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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday Cardinal Couple -- Sandy's tasks of today include bleaching and spot washing


( Sandy Walker sorts out all things Cardinal today and  catches us up on events, recruiting, softball, Mercedes Russell, lacrosse, the National debt, Keynesian economic trends in a recession and forensic methods at a tampered crime scene.)  


Battle of the Bluegrass
Wednesday  8/29   Volleyball   vs UK  @ KFC YUM! Center            7:00 pm
Help break the YUM! Volleyball Attendance record and support our volleycards against UK.
The UK match is a Red Out!

                                   Volleyball  Cardinal Classic  Louisville Invitational 8/31  &  9/1
Friday             8/31   Duke       @  KFC YUM! Center    7:30  pm
Saturday        9/1     Marshall  @  KFC YUM! Center  11:00 am
Saturday        9/1     Samford  @  KFC YUM! Center    7:30 pm

December 13 and 15 are the dates for the semi-final and final NCAA
Volleyball NCAA
National Championship matches which is being held at the KFC Yum! Center.

Saturday        9/1    Cross Country vs Mid-America Opener @ Evansville, IN. 9:00 am
Saturday        9/1    Field Hockey vs Davidson @ Trager Stadium 2:00 pm

Sunday         9/2    Soccer vs UNC Greensboro @ Lexington, KY   12:00 pm
                                  Check out head coach Justine Sowry’s weekly show on Cards TV.
Rachel Melhado and Christine Exeter will rejoin the team this week.

Monday          9/3    Field Hockey vs Ball State @ Trager Stadium 2:00 pm

U of L Office Website U of L official schedule website is

There is no current word on last weekend’s planned “unofficial” campus visit of class of 2014 junior forward Sydney Brackemyre.  Anyone with specific news or sightings please contact with your information which will be shared, if the information passes Sonja’s approval.  Sydney is to be the first of several fall visitors to campus.  We will soon be seeing and hearing of the visits by Saniya Chong, Alexandria Harris, Emmonie Henderson, Mercedes Russell and Imani Wright (5'11" guard from Hooks, TX).  Fortunately there is plenty of room for each of them both for scholarships and floor position.


Gold was won on Sunday by the USA, 2012 FIBA U17 World Championship for Women of which Mercedes Russell scored 8 points, 6 rebounds 3 blocks and 2 steals. The US team knocked off Spain by a score of 75-62 with the 13 point margin being the closest final any team has come to beating the USA team.   Rebecca Greenwell contributed 13 points and 12 rebounds. Complete tournament information can be found at


We seem to be seeing more and more issues where NCAA compliance infractions are at issue.  It was recently announced that a major scandal occurred when a  __________ fan called a recruit and asked him about his status.  The player has stated that he was used to receiving reporters calls and thought the caller was just another of the same but it turned out to be a fan who was trying to encourage him to stay with his school commitment.   The player stated "I didn't think nothing of it until somebody called me, an ESPN guy, who told me the guy put it on Twitter that he talked to me on the phone."  Later the “fan” began to boast on a popular website’s message board about reaching out to recruits.  NCAA rules state that the rules have been violated by the “assisting in recruiting a prospect over the telephone, via social media or in person.”  At this point both the recruit and the University are at risk.

At the U of L women’s basketball elite camp Cardinal Couple owners and staff observed U of L coaches spending the beginning of the clinic sessions attempting to explain many of the basic rules of recruiting and outside contact to the campers and although I learned much that day, I absolutely do not profess to even have a novice level of knowledge of the NCAA regulations.  If asked specific questions concerning recruit contact  – my answer would be, “I have no idea but avoiding individual contact would appear to be the safest action.   For those of you who just need to know more:

Check out for everything you every wanted to know (and more) about NCAA and UL student athlete regulations.
Louisville softball has announced its fall schedule for the new 2012-2013 season.   Games are to be held at Ulmer Stadium on Sept 29, 30 and October 6 with seven  returning starters.

Saturday, September 29
12:00 p.m. - Louisville vs. Bellarmine
2:30 p.m. - Louisville vs. Eastern Kentucky
5:00 p.m. - Bellarmine vs. Eastern Kentucky
Sunday, September 30
2:00 p.m. - Louisville vs. Murray State
4:30 p.m. - Bellarmine vs. Murray State
Saturday, October 6
12:00 p.m.- Louisville vs. Bellarmine
2:30 p.m. - Louisville vs. Tennessee State
5:00 p.m.- Bellarmine vs. Tennessee State

What is Angel McCoughtry’s middle name?  

No cheating by searching the internet or trying to bribe Timmy with bananas for the answer.  Hint:  One source indicates the name could possibly mean “God Is Gracious”.  Send in your answers to and Paul or Jenny will issue the answer in Wednesday Cardinal Couple.

( Editor note: A quick poll of the staff chimps came up with Jerry, Empire, Schwartz, Food Cake, and Meadors as possible answers. They are all incorrect.) 


Monday’s first day of individual workouts for the UL basketball team is complete.  Coaches Walz and Williams indicated that the day was going great with improvements from many of the players who apparently are already bonded close as a team.  Tweets of several players indicated that it was great to be back in the gym and that the players “was putting in work”.  Shawnta indicated that she jogged for 20 minutes today and had no pain which is great progress as her paint play is definitely needed.      

Word is that there will be a mid-night madness for the women this year.   You will know when we know.
The UL lacrosse team joined other IWLCA Division 1 Academic Squads as a team which maintained at least a 3.0 grade point average.  The team average was enhanced by Janaye Dzikewich’s 3.96 GPA in her exercise physiology master’s degree work and Katie Oliverio’s  3.77 grade-point average in sport administration. 

Janaye                                                   Katie       
 Each were also named to the Intercollegiate Women’s Lacrosse Association’s Academic
 Honor Roll. 


( Editor note: An opinion on the Angel McCoughtry vs. Marynell Meadows saga can be found @ Paul's personal website. Click the link below.

Is Angel the Devil here?  

Finally, get soon well wishes to CARDINAL DOMINANCE  owner Shannon Ruffra, who suffered a heart attack over the weekend.  Sonja and Paul wrote for CARDINAL DOMINANCE several years ago and hope that he recovers fully and in time for the football opener against UK..


  1. Is it something like LeJune or LaJean? I remember hearing it while she was at Louisville and thinking how pretty it sounded.

    Curtis Franklin

  2. Can't believe Cardinal Couple isn't on this McCoughtry thing. A black eye for your Louisville girl.

    1. Yeah, I just came across a pretty insightful article by Mechelle Voepel on ESPN's women's basketball site. Sounds like Angel may have joined the ranks of the "either the coach goes or I do" superstars.

    2. I considered the subject and decided that no comment about Angel and former Coach Meadors of the Atlanta Dream was better than an uninformed article, insert or comment. Right or wrong I don't think UL, Angel or the Dream benefits by speculation from this site - particularly when we don’t know any facts. Others who might write opinion articles certainly have the right to do so but at this point, that is exactly what they are, opinions and you are welcome to them. I sincerely wish the best of luck to both Angel and Coach Meadors as they have and will continue to pave the pathway of success for others.
      Sandy W

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  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. I don't agree with attempting to justify behavior like that by saying that she's the team's star. It's a team game and she let her teammates down by boycotting and apparently flaunting it on Twitter.

    2. Such is the realm of professional sports...which is why I don't follow them closely. The concept is to have your team do well. The team's star is the biggest draw. They are a for profit business where concept is to get people to pay money to see wins and talent. No one cares who coaches in college.

      My guess is if you polled fans at the next Dream home game on who they came to see...Angel would receive the majority of votes. In head to head competition, she'd win going away.

      Remember, it's the pros. There are a ton of #35 McCoughtry or Angel jerseys and t-shirts out there. Not so many Coach Meadors.

    3. Could have been a spell check error....

    4. WE will normally run all responses and comments unless they are profane, obscene or irrelevant. The comment deleted referred to a different website (through a link) and was not relevant to the columnist's offerings.


  4. I am huge Angel fan, but her bad attitude really keeps people from taking her seriously. If she could get it together personally, she could impact so many people. She has done a lot for UofL and the Dream, but you cannot let a player run the show. Props to Meadors for standing up to her, even if it did get her fired. Angel is where she is today because Walz knew how to rein her in when she got out of control. The Dream giving in to Angel (if that is in fact what happened) probably just opened the door for more problems down the road. I wouldn't be surprised to see her playing for another team next season.

  5. Beyond the odd timing of Angel's entry and removal from the last Dream game there were several other substitutions throughout the game that did not reflect what appeared to be the best use of her available players. It appeared that the coach was looking for a showdown.

  6. Unofficial but very reliable campus source tells that Sydney enjoyed her visit to campus very much, watched the Saturday night volleyball game in the KFC YUM! Center and it's pretty much between Louisville and Michigan now as far as her choices go.


    1. We are also hearing that Dayton is also in the mix for Sydney's consideration. Three quality schools with good coaches.


  7. Blue nation is up two on us in rec,i hope we recover well.

    1. Only time will tell if the change of heart by Makayla Epps and Kyvin Goodin-Rogers later has a major effect on the UL women’s basketball or if it just becomes a footnote in the team’s history. Yes, their declarations provided comfort that 2 solid State of KY 2013 recruits were in hand, but without them, additional available scholarships with a lesser number of players competing for playing time has provided more opportunities for the highly sought after recruits who are visiting UL this fall. Hopefully the November signing period will be one of great joy but it will go a long way towards determining the significance of their recent choices.

      Sandy W

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Can or will Cardinal Couple comment that their coach hit Walz up for an assistant coaching job and when passed over turned Epps and Goodin-Rogers to the Cats?

    1. Balderdash! That story has about as much credibility as me pitching the seventh game of the World Series.


    2. So what are you saying, Mr. Anonymous? That the coach and UK have made some secret pact?
      You need to take this rumor stuff for a hike.

      --Joe Hill--

  10. Just saw that Angel has been suspended indefinitely by the Dream for "violating team rules." Guess that they're showing her that she's not more important than the team, after all.


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