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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday Cardinal Couple -- Louisville defeats Ohio State 1-0 in Friday scrimmage

Saturday Cardinal Couple

- Women's soccer downs Buckeyes

We asked the question several times this week about how well the Louisville women's soccer team would handle the early season absence of last year's leading scorer Christine Exeter. Maybe we should have been asking how well the Cardinal defense would step up to neutralize the temporary loss. 

Charlyn Corral with the
only goal of the game
Louisville shut out Ohio State 1-0 Friday night at Cardinal Park. The defense stepping up big time to keep the Buckeyes out of the net and transfer Charlyn Corral scoring the lone goal of the exhibition for the Cardinal win on an assist from Angelika Uremovich.

Chloe Kiefer guarding the net with four saves in the shut-out. 

1-0 didn't have scoring enthusiasts jumping up and down in excitement...obviously, but it showed that the veteran Louisville defensive crew took this game "very personally" and wanted to show Cardinal fans early on the skill and abilities that they plan on exhibiting this fall. 

A win over a BIG TEN school. Yes, we'll accept that.

Shutting out a BIG TEN school. Have some. 

The objective is to outscore the opposition. 1-0 works.

Louisville plays again Sunday against Wright State. 


USA Olympics Women's Basketball team goes for the gold today against France. Tip off scheduled for 4 p.m. on NBC. 

"Play me, Geno..."
A letdown for the Americans after defeating #2 in the world Australia? Don't count on it. 

Probably the last Olympic go-around for Bird, Taurasi, Catchings and Cash. A team looking to show that the half-time lead by the Aussies in Thursday's semi-final game was a combination of torrid Australia first-half shooting and lackadaisical USA defense. 

Australia scored 25 points in the second quarter. They scored 26 points in the second half. The old adage that offense wins fans but defense wins games never truer than the final 20 minutes of the USA effort against Jackson and Cambage. 30 first-half points for the twin towers, six in the second-half. 

We hope Geno gives Angel a more involved role today. The French aren't going to come in and roll over for USA. Not many expected to see them in the final. Let's send them back home with a 


  1. Nice win by USA today. Angel maybe 10 minutes? No biggie got the gold

    1. 11minutes split into multiple entries.

      The level laying field of the WNBA makes it apparent who should have been the starting team.


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