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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My Favorite UofL Women's Squad -- Wednesday Cardinal Couple

( Our May contest here at CARDINAL COUPLE consists of  
finding out about your favorite UofL women's sports team
and why. Regular reader and friend Joe Hill offers this


My favorite UofL women's sport is basketball and I've been following it since I 
met Paulie in the late 1980's. He was influential in getting me interested in 
women's basketball in general and particularly in the UofL squad 

The program was in it's final years under Peggy Fiehrer. They were 
struggling with three consecutive losing season and having a very rough 1988-89 
campaign. The Cards were in the Metro Conference and playing games at 
Bellarmine, Manual High School, Ballard High School and Freedom Hall. Marylin 
Reckelhoff and Renee Jones were the Cards stars then. 

Little did we know back then that the program would soar to the heights it is at 
now. Paulie was visiting me from time to time at the bar/restaurant I owned in 
Gatlinburg. Nell Knox and Gwen Doyle hadn't arrived at UofL yet. 

Occasionally over the next 21 years, I would get the chance to see UofL WBB when 
they would come to Knoxville, Chattanooga, Cookeville, Murfreesboro or Nashville. 
Sometimes, I would meet Paulie and Sonja at these games when they could make it. 
I also made an annual pilgrimage to Louisville to catch one or two 
games depending on the scheduling. I even made a few trips to see Pat Summit's 
Vols play in Knoxville.

My favorite team was the 2008-09 team. With Angel, Candyce, Dez and Walz. By 
then, I had sold my establishment and "retired" to Naples, FL. 

These days, I get up to Tampa occasionally to watch the USF Bulls and saw the 
UofL WBB team play there and also in Orlando against UCF. I also get over to 
Miami and make the long haul to Tallahassee when the Lady Cards are there. 
I still get to Louisville several times a year (I have a sister who lives there) and got 
to see the Cards play Miami and Syracuse in the KFC YUM! The Internet makes it 
much easier to follow UofL Sports now and, of course, CARDINAL COUPLE keeps me 


The Real Joe Hill

We thank Joe for his contribution and if you would like to 
share your thoughts on your favorite UofL women's sport
and why...we invite you to e-mail us at Cardinal Couple.



  1. Great to get to know the background of other CC contributors. Pretty cool to hear about how it was when ULWBB was still playing in high school gyms. Amazing progress.

  2. Nice story. Thanks for sharing.


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