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Saturday, May 2, 2015


We wish you a Happy 141st. Kentucky Derby! 

It's a pretty big day here in Louisville, KY. Whether you're hitting the track, watching on TV or have no interest at all...know that Derby means chance, hope, successes and failures. Words that can apply to any sport. 

19 runners will break from the starting gate shortly after 5:30 p.m. today and try to run further and faster than they ever have before. One horse will wear that garland of roses, one jockey will joyfully describe his trip, one trainer will proudly escort a delighted group of owner to the winners circle and bask in the glow that goes with a unique title.

Kentucky DERBY Winner.

A combination of individuals, circumstances and good 'ol Lady Luck...woven together on the first Saturday in May...there is room for only one team in that champion circle. 

It's the fastest two minutes in sports.

Paulie and Sonja's Derby Stakes races are over at his website:

Happy Derby to you! 



  1. Please, Paulie --- No Dan Fogelberg. "Run For The Roses" has to be in the top five sappiest songs in the history of recorded music. But that's not what bothers me about it. It is factually incorrect and that grates on me every time I am forced to listen to it. If Fogelberg had done any research at all he would have learned that thoroughbreds are not foaled in "Western Kentucky" - it's "Central Kentucky". And the shame of it is that "Central Kentucky" could have been put in that spot without any impact on the song.

    I'm pretty much with you on today's CD picks. I'm going all-in on Chocolate Ride in the Woodford. He has a real shot at taking them gate-to-wire at double digit odds.

    Take a look at Tepin the the Mile Turf. If she improves 8 or 10 BSF points in her second start as a four-year-old, she's right there with this field at a big price. She showed big improvement from her first start as a two-year-old to her second start, and also showed big improvement from her comeback as a three-year-old to her next start. And she fired those huge bullet works on April 12 and April 18. Leparoux keeps the mount for the win???

    1. I don't know, Mike D, but this might be a tad hypercritical over a song. But... whatever.

    2. I don't know, Mike D, but this might be a tad hypercritical over a song. But... whatever.

  2. Aaaaaaaaand, then there were 18.

  3. I dunno and don't really care about horse racing but Fogelberg is among the very best ever in this world. RIP Brother. Been gone for seven years now.

  4. I have put up Run for the Roses since we started the site on Derby Day and will continue to put Run For the Roses up on Derby Day until I'm breathing dry air. Dan was a friend....and I miss him. We had some good times back in the late seventies. He was a genius.



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