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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wednesday Cardinal Couple -- ....What....


- What to expect

- One of those ???? stats

In the Tuesday CARDINAL COUPLE, our esteemed columnist Worldwide Jeff McAdams detailed why he writes for CARDINAL COUPLE and co-hosts the weekly radio show on Crescent Hill Radio with me.

Eloquent words, straight from the heart and a great synopsis and mission statement on why he does what he does here.

Today, we'll explore "what" we'll being doing here at the site and on the radio show and "why" your support means everything to us.

We have an exciting season of UofL women's sports ahead of us in 2014-15 and that season starts in less than a month. We're going to provide the best coverage we can on these fall sports...Field Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball...the news that breaks on these and the other sports will be discussed and analyzed here.

We'll also be covering women's basketball as the team gets ready for ACC competition. We'll look at the roster, who's here, who's departed, who's wowing the participants in the practice centers and trying to gain and provide even more interviews and information we come across.

"What" it is...breaks down to our mission statement and reason for existence. Providing a fan voice for the teams and squads that proudly wear the Cardinal colors.

That's where you come into play.
"What" is also a request from us to you. What do you want more of? What details can we provide? What are we doing good? What is important to you?

It's also a statement...this "what" of "what you can do for CARDINAL COUPLE"? You can be our auxiliary eyes, ears, sensors and information sources. You're a fan, we're fans...let's work together. It also entails financial help. What can you bring to the table to help us cover expenses? You can help us make it happen.

What we have planned is daily reports on what is going on with the athletic squads and their interaction with the well as how they are stacked to compete.

We promise a great interview on the Saturday show with Field Hockey coach Justine Sowry. We've also got feelers out to get in the offices of Jeff Walz and Karen Ferguson Dayes to get interviews with them, too. We'll include other coaches in the mix as well. We get it...

You like the interviews...we're trying to get them.

What lies ahead is exciting, challenging, competitive and ground-breaking. What you'll get here is the details and the commentary. What you can do is help a non-profit do what you want us to do...and what we want to do.

What can we say? Except...thank you.



A 5'9" rebounding machine...L-Whale.
Finally, this stat from the Minnesota Lynx's 83-72 win over the LA Sparks last night...

Minnesota grabbed 33 rebounds. Only one of them was an offensive rebound. 5'9" Lindsay Whelan got that lone offensive rebound...probably on a shot that kicked high off the rim and landed at her feet at the 3-point stripe...


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  1. Shoni and Angel starting for the WNBA East Allstars! --Umatilla23


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