feuhring is ranked #61 (2015) with a 95 grade. Hopefully Kylee has loads of upside and potential.
    Here is very short evaluation of her below. I like that they say she is very mobile in uptemp game. We need that.

    USA Team Trials 2013-Colorado Springs; Long and agile low-post prospect with superb mobility in uptempo game; emerging interior game; shot blocking presence. (Olson)
    Shook is a major Division I talent. She was named to the Denver Post All-Colorado first team for Class 4A as a freshman in 2012-13.

    1. Wade, HoopGurlz is not what it used to be and, in my opinion, is not even close to the best source for rankings, evaluations, etc. HoopGurlz has been going downhill ever since it was acquired by ESPN in 2008. ESPN cut their coverage of high school sports drastically two years ago. I've been told that they used to have multiple scouts on the women's side, and now they just have one. Prospects Nation is a better source. They had Shook rated #35 when she committed to Louisville.

    2. Good info. Propect Nation now has Shook at #43 and Hoopgurlz #49 so pretty close.
      Prospect Nation final ranking in 2014 --- Arianna Freeman at #51( I think they had her as low as #30 for a long time) and Sydney Brackemyre at #102. Hines-Allen #11, Moore #15 and Carter #62.
      Hoopgurlz final ranking did not include Freeman in top 100

      Prospect Nation misses too. Shakayla Thomas of Florida State is a top player and Prospect Nation had her #39 She was the best player in the McDonalds all star game 2014

      On another topic How the top 12 Hoopgurlz 2011 prospects fared in the WNBA draft 6 of the top 12 were drafted 4 were first rounders.
      Bria #8 and Sara #12 were in that ranked class

    3. Correction: 3 first rounders selected in WNBA draft from the top 12 ranked 2011 Hoopgurlz.
      Mosqueda-Lewis #1 ranked
      Elizabeth Williams #2 ranked
      Samantha Logic #10 ranked


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