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Friday, May 29, 2015

Changing the game in NCAA WBB -- Friday Cardinal Couple

NCAA Rules changes for WBB in 2015-16

The game is changing for the three divisions in NCAA WBB and the changes are good.

A fan of the one and one...were you? Say goodbye to that feature. Absolutely in love with two halves instead of four quarters? The halves are gone and the quarters are here. Couldn't wait for those (4) media timeouts each half? You'll get half as many chances to watch Mr. "Better ingredients, better pizza" try to sell you on his pie now. Tired of seeing 10 seconds stretched into minutes when a team is advancing the ball upcourt? That 10 seconds is actually 10 seconds now. 

Change is here. Long live change!

The women's college game will now be like it is in high school and the pros. Four quarters. No more one plus one to dread. Instead, teams will reach the double bonus at the fifth team foul in each quarter. 

This should speed things up a bit, eh? 

And, we're not done yet....folks. Teams will no longer get a new 10 seconds to advance the ball if a defensive deflection out of bounds happens. It is about time that good defense gets rewarded for their hustle and offenses will now have to concentrate on advancing the orb over the timeline as quickly as possible. 

In that final, sometimes very crucial, minute of the game...a team can now advance the ball to half court following a timeout. Goodbye 60 foot desperation heave...hello quick pass and 20 foot jumper. 

Coaches determining how many timeouts happen per quarter. 10 seconds (and only 10 seconds) to get the ball over the stripe. Has the NCAA Rules Committee gone completely mad and actually implemented something that is beneficial to the game? 

 It's about time, NCAA WBB.

Can the jump ball instead of alternating possessions be next?  



  1. My preference would be that if the defensive team forces a "hjeld ball, which is a result of great defensive work, they should be awarded the ball every time.

    1. A good point. After all, if you hold a defender in football from making a first down on fourth down, you get the ball back. They don't flip a coin to see who gets the possession or have an alternatate possession arrow.

      There is still the "call a timeout" option for the offensive player in a tie up. I'd like to see that altered.

      The Real Joe Hill

  2. Probably old news to most of the readers here but I saw that Lexie Brown is leaving Maryland for South Carolina. Dawn Staley is probably doing a happy dance in the heart of the campus. Brenda Frese? Your word today is "bitter".

    1. Didn't see where Brown was going to land but it looks like Kaela Davis is also signing up with South Carolina. Seems like everyone is ceding next year's title to UConn and reloading for the following year.

      I didn't think there was anything that could get me to support UConn but effective immediately my second favorite WBB program is UConn particularly in the context of them kicking the collective asses of UNC, SC and Tennessee and their transfer / ringer acts.

      To the extent they think UConn is going to fall apart after Stewart they're smoking crack. Walz is the second best WCBB coach out there. When Geno checks out Jeff will check in. In the interim we get to do war as the underdog in the tourney. Works for me.

      They best not be underestimating our undersized but exceptionally talented crew complete with the U of L winning attitude.

    2. Davis is confirmed as a South Carolina transfer. They'll be the 4th best WBB team in the SEC now...behind Tenn, KY and the Tulsa Shock...LOL


  3. From a Nebraska WBB message board

    ...They're also looking at Louisville transfer Megan Deines a one time Husker recruit way back when. She was a junior last season with not much playing time with Louisville and has one year left to play as she'll be a senior next season....

    Message board stuff, I know. Real dependable, right? But, it could have some legs to it.

    Blue Lou

    1. I hope Megan lands with a good program. If she had hit that three vs Florida State last year this story would have a different ending.

      For my purposes I'm remembering that wrap around inbounds play from Jude under pressure vs Baylor. She's money in my eyes. Always be a Card.

    2. Deines started as a freshman. Not many remember that. If she goes, I wish her well also. Beautiful smile and great sense of humor. She'll miss Cortnee Walton. They came in together and became best of friends.


    3. I had forgotten that she started some games in her freshman year. The basketball gods didn't smile as much on Megan as any of us had hoped, but she delivered when it really mattered. That '13 tourney club belongs to the ages now and she played a limited but critical role.

      She's another example of the high character kids that Walz brings into the program. I hope the rumors about her leaving aren't true but regardless she seems sure to be on the road to a successful future.


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