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Friday, July 27, 2012

Saturday Cardinal Couple -- Walz receives two year contract extension


-UofL WBB head coach Jeff Walz receives two year contract extension.

-Olympic Opening Ceremonies. What did you think?


Tom Jurich realizes the importance of good coaches. 

University of Louisville women's basketball coach Jeff Walz received an additional two years on his existing five year contract with UofL. The add-on extends his contract to coach the Lady Cards through the 2018-19
season. Financial terms weren't made available.

Details are as follows. Coach Walz is under a rollover type of contract. This type of agreement means that the five year term automatically is renewed each year. 

Jurich offered this to Coach Walz after the 2008-09 season, a season where Louisville was the national runners-up. 

Walz's new contract adds a few perks. A retention bonus for staying at least four years and an additional bonus if he fulfills the entire length of the contract. 

What it means for the University of Louisville women's basketball program is stability and security under the tutelage of one of the finest coaches in the nation.

He also stresses the academic excellence he expects out of each player who suits up for him. 

It also, hopefully, puts an end to the rumors circulated last year that other universities might be in the hunt for Walz's services.  

Walz is 119-56 in five years as the Cardinal women's basketball head coach. 

Here at CARDINAL COUPLE, we're very excited to hear this news and it strengthens the concept that we believe Coach Walz is out to make a make Louisville women's basketball a contender on the national level year-in and year-out. 

The man is tireless and relentless in his dedication and efforts to bring the best talent in high school to the University. He's got more frequent flyer miles than a lot of major corporations. His staff is stellar and, as a tribute to his teachings...two of his original assistant coaches here at Louisville are now head coaches of their own programs.


 Walz presser after DePaul win

You don't waste good. You don't let good get away. You encourage good to keep getting better and you reward good. 

Jeff Walz is good. The man wants to build a top-flight program here at Louisville. 

Tom Jurich has signified that he's "all in" when it comes to that. 

And, fantastic news. In an era where coaches jump around like transient fleas in a kennel, Jeff Walz has indicated he is staying put.

And, why shouldn't he? Look at the athletic director he gets to work for. Look at the facility his team plays in.
Look at the fan base that flocks to University of Louisville women's basketball games. 

Louisville women's basketball is good. Very good. It's poised to become great. Reaching the status of a UConn, a Tennessee, in terms of national championships is borrow the words of legendary football coach Howard Schnellenberger:

"The only variable is time."

Jeff Walz has time to build his dream. 

Charlie Strong and his coaches advise Cardinal football fans to "get on the train". We advise Louisville women's basketball fans to "get in the Yum, great things are going to come." 


Did you watch the opening Olympic ceremonies last night? WE were with a few friends and members of 80 Under 80 last night and saw portions of it. The storms that rolled through Louisville Friday evening had the Dish TV signal down for periods of time. 

What we did see was typically British odd and strange. 

Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) least...pretty funny. LINK BELOW.

Bean in the Orchestra

A parachuting Queen, though?


Tons of pre-Industrial Revolution laborers walking on a big clump of dirt? 


At least Paul McCartney didn't disappoint. If you made it that far. 

Bring on the games. And spare us the hype. 


The USA women's basketball team was having more trouble than expected with the Croatian squad in the first game of pool play. Croats up by three? Surely you jest! 

Geno finally used his noggin and sat the UConn starters. Enter (guess who?) #35. 

The talented Ms. McCoughtry scored 13 points, had three steals and two blocks (at least) in a reserve role as the USA team pulled away under her guidance and won 81-56.

Yeah, I know. Basketball is a team game. No one player does it all on their own. McCoughtry's spark, enthusiasm and play...along with the other subs who entered the game with her...quellled and quieted the inspired Croats, though and USA is now 1-0 in pool play. 

WE like Augustus, Big Syl, Angel, Harding and Maya Moore on the court together, Geno. They just may have saved your bacon today, pal. 

Angel. Yeah, she's a Cardinal. Any other questions? 

USA, USA, (not UConn) USA! 


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  2. Congratulations to Jeff Walz. Get in the Yum, Cardinal fans. Great things are about to come.

    Curtis Franklin

  3. Just because your Coach Walz received a contract extension doesn't mean he'll stay the whole time and honor it. I see Walz at Tennessee or another SEC school in a couple of years.

    Little Boot

    1. We're getting more and more fond of Bellarmine Athletics. If Walz leaves, we hope it's to take the Knights WBB job.

      Little Boot, nothing in life is 100% guaranteed except taxes and death, but we'll go out on a limb here and predict that when 2018-19 rolls'll still see Jeff Walz on the UofL WBB bench when the season starts. Wearing a national championship ring.


    2. Pipe down, Little Boot.

      Why would Walz want to go to an inferior women's basketball conference?

      It's all here in Louisville. Possibility City.

      Spanky Ham


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