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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday Cardinal Couple -- Weekend laundry odds and ends from Sandy


- Sandy does a weekend load of laundry

(Our thanks to CARDINAL COUPLE writer/columnist Sandy Walker for contributing today's article.)


Owensboro Catholic Senior Guard Rebecca Greenwell is reported by ESPN Hoopgurlz to have narrowed her college choices to either Duke or Notre Dame.   The news is not unexpected and it has been believed that Notre Dame has been her top choice for awhile.  A more detailed report can be read in the link below.

This absolutely opens the way for another senior shooting guard, Saniya Chong, who I reported on last week having indicated Louisville as one of her final four college choices. 

Picture by ( Peter Carr / The    Journal News )

This morning I found a person posting to a blog who was indicating that with the loss of Greenwell as a recruit that the Vols new coach, Holly Warlick, now had 2 strikes and with the failure to sign another of the prominent recruits she is seeking would receive strike 3. 
I bleed red and definitely am not a Tennessee fan but that does not create a need for me agree with or to urge others to commit to similar thinking as I am comfortable that Louisville is going to do a great job recruiting no matter the outcome of Tennessee’s and Holly’s efforts. 
Fortunately this person’s mind-set does not represent all TN fans, or any of Louisville’s, but somebody needs to get real.   The lady has not even had the job title for a month and has just recently completed the hiring of her staff.  If this is the environment created by “fans” of the Lady Vols  ---  their opponents just have to sit back and wait as the “house” that Pat built continues to be dismantled.  The toxic atmosphere surrounding the job of head coach will soon just turn into a revolving door where no one can live up to the fans expectations.

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  1. Always tough to follow a legend. Warlick had a lot of on-the-job training, though. Vols will still be relevant in the SEC WBB.


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