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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Cardinal Couple -- our mid-year drive.


- Our mid year drive

We don't come to the site much and ask for your donations...but we are today.

Our site features no advertising and we do not have fees for premium information, exclusive boards or membership fees.

We are funded by contributions by readers and listeners.

Things slow down in the summer months when it comes to UofL women's athletic events. Unforutnately, so does the donation level to CARDINAL COUPLE.

Thus...the mid-year request for donations.

If you donate $10 or more to CARDINAL COUPLE, we'll send you a CARDINAL COUPLE T-Shirt.

Here are ways to donate:

1) Send us a check. Our address is:

PO BOX 91521
Louisville, KY  40291

Indicate t-shirt size

2) Donate through Pay-Pal. Click the link below:


3) Enter the Cardinal Couple Charity Raffle. Tickets are
$5 each. It's a "split the pot" or 50/50 concept with a twist.

At the end of the month we'll pull a ticket from the entries.

You get 50% of the "pot", we keep 25% and 25% will go to our favorite charity...Crusade for Children. Send your entry requests and payment to:

PO BOX 91521

We'll send you charity raffle ticket(s) upon receipt of your entry. Winner will be announced at the end of the month, here at the site.

We'll list the breakdown of distribution here at the site and notify you by letter or e-mail if you win. Entries received after the 25th. of each month will go into the next month's charity raffle drawing.

You also have the option of declining your 50% payout and authorizing that your winnings be equally distributed between CARDINAL COUPLE and the Crusade for Children.

This is a great way to help us, help a deserving charity and also make a little money for yourself if you wish.  

Please help support our website.

Thank you,


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