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Friday, July 6, 2012

Kentucky High School Hoops: Kentucky's 2012 Class (Girls) Where Are They Going...


-Donny has been busy.

-Reader submitted article: Casey Smith

-We read (and sometimes post) your mail

We lead Friday CARDINAL COUPLE off with a great story from Donny Yaste on his blog Kentucky High School Hoops. 

The Donald
We've had the pleasure of knowing young Mr. Yaste for several years now and we're quite impressed with his knowledge on all things Cardinal sports related. He's taken a step further and now has a site devoted to Kentucky high school basketball. 

Donny after announcing he, Shannon Ruffra, Josh Tinch
and the guy on the right were going to see if they could
replace Steve Kragthorpe's defensive line in 2009. 
We still have Donny listed on the CARDINAL COUPLE staff as an administrator. He's had to administer us back into our website a couple of times when we got locked out during the infamous hacker attack of January 2012. He's also written some great pieces for us, CARD GAME, CARDINAL DOMINANCE and THE LOUISVILLE CARDINAL student newspaper. 

Donny is on track to get an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Louisville. That means he'll have expert knowledge on how to insert plugs into electrical outlets, change light bulbs and how to turn breaker switches on and off. 

Many people get Donny and Monkees bass guitarist Peter
Tork confused. Donny actually plays the bass better than
Peter but declined an offer to star in a planned
remake of The Monkees sitcom. 
We invite you to check out the link below where Donny lists where the Kentucky high school girl basketball players are headed to college.

And, check his site out regularly for great information on both boys and girls high school hoops in Kentucky. We appreciate and heartily approve of him giving coverage to both sexes. We wish more sites would. 

Kentucky High School Hoops 

We're sure you'll make his site a daily routine to stop at on your internet travels. He's on Twitter, too. Link below. 

Kentucky High School Hoops: Kentucky's 2012 Class (Girls) Where Are They Going...: I've put together a list where many of the top 2012 players from Kentucky will be playing next year. There are some that I couldn't find a d...


Since it is "reader submitted articles" Friday here at CARDINAL COUPLE...we wanted to share this article sent to us and written by 11 yr. old Casey Smith. Casey likes UofL women's basketball, volleyball and softball. She hopes to play for UofL someday and hopes to try out for her middle school team this fall.
She has never been to a UofL sporting event (distance issues) but hopes to see the Cardinal women in action this fall.

My Favorite UofL women's athletes
by Casey Smith

My name is Casey Smith and I am a fan of Louisville women's sports. I started watching Louisville women's sports back when Angel McCoughtry played for the basketball team and I have been a fan ever since. I have never been to a UofL women's game before but I have seen the basketball, volleyball and softball teams play on television. I love them all! I would also like to see the women's soccer, field hockey and other teams play someday and hope that they will be on television. I live too far away from Louisville to come to a game but my Dad told me that we might be able to come to Louisville one weekend this fall and go watch a basketball or volleyball game. I hope so! 

I like all of the players that play on the Louisville women's sports teams but I do have some favorites. 
Shoni and Monique are my favorite basketball players. Shoni can do anything on the basketball court! I bet she's going to be in the WNBA someday. Monique Reid can score anytime she wants to when she gets the ball under the basket. I missed not seeing her play last year and I hope she has recovered from her injury and does well again this year. 

In volleyball, I like Lola because she can spike the ball very well and she is always excited and fired up on the volleyball court. I also like Emily because she is another player that gets points and plays well. 

I have learned a lot about Louisville women's sports from the internet and all my friends know I am a big UofL fan. 
I would like to play for UofL someday in basketball or volleyball. I like reading Cardinal Couple and other Louisville sports sites and I hope you will use my article on one of your Fridays. Go CARDS! 

Casey Smith

( Our pleasure to run your article Casey and
keep cheering for those CARDS. If you get to Louisville for a game, be sure to let us know and we'll try to get you seats next to some great UofL fans we know!) 


Finally, this rather interesting e-mail ( author's name and location withheld by request). 

Many people in the Louisville area that are University of Louisville fans are upset that West Virginia was chosen for the BIG 12 instead of Louisville. I am a WVU lifelong fan that AGREES with you. I wish you would have gotten the slot and we were staying in the BIG EAST or going to the ACC. It was easy for me and my family to travel to away games against schools like Pittsburgh, Georgetown, Louisville and Cincinnati. Now, travel to away games is going to be much harder and more expensive. We have no tradition or rivalry built up with schools in the BIG 12 and I have no interest in travelling to places like Lawrence, Waco, Stillwater or Lubbock. If we were in the ACC, road games to Virginia, Virginia Tech, Maryland, Duke, NC, NC State and such would be a lot shorter and more fun. 

A lot of people criticize our fan base as being rude, unfriendly and "hillbillies". As a WVU fan since the early seventies, I can tell you that we do have our share of "rowdies" but I have found that most of the schools I have traveled to for away games have their share of them, too. I'll miss trips to Louisville. 

Your football fans are knowledgeable, passionate about their team and we found some great people to tailgate with over the years. What Louisville has done with women's basketball over the years is amazing, too. We've been to Freedom Hall and the KFC YUM! Center to watch women's basketball and consider your fan base among the best in the nation. The legendary coaches you've had. Crum, Pitino, Schnellenberger, Corso. All great men who are respected and admired world-wide. Louisville is known for great basketball. West Virginia? Jury's still out on that one.

You have your share of "rowdies" too. Maybe we can both agree that we're not as bad as the Memphis or East Carolina fans?

I like your CARDINAL COUPLE site. You cover women's sports very well and you aren't afraid to poke fun at yourself or tease about other programs. I wish we had something like it covering West Virginia women's sports. You wouldn't consider moving to Morgantown, would you?

So,  farewell to the BIG EAST. I'll still read your site. I hope you beat Pittsburgh one last time before they take off to the ACC. It should be us going there, instead, if you look at it geographically and logically. Who knows anymore about all this conference re-alignment. Maybe you'll come and join us in the BIG 12 down the road. Those Louisville road trips are road trips I'd love to take again. 

( Not much chance in us moving to Morgantown but thanks for the nice words and Good Luck in the BIG 12. Maybe we'll get there someday...)



  1. Casey Smith and her Dad are welcome to sit with my husband and I at any UofL sporting event! If they decide to come to Louisville, please e-mail me and let me know, Paul.


  2. Sorry, but there are no worse football fans than WVU fans. Coming over here and trying to cuddle up to the readers here isn't going to get you anywhere, Mountaineer. Good bye and good riddance.

    Curtis Franklin

  3. Nice write up by Donny. I hope all my friends in the Ville are coping OK with the weather. As Jimmy Buffett would say:

    "Waiter, I need two more boat drinks!"

    --Joe Hill--

  4. Glad to see the Roush sisters are staying in-state at NKU. They are good, good, good! Go Mercy!

    1. NKU is an up and coming program. They are near two large metro areas and we suspect they'll be a NCAA Tournament participant down the road.



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