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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday Cardinal Couple -- Alex Harris narrows list.


- Alexandra Harris down to three

-Volleyball draws near

-Sailing, sailing

( CARDINAL COUPLE COLUMNIST Jenny O' Bryan fills us in on women's basketball recruiting and volleyball. Talented prospects are coming for visits soon!)  

Several weeks ago in an entry about the recruiting process in basketball I spoke of official visits.  To reiterate, a prospective student athlete can take up to 5 official visits beginning in the fall of their senior year.  The school that is being visited pays for an official visit. 

The time is fast approaching for the class of 2013 to start planning and setting dates for their official visits.  Just this week, one such visit involving Louisville Women’s Basketball was announced.

Alexandra “ Alex” Harris has been mentioned here before.  She is a 6-3 post player out of Lorain, OH.    Harris has trimmed her final list to 3 and set her official visits.  Making the cut for Harris is Penn State, Michigan and Louisville. 

Top-notch coaches are at both Penn State and Michigan.  Coquese Washington is at the helm at Penn State and just signed a long-term deal this past spring with Penn State.  I am a HUGE fan of Kim Barnes-Arico (formerly of St. John’s) who just this past spring accepted the coaching job at Michigan.  Rest assured both coaches have a lot to offer a recruit.  I like our chances here.  Of course, one never knows what the recruit is looking for in a school.  Nonetheless, I like our chances. 

Harris has set her visits with Penn State (9/1), Michigan (9/8) and Louisville (9/15).  Keep it here folks, we will let you know what we know, when we know it. 

Before anyone starts getting twitchy on me, it is my opinion the interest of Harris will not impact the decision of Mercedes Russell.  While both are post players Russell is more a true center and Harris looks to be a power forward on the college level.  Actually, I see the two being a great tandem.  Combine that tandem with the potential of Emmonnie Henderson and that would be a monster paint presence.  Each of these 3 players has Louisville among their finalists.  Let’s all hope for a fruitful fall for Louisville Women’s Basketball.   Also, before you ask, no information is available yet on when Russell and Henderson will be on campus for their official visit. 


Cardinal Volleyball is just days away from the Alumnae Match at Cardinal Arena on Saturday, Aug. 18 at 6:00 p.m.  Season opener is a little over a week away on Friday, August 24. 

The team has been busy with two a day practices.  The team is taking turns blogging about their practices.  You can check the blog out here:

Also, check out the youtube video about volleyball ticket sales:

Volleyball over Louisville


Great work by Jenny today! We'll leave you with one last Olympic moment. Check out this baffled Irish announcer and his coverage of an event. 

( Be advised the language gets "a little salty". Proceed at your own risk.)

Sailing, Sailing 



  1. You gotta like that picture, Paul, of Russell in Louisville gear. Looks good on her.

  2. Hoping to see her in it for four years, starting in 2013.

  3. With Harris, I think it may depend on whether or not she wants to stick close to home or not. If she is looking for some distance from home, Louisville is a good choice.

  4. Just for your information Jenny. Penn and Penn State are two different schools. Penn is the University of Pennsylvania and plays in the Ivy League. Penn State is Pennsylvania State University and is the one recently in the news with the child molestation scandals. They are a Big 10 school.

  5. I'd have to fire Paul for missing my typo, but, with this volunteer writing gig I do, he is MY boss. Thanks for catching it, and I have corrected my errors. Penn State is the correct University on her list.

  6. Yea fire Paul. That would put us all in a fine mess.

    Maybe instead we could run an experiment whete Sonja could participate in the new show where all the women leave town for a week and let the guys handle the chores.

    Come back to the site in a week and see what the article topics become. Maybe we would see some laundry hints like using some handy seltzer water to the stains that Timmy caused when he spilt his banana pudding on the couch seat.

    Sandy W

    1. Wow. Leave the site unattended for a few hours and it's Mutiny on the Bounty. I'll jump on the bandwagon and agree, though. Time to fire Paul and turn the site over to Timmy, Jenny, Sonja and Sandy. I'll check in with a cheeseburger update once a week.


    2. No don't fire Paul - promote him by letting Sonja take off on week long vacation while he tends to her chores which includes the cardinal couple site like on the show. Leaving also for the week would be the female contributing writers.

      I wonder if coco would use Paul's toothbrush on Timmy like the teenagers did by using the marine's tooth brush on the dog which he then used for himself.
      Sandy W.


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