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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Saturday Cardinal Couple -- Is it time to start giving college credit hours to college student athletes?


- Play for credit hours? 

- Radio today

- Show Monny the money

With the recent academic fraud issues surfacing at Notre Dame, I started thinking about the role of the student-athlete in college. A young lady may accept a partial scholarship to play softball at a certain school. Over the next four years, she will put in thousands of hours each school year practicing, playing in games, travelling with the team and doing public service, promotional and charity work for the team and University. 

How many credit hours will she receive towards graduation?


When I attended school, we were required to take (2) classes in physical education. I chose badminton and golf. I got 2 credit hours for considerably less work performed than the fictional softball player listed above. I haven't played badminton since and I gave up golf 10 years ago.  

Would it be that bad of an idea to grant (3) credit hours per semester to a student-athlete that participates on the softball or rowing or football team?

3 hours per semester, 2 semesters a year, 4 years. 24 credit hours...or about 1/5 needed toward a bachelors' degree. 

The student is definitely spending more than 1/5 of their total college stay in the field and is also helping raise revenue for the university by being a member of a squad that may raise money for the university by paid admissions to events, NCAA appearances or television revenue. 

While it is probably true that most individual athletic programs operate in the "red" instead of the "black" much money does the history or biology major bring into the university (besides tuition?) 

Make it pass/fail to simplify it. (I can't imagine Jeff Walz at the end of the semester trying to decide if Emmonnie gets a "A" or "B" grade).

Third and fourth year college students get credit hours for independent study classes. Is taking your team to the NCAA Regionals enough to warrant 3 credit hours? Or working on your mid-range jumper 4 hours a day? Chemistry students do lab work to advance their knowledge and skills. Can sinking 100 free throws be classified as lab work? 

Your thoughts? 


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Join us...won't you?




A couple of years with Jeff Walz can pay some huge dividends. 

Monny Niamke is the latest WBB Card to sign a pro contract...signing with Lyon Basket Feninin in the first division of France's Women's Basketball League for the
2014-15 season.

France seems to fit her quite well...she was selected to the U-18 and U-19 French National teams in high school and won All-Tournament honors in the European Championships.

She transferred to Louisville after a year at Lindsey Wilson...sitting out a season and then averaging 1.3 points and 1.3 assists in 31 games last year. 



  1. OT: Asia Taylor taking one for the team. Last night Asia once again showed herself to be Cardinal strong by taking a CHARGE from Daniel Adams ( formerly of Texas A & M)

    I predict that last night Asia spent considerable time in the cold tank as "DA" size now makes her college body look frail.

    Asia - Minnesota and Shoni - Atlanta teams both made it into the WNBA playoffs with games beginning next Thursday.

    Last night Shoni came up one assist short to have her first WNBA double double. Her assist passing last night would fill a highlight film - yes 9 assists but at least 3 other passes where easy shots were just missed.

    Louisville basketball is being well represented by Angel, Shoni and Asia as our school is named regularly during game broadcasts.

    1. Shoni had a double-double against the Indiana Fever on May 17, with 17 points and 10 assists. She has been playing great the past few games though. Her passing last night was spectacular.

  2. College athletes are some of the more exploited people in America, except, maybe, teachers. They bring money into the university, certainly at Louisville, they work harder than anyone except cheerleaders, they are expected to do an amazing amount of community service and they do it with a smile. I entirely agree with this entry. Keep bringing up these issues and thanks.

    1. That is ridiculous. No one is forcing these kids to play college ball. If they are fortunate enough to be offered a scholarship to play sports at the university level they can either take the offer or not. If they don't then they can go to college and pay themselves, borrow the money to do so or their folks can pay the freight. That doesn't make an athletic scholarship sound like exploitation to me. Sounds like the great opportunity it has always been. By the way I attended college on a athletic scholarship, so been there, done that.

      This entire narrative that college athletes are exploited is so removed from reality it's laughable. Have you checked out the facilities, uniforms, traveling conditions, tutoring and residences made available to most student athletes? Might as well go to school at the Bellagio. This is particularly true at schools like U of L.

      Further most state universities already offer either 2 or 3 credit hours of physical education (elective) credit per semester or quarter for varsity athletic program participation.

      I'll do you a favor and not bother addressing your exploited teacher argument.

  3. Shoni is getting more and more comfortable as time goes by, them crazy Pistol Petes though, dropping them like their hot! lol


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