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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Cardinal Couple -- Who they are


- A look at these new (and old) ACC opponents' 

It changes up this year for the Louisville Cardinal athletic venues, old opponents from the past and some interesting mascots. Let's take a look at the mascots and traditions of five of our 14 foes...we'll get to the rest as the summer rolls along.


Louisville and Miami hook up for the first time in conference battles. We dig that Louisville got Howard Schnellenberger from the 'Canes almost 30 years ago and that Calder Race Track isn't too far away from campus. 

Sebastian the Ibus is the mascot on field and sidelines and probably Paulie's favorite new mascot. The Hurricanes claim to have invented the four fingers extended in the air at the start of the fourth quarter, indicating that they believe this quarter belongs to them. 


The Cards and Ga. Tech were together briefly in the old Metro Conference. We dig that Louisville got Sam Purcell from there to join Cards WBB coaching and that they'll actually bring their "Ramblin Wreck" to certain athletic contests. Probably not enough room for it in Ulmer Stadium or Cardinal Arena, though. 

Buzz the Yellow Jacket is the other, more arena-friendly mascot and will prowl the game sites. Be sure to listen for the pep band to break into the old classic "When You Say Bud, You've Said It All" at Yellow Jacket games. Not so much because of the students' love of the beer...but originally started as a tribute to long-time head coach Bud Carson.


It's the Cards first-ever conference alignment with NC
State. We dig Al Vilcheck bringing his BBQ best up from South Carolina for hungry Cardinal fans and getting even more good eats when going to the Pit for the local BBQ. 

Mr. Wuf is a mainstay when the Wolfpack are on the prowl and if NC State wins the game, the students will gather to celebrate around the belltower, which will light up red at night. Just like the Cards like to flash their "L" with handsigns...the Wolfpack have a hand signal, too. Your ring and middle finger meet at the tips with the thumb and the index finger and pinkie stick up. It does kinda look like a wolf...


Louisville hooks up with the Irish again after previous battles in the BIG EAST. We dig Muffet McGraw and the probably-graduated softball outfielder who exploded with a quite loud "f-bomb" after a UofL batter beat her deep and drove in a few runs at Ulmer a few years back. Sometimes, you just express your front of an outfield berm. 

The Leprechaun brings the Irish good luck and the competition is fierce to become that little guy dressed in green at Irish athletic events. Imagine having to impress the selectors with :

- Doing 50 pushups
- Dancing the official version of the Notre Dame Irish Jig
- Leading students in a five-minute mock pep rally
- Reacting to various game situations
- Passing a Q&A with a local media personality

It ought to be worth 3 credit hours at the very least. I was out of contention after step 1...


The Cards and Panthers have BIG EAST ties and we dig Primanti Brothers and walking Penn Avenue and Smallman Street. 

The Panther is the official mascot and Heinz Field was the first place we saw the fans rise and sing "Sweet Caroline" at the end of the third quarter with the lyrics on the scoreboard. Peterson Event Center is also where I saw the...

 Worst. Refereeing. Job. Ever.

when the Panthers beat Louisville WBB on Valentines Day in the 2009-10 season. It's a wonder Walz didn't break into flames from self-combustion.


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