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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday Cardinal Couple -- Fall wishes


- Things we'd like to see this fall

Even though we are in the mid-summer season (although you could hardly tell it by the weather the last couple of days) one can't help thinking ahead to the fall...and the advent of fall athletics for the University of Louisville women's squads.

Thinking ahead entails for us here at CARDINAL COUPLE several things. We won't have to think at all about conference more "who's in what?"...the ACC encompasses all the teams on campus.

Thinking ahead also involves the major sports and activities that we'll be covering. Just ahead are basketball, volleyball, soccer, field hockey, cross country, rowing, swimming and diving, golf and tennis.

Here's five things we hope to see in the fall:

1) Good reports from the women's basketball program on preparations for the 2014-15 schedule. It is a pivotal year for the program...with the biggest recruiting class on campus since 2009.

2) Evidence that Volleyball is taking their new affiliation with the same successful results they had in 2013. Three conferences in three years and a lot of new faces on Anne Kordes' roster.

3) Huge crowds in the new Louisville Soccer Complex on campus to see the Cards compete in the best women's soccer conference in collegiate athletics.

4) Field Hockey ripping through a tough and challenging pre-conference schedule and holding their own against the best field hockey conference in collegiate athletics.

5) Wins and high national ranking for all the fall sports programs as they enter the challenging and competitive ACC.

It's tough being the new kid on the block. It's also something you can use to your advantage...since your opponents have only a vague idea what to expect.

WE have a feeling that the schools stretching from Massachusetts to Miami will discover they've admitted a program that will be competitive and successful every time they step on a competition venue in any sport. As we've said here before...we hope it's a case of the ACC adjusting to Louisville, not Louisville adjusting to the ACC...


Radio today.

A bleary-eyed, sleep-deprived and just back from vacation Paulie will join Worldwide in the studio this morning at 11 a.m. to discuss the upcoming events for Louisville women's athletics and our stars in the WNBA.

If there is a theme for today's would have to be "changes". Tune in to hear about them.


  1. What happened to the comments on the last post about transfers? Did Jeff ask you to take them down? I reckon Jackson will transfer to Louisville. Jody had to shut down the thread on walz's world too

    1. After careful consideration, several conversations and a full diagnosis of the events that actually occurred...we came to the conclusion that there was no need to placate the whims of an obvious and apparently disgruntled UCF fan. College kids will be college kids sometimes. Once we got the full story...we decided out of respect for the individual involved...and after wise remove the comments.

      We have no information on the status of any potential transfers to Louisville and we'll report any such happenings when they are either announced by the University...or the information comes from a valid and not vindictive source.


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