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Monday, August 13, 2012


-Volleyball practice to be seen on CARDS TV

-USA Women's U17 team romps Australia by 45.

-Cardinal women's soccer beats Wright St. 3-1 

Another sign that Louisville Volleyball is climbing up the popularity ladder. And, another good reason to subscribe to CARDS TV.

On Tuesday, Aug 14th...the Cards volleyball practice will be broadcast on CARDS TV, beginning at 3:30 p.m. The monthly subscription is $9.99 per month and in addition to the practice, 10 games are slated for viewing as well during the volleyball season. 

Volleyball one of the many sports available for live viewing on the network. Anne Kordes will be wired for sound at the practice and Sean Moth doing commentary. 

We have to wonder...if it goes well, what's next? A practice with the women's basketball team? Batting practice with Sandy Pearsall? Offensive line drills with Charlie Strong's guys? Lots of options available. 

You can explore the world of CARDS TV at and register there. We've used it in the past to watch away women's basketball games and soccer matches and the cost is worth the live action. 


The USA Women's U17 team rolled past the Aussies 103-58 in world championship competition yesterday in Caorle, Italy. 

Diamond DeShields led the way with 27 points for USA.  Mercedes Russell added 15 and Rebecca Greenwell finished with 15 also. 

Mercedes now ranked #2 out of the top 150 in a recent poll. This from Next Level. Follow the link below

Top 150 phenoms


The UofL women's soccer team concluded their exhibition games with a 3-1 win over Wright St. yesterday at Cardinal Park. 


  1. U get a better deal if u sign up for a year $79.95. There is also a lot of free stuff over there at Cards TV.

    I wish that the BIG EAST was as comprehensive as the Big 10 with their TV network.

  2. Surprising that Epps is ranked #30.

    1. Surprising how...too low or too high?

  3. Ich mochte eine Menge das Bild mit Internet und Beziehung.


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