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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wednesday Cardinal Couple -- "Moore" points. Atlanta falls to Minn.


- Minnesota defeats Atlanta 102-98 in double overtime

It had the feel of the WNBA Finals on a hot summer night in Minneapolis...Maya Moore totaling a career and franchise high 48 points against a Dream team that had rallied from a 14-point deficit midway through the fourth quarter.

Heritage Night in the Target Center. A "sho" during the action as well.

Shoni Schimmel continued her hot streak since the WNBA All-Star game, with five threes and 17 points. A chance to win it for Atlanta in regulation...her twisting, behind-the-back, driving layup in the lane through three Lynx defenders resulting in a layup that hung tantalizingly on the rim before dropping off. 

Michael Cooper? Take all the time you need to recover from your surgery. This was fun basketball to watch. The team is in good hands under the observation of assistant coach Karleen Thompson.

Angel McCoughtry, all about the business...saddled with some late foul trouble...but responding by narrowly missing a three at the end of the first overtime. Her back-to-back threes putting Atlanta up by six in the overtime before Minnesota roared back to tie.

Sorry #35. You weren't fouled on the buzzer shot. But...several of the calls on you during the contest were imaginary. Give Angel 21 for the night and some of the best facial expressions and emoting of the season. She wears her heart on her sleeve, like Shoni...and it's great theater. 

In the end, though...the Lynx re-discovered Moore, who had been shut down by Atlanta for nearly fifteen minutes and her two jumpers gave Minnesota a five point lead late. 

Asia Taylor, getting plenty of TV exposure but never getting a chance to take off the warmups and see action. With Rebekkah Brunson back from knee surgery and providing a double-double in her first game back...Asia may have the best seat in the house for the remainder of the Lynx's attempt to capture a third WNBA title.

The WNBA needed to capture this one in a jar and bring it out for national TV games. The Fox Sports North announcers...obviously pro-Lynx and Atlanta ignorant...weren't all that bad in comparison to some of the "Four-letter network" game callers we'll have to endure when women's college hoops returns. Maybe the ACC will take notice and offer the two ladies a gig for conference games.

On a night where Maya Moore demonstrated why she is the best player in the WNBA, the Atlanta Dream showed that they are gunning to face the Lynx and Moore again in the playoffs for the third straight year and have an additional weapon to bring to the fray...a passing, shooting and take-charge rookie by the name of Shoni.


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  1. Its crazy to see how far ppl are traveling to see Shoni. We're so use of seeing her here back home, at open gym, etc., we dont act as surprised lol. It amazes me to see the fans at each game, its exciting to see the impact she has. Ppl keep talking about Shoni's defense but Celine isn't exactly much better, and Shoni does alot more than good in more area's. I CANT WAIT FOR AUG 7TH FOR ATL vs SEATTLE!!!


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