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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Cardinal Couple -- Get out the pencils


-We offer a quiz on Louisville WBB

-Circle Unbroken wins Bashford Manor Stakes 

-Lady Cards to Mexico?

OK, readers...finish your coffee and put your books beneath your desk...we offer a short quiz on Cardinal womens basketball for you today. Best of luck and no googling your answers. 

1. Who of the following people below WAS NOT an assistant coach for UofL WBB? 

a) Loretta Hummeldorf
b) Bethann Ord
c) Sheckey Greene
d) Dallas Boychuk
e) Nikki Collen

2. This UofL Head Coach had a 88-37 record at UofL 

a) Tom Collen
b) Bud Childers
c) John Dromo
d) Terry Hall
e) Jeff Walz

3. Which of the people listed below was the Most Improved Louisville WBB player in 2010?

a) Yuliya Tokova
b) Monique Reid
c) Nancy Drew
d) Molly Malone
e) Katie Petrino

4. Which person below is a current Lady Card, hails from Columbus, OH and loves ham and pineapple pizza? 

a) Devin Hester
b) Megan Deines
c) Asia Taylor
d) Sherrone Vails
e) Lori Petty

5. Louisville women's basketball is undefeated against
four of the schools listed below. Which one below has Lousiville never defeated?

a) Texas-Arlington
b) Troy State
c) Wolford
d) SMU
e) Saint Francis

6. Jeff Walz is the current UofL head women's basketball coach. Name his hometown.

a) Leipzig
b) Jeffersonville
c) Ft. Thomas
d) Ft. Campbell
e) Thunder Gulch

7. Which of the following people below are members of the 1,000 point club at UofL? 

a) Stephanie Edwards 
b) Valeriya Musina
c) Courtney Love
d) Rachel Story
e) Haley Jurich

8. This mascot greets the players during the pre-game introduction. The name of the mascot is: 

a) Indestructo the Robot
b) Lawrence the Sailor
c) Deputy Dawg
d) Louie the Cardinal Bird
e) Dancing Dean the Dwarf

9. Louisville women's basketball was in this conference until the 1995-96 season.

a) Metro Conference
b) Atlantic Coast Conference
c) Ohio Valley Conference
d) Great Eight Conference
e) Big East Conference

10. Four of the players below come from the state of Kentucky. Which one doesn't? 

a) Monique Reid
b) Shelby Harper
c) Nita Slaughter
d) Tia Gibbs
e) Shawnta Dyer

WE hope you enjoyed this little quiz (answers at the end of today's column.) 


Circle Unbroken is undefeated in two lifetime starts
We may have got a look at one of the top contenders for the 2013 Kentucky Derby last night when Circle Unbroken bested a field of eight in the Bashford Manor stakes race for two year olds. 

WE celebrated Bread Boy's birthday last night. It took
four women to hold him up for this picture, including his
lovely wife Tina. Who took this picture? 
He followed the pacesetters out of the starting gate and rider Jon Court kept him out of trouble until the stretch. Court saw the chance to pass race leader Special Jo and took a hard fought lead with less than a furlong to go. Court was able to keep him to task and held off late charging Positively with Calvin Borel on board to win by a length. 

At 2-1 odds and the favorite in the race, Circle Un broken paid $6.80 to win. 

Our buddy, Turf Club host and ex-jockey Charlie Woods
looks good in his white suit and excellent accessory to his right! 
Circle Unbroken was named for trainer Garry Simms' close knit group of friends who have been supportive during his two year battle with Multiple Myeloma...which is a cancer that starts in the blood cells of bone marrow. 

Simms battles on. He talks about Circle Unbroken: 

"It's the second most I've ever paid for a horse. The horse was sold at Keeneland's Yearling Sale in September for $92,000. I just loved the horse. I usually look for bargains, but there was just something about Circle. He's almost a perfect specimen. He had the perfect eye, attitude, walk...he had everything in a horse. I was going to get him and I probably would have paid more than I ended up doing." 

Archie and Tina's friends from St. Louis. Aren't they two
pretty ladies? (See, girls...I told you I'd put you in
today column!) 
The Bashford Manor, you might like to know, is not named after the shopping mall that was on Bardstown Road until 2003. There was a huge thoroughbred breeding and racing farm on the property where the mall now sits back in the late 1800's and stood until 1973...when it's was purchased by developers for the mall that sits there today. Five Kentucky Derby winners came from the farm and two Kentucky Oaks winners. The barns were right about where Target sits now on the property. 

It was a fun evening on the Saturday night "white out" Downs after Dark. Sonja, Tommy Boy and I successfully handicapped the early "Pick 4" which returned $666 on a two dollar ticket.  

Dash, Louie and Taylor
We were pleasantly surprised when midway through the evening our friends "Dash Rip-Rock" and "Taylor Swift" showed up. He was in from Miami visiting his fiancee "Taylor" who just completed her first year at the UofL School of Dentistry. Dash loves to handicap with Tommy Boy and I and we were successful in hitting a couple of nice exactas as the evening went on. By then, we had left the Turf Club and Bread Boy's birthday celebration...returning to Champions on the second floor clubhouse level. It was nice and cool in there and we spent the rest of the night in air-conditioned comfort. 

SELINA was our bartender in Champions. She could be
Bria Smith's sister..they look so much alike!  Pretty lady! 
I still don't quite understand why Tommy Boy was riding up and down the elevator with a bottle of bitters, maybe some things are best left unexplained. 

Churchill concludes the Spring Meet with a 6:30 post time tonight. If you go, keep an eye out for Turallure in the Firecracker Handicap. This horse loves Churchill and should hit the wire ahead of the rest. 

Our favorite jockey Brian J.Hernandez, Jr. was not at Churchill yesterday. He was riding at Prairie Meadows in Iowa and won the Prairie Meadows Cornhusker Handicap on Fort Larned and came in second in the Iowa Oaks on Ice Cream Silence. Good job BJH!  


UofL WBB headed to a tourney in Puerto Vallenta? This bracket draw says so...Cards start with UCF, then are assured at least two more games...maybe a rematch against Gonzaga. 

More on this later...


OK, here are your answers to the quiz: 

1. (c) Sheckey Greene is a comedian and also the name of a racehorse. Neither coached at UofL.
2. (a) Tom Collen coached at Louisville and complied the record before taking the Arkansas job.
3. (b) Monique Reid was the most improved that year and is a senior on the 2012-13 squad. 
4. (c) Asia Taylor is from Columbus and loves ham and pineapple pizza. ( Agree with her 100% on that...)
5. (d) Louisville is 0-1 against SMU, losing to them back in 1996.
6. (c) Jeff Walz is from Ft. Thomas, KY. Did you know
he played basketball at Northern Kentucky University?
7. (a) Stephanie Edwards scored 1034 points at UofL from 1980 through 1985.
8. (d) Louie the Cardinal Bird is the official UofL mascot and greets the starters. 
9. (a) The Cards were in the Metro Conference before joining Conference USA.
10. (e) Shawnta Dyer is from Marion, OH. Did you know she has a twin brother that plays basketball too? 

So, how did you do? 

9-10 correct. You know your women's hoops! Call Tom Jurich and tell him you'd like a job at UofL.
7-8 correct. Not bad, not bad. You've followed the WBB team a bit, haven't you? 
5-6 correct. You need to read Cardinal Couple daily. You'll do better next time if you do.
3-4 correct. Bill the Goat got more than four correct. Please go stand in the dunce's corner and put the hat on.
1-2 correct. Women's sports just isn't your thing, is it? Go back to your football magazines. 
0 correct. Sing us the words to the UK fight song, lurker...

Have a great Sunday...readers and we'll see you next time!

-- Paul Sykes


  1. seven out of ten, paulie. tough quiz today.

    Joe Hill

  2. We need to bring Lawrence the Sailor back to the sidelines

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