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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tuesday Cardinal Couple - Preseason in full swing


Fall sports are all geared up...literally...and busy with practices.  That leaves us without a great deal of hard news, but plenty of anticipation.  Things aren't completely silent from Floyd Street, however.  We are getting a steady stream of countdowns to season openers and other preseason engagement.


Both UofL Volleyball and Field Hockey are running countdowns highlighting various participants that are involved in the programs.  Student-athletes, coaches, and support staff are all getting attention.  Its a great way to get to know both new players such as freshmen and transfers, as well as parts of the staff that you may not have been familiar with.  Various countdown entries have highlighted assistant coaches, Sports Performance coaches, Sports Medicine personnel, Directors of Operation, and of course players.

Monday's Volleyball countdown entry
You can find the Field Hockey and Volleyball countdown content on their Twitter (or Facebook) pages.  Field Hockey and Volleyball.

Highlighted by Volleyball so far has been; Sophomore Maya McClendon, Director of Operations Sarah Drury Petkovic, the Volleyball Team's "Happy" video, Assistant Coach Alex Wilharm, Athletic Trainer Nicole Lowery, and Assistant Coach Lee Maes.

Meanwhile, Field Hockey's home opener is closer so they have a lot more entries so far in their countdown; new Assistant Coach Roz Ellis, freshman Rene DuFour, redshirt freshman Stephanie Byrne, Sports Performance Coach Heather Engel, redshirt freshman Elina Pereira, junior Megan Anstotz, freshman Anna DuFour, redshirt junior Sydney King, freshman Nicole Woods, Director of Olympic Sports Medicine Carole Banda, senior Hannah Boyle, and sophomore Lotta Kahlert.

Volleyball Confessions and Daily Blog

If you remember, last year, the volleyball team did a series of honest...and hilarious...videos describing preseason practices and various "gossip" of the team during the intense training period.  Well, they're back.  So far we have two Confessions videos, one by Janelle Jenkins and Brooke Betts, and the second by freshmen Eleni "Leni" Georgiafandis and Tess Clark.  These videos are posted to Alex Wilharm's Youtube channel, and get linked to from the UofLVolleyball Twitter and Facebook accounts.  The confessions are a small glimpse into what it must be like to participant in such an intense training activity on a team of 15 players, three coaches, and various managers and trainers.

Lastly, Volleyball is posting daily blog postings on the Volleyball homepage on  A brief recap of what the day was like, what the team did, and usually an encouragement to come to the volleyball games when the season starts.

Check it all out.  Fall seasons are quickly approaching and it's time to start getting ready as fans, just as the teams have already started their practices.


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  1. Asia Taylor looked pretty good tonight against the Sparks. Defensively she was assigned Candice Parker and held her own well. She scored a couple of baskets and a rebound during 3 minutes of play in the first 1/2.

    Came back in 2nd 1/2 with some good hustle and defensive play. She had the ball looking to score down the lane and was intentionally fouled while later a team mare committed a moving screen foul.
    As of beginning of 4 th qtr Overall she looked good.



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