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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday Cardinal Couple -- Volleyball tips and more basketball recruiting news


- Jenny's Volleyball Quiz

-Two more recruits on the Louisville WBB list. 

-Happy Birthday Asia Taylor! 

( Cardinal Couple Columnist Jenny O' Bryan tests your volleyball knowledge today and introduces us to two more excellent women's basketball players that will be visiting the campus in early September. Your serve!)  

Volleyball tips off the season this Friday against Western Kentucky at 7:30 p.m. at YUM Center in the Active Ankle Challenge.  Play continues on Saturday with play against Morehead State at 11:00 a.m. and Penn State in the evening at 7:30 p.m.

In an effort to get you ready for the tip, try your knowledge at this brief quiz.  Answers will follow at the bottom of the article.  No looking ahead!

1) The specialized defensive player in the back row wears a different colored uniform. What is her position called?
A) libero
B) the fashion challenged
C) the captain

2) When the receiving team wins the point it is called:
         A) volley
         B) rotation
         C) side out
3) When a player successfully passes a spiked or hard hit ball it is called
         A) self defense
         B) a dig
         C) a spike

Cardinal Sports Report's Howie Lindsey likes to
dress up for Volleyball matches. 
4) A successful hit by an attacker that results in a point usually executed by hitting the ball off of a block or down on to the opponents floor is called
         A) a dig
         B) a kill
         C) a rally
5) A dig in which the player gets the ball up by placing a flat hand on the ground (palm down) and letting the ball bounce off the back of her hand is called
      A) lucky
      B) flat
      C) pancake

6) A serve that hits the floor in bounds, is shanked or cannot be handled by the receiving team, immediately resulting in a point for the serving team is called
         A) an ace
         B) a kill
         C) a mulligan or do-over

7) A maneuver in which a player dives for the ball and in a tumbling, shoulder first motion quickly returns to her feet is called
      A) a sushi roll
      B) a roll
      C) stop, drop and roll

8) The act of changing position in volleyball in a clockwise motion is called
      A) substitution
      B) controlled chaos
      C) rotation

9) The player who is responsible for getting the second ball to the hitter is called
      A) blocker
      B) setter
      C) libero

10)  In college a match is won when a team has won
      A) one set
      B) two sets
      C) three sets 


This is a busy time in recruiting for basketball.  Many players are making official and unofficial visits.  It has come to my attention that two more players in the class of 2013 have scheduled official visits.  Both of these names are new to me as players involved with Louisville.  Both are guards who are said to be scorers on the wing. 
Both players will be taking their official visit with Louisville Sept. 7-9. 

Imani Wright is currently ranked #31 with Hoopgurlz and is a 5-11 guard who hails from Texas.    Hoopgurlz states that Wright “can create her own offense, best at scoring off of the dribble but can take it to the rim as well and has a knack for scoring in big moments. “ 

Brianna Ruiz is currently ranked #65 with Hoopgurlz and is a 5-10 guard who hails from California.  Ruiz as described by Hoopgurlz as a “versatile perimeter player with a deep range and scorer on the wing,  she has length and quickness and can get by defenders and in to the lane.”  She is described as a player that has a “nose for the ball”. 

As visits begin we wish Coach Walz and the program well as they shape the future of the Louisville Women’s Basketball. 

Keep it tuned here...readers for up to date information.  As always, we will let you know what we know, when we know it. 


Quiz answers:

So, how did you do?

Here are the answers:
1) A- libero
2) C- side out
3) B- a dig
4) B- a kill
5) C- pancake
6) A- an ace
7) B- a roll
8) C- rotation
9) B- setter
10) C- 3 sets

0: you must have copied Bill the Goat or Coco's answers...Go to Coach Kordes and ask her how many laps you should run.
1-4: you could use some schooling in volleyball.  Go to the games this weekend at YUM Center, you will learn something.
5-8: not too bad.  Go to the volleyball games this weekend at YUM and hone your volleyball knowledge
9-10: you know your stuff!  Head down to YUM this weekend and take in a few matches of volleyball.  You may have a future on the sideline or in the lineup!

( Nice work today by Jenny in getting us prepared for Louisville Volleyball and filling us in on women's basketball recruits! As far as our actual scores on the quiz...Paul got 9 out of 10...missed #2. Sonja 7 out of 10...missed #1, #2 and #10. Timmy the Intern graded his own paper and said he got twelve questions right. Gotta watch him 24/7....)


Finally, a special Sonja birthday poem for Cardinal hoopster Asia Taylor.

Happy Birthday Asia!
Today's a special day
We're counting the days and hours
Till you get to play!

We hope you get lots of presents
And a birthday card or two
Maybe even a ham and pineapple pizza
Especially for you!

We all enjoy our birthday
(Even though I don't count mine anymore)
And get out there and hit the floor! 


  1. Jenny

    Thanks much for the rvolleyball rule and terminology lesson. Much and I mean much has changed since the dark ages when I played.

    Great to see additional pieces to the jigsaw puzzle arriving on campus.

    Sandy W

  2. Happy birthday Asia! Have a great year!

    -- Joe hill --

  3. Ruiz looks pretty thing. She will have to pack on some muscle where ever she ends up. I am always up for a player who can create their own shot tho


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