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Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Cardinal Couple -- Watson's farewell


-USA Womens Olympic Basketball cruises by 52.

-The final Watson column (for awhile)

-Chicken Sandwiches: To eat or not to eat. 

Angel with 10 points and three steals as USA rolls past Angola 90-38. After a slow first quarter and only a 22-12 lead, Angel and company kicked it in gear and took  a 41-18 lead at the half. 69-29 after three and a balanced scoring attack for Geno's ballers.

Three-point shooting still needs work, but an easy-as-expected romp to go to 2-0 in pool play.

Undefeated Turkey next on Wednesday. 


(David Watson is a special columnist for CARDINAL COUPLE. He'll be taking leave of us for he explains in today's column.)

All good things come to an end. 

I've had a great time writing for CARDINAL COUPLE over the last couple of years, but other things are, this will be the last chance you have to shake your head and wonder what this boy is thinking for awhile. 

My oldest daughter Abby is enrolling in college this fall. Actually, she's already on campus and taking summer classes -- so she's already technically a freshman. 

One down, two to go. 

She fortunate enough to be attending on a couple of partial scholarships -- one for academics and one for field hockey. From what side of the family she got these special talents from to earn these honors is still up to debate -- but we're all proud of her. 

Since it isn't UofL where she's matriculating, I have decided to follow the university where she's attending.

Might even start a website/blog about the trials and tribulations of her athletic and academic pursuits through the eyes of her father. Her mother and I plan on being active parents in any way we can toward the college and have already met several of the field hockey mom and dads. 

If I do start a site, I'll insist Paul put me on the "Sites We Recommend" on the left side of the site. After all, the tremendous growth CARDINAL COUPLE has experienced was certainly spurred by my ground-breaking and thought-provoking articles, right? 

I'll leave with a couple of parting comments. 

First, I'll still be following the pursuits of the University of Louisville sports teams. Louisville looks to be very strong in quite a few different sports this upcoming season and I expect nothing less than conference titles from them in football, both basketball teams, volleyball and softball. 

Tom Jurich has done a great job with facility building, coaching hires and creating excitement for the fans  University of Louisville athletics. The University of Louisville seems committed to raising the academic bar as well. I truly hope that the recruits continue to be top-flight for the sports teams at UofL.

I can't help but wish my daughter had been talented enough to receive a scholarship offer from Louisville...but that's the way it goes and she's happy where she is. 

Finally, I want to thank Paul and Sonja for letting me be a part of the CARDINAL COUPLE world. I know there have been times when readers have disagreed with me and taken a different viewpoint. The way I see it is that if everyone share the same viewpoint, it would be a pretty boring world. Several people can look at the same event and have a different viewpoint on it. I've tried to express my views with you, the CARDINAL COUPLE readers, and I appreciate the chance to do so. 

Not to worry, you've still got quite a few excellent writers here at CARDINAL COUPLE to keep you informed on the joy and excitement that is UofL women's sports. I've enjoyed reading articles by Jenny, Sandy, Mark and the co-owners of the site -- Paul and Sonja. I never got to meet the first three mentioned above, but feel like I know them from their writings. 

Paul has encouraged me to pop in from time-to-time with a column and I've promised him I'll try, so maybe this isn't a final farewell, but a "till we meet again" goodbye. 

Anyway -- it's been fun and I'll be reading, so keep the bar high in your coverage, comments and details of one of the best sports programs in college athletics.

-- David.

(We wish David all the best and thank him for his coverage these past couple of years! We know he and Cheryl will be great college parents.)


The Chick-Fil-A drama is heating up on the UofL campus and we've received several e-mails about it so we'll take a little time today to discuss it. 

We'll go on record by saying that we like the tasty Chick-Fil-A sandwich and UofL was supplying these to the media earlier this year during the softball tournament. I suppose they were donated by the restuarant or maybe purchased...we're not sure, but they seemed to disappear pretty quickly.

I remember eating mine next to Courier-Journal sports writer C.L. Brown a few innings before Louisville won the game against Valparaiso in dramatic fashion when Alicja Wolny cleared the right-field fence with a base clearer. If I knew she was going to provide such a dramatic ending to the game, I might have asked for two sandwiches and saved one for her.
I don't know if this would have been considered an NCAA violation or whether she likes chicken sandwiches or not. I might have even eaten both sandwiches. I'll ask her at the start of softball season.

The recent statements by the owner of Chick-Fil-A have drawn considerable scrutiny because of the content. Seems he's in favor of traditional marriage and some other situations that have angered the gay and lesbian community. Thus, a boycott has been called and UofL's president James Ramsey and other UofL administration personnel have stated that they'll no longer eat at the campus location. 

I'm trying to cut down on fast food, too. It's worked, I'm now at 192 lbs. and two summers ago I tipped the scales at 240. 

I don't attribute all the weight loss to cutting back on fast food. But, I've stopped drinking soft drinks also. Switched to a low carb, light beer. Started walking more. Ride my bicycle 3-4 times a week. I can tell you my knees feel a whole lot better without the extra 48 pounds.

I still crave fast food, I just don't indulge in it as much. I'm guessing Teena Murray, Director of Sports Performance at UofL would be proud. I've never talked at length with her, but we did an article on her awhile back and I know she tries to get the players to eat healthy. 

I do like the Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich, though, so the moral dilemma begins. Do I join the UofL boycott of the restaurant or give in to my taste buds and still occasionally treat myself to one of their sandwiches? 

I may still get a sandwich occasionally but I will try not to be happy about it. Until that first bite. Then again, I've heard Zaxby's and Wendy's have a pretty good chicken sandwich also. I may have to investigate.

Maybe one of our sponsors, Panera Bread, will invite me over to sample their chicken offerings. I'm about out of cinnamon raisin bread, so that would work...

We live in a country that gives us religious and social freedoms. We live in a country that protects us from oppression. We live in a country that allows entrepreneurial opportunities. We also live in a country where the media can make a big deal over chicken franchises. 

Somewhere, Col. Sanders is rolling over in his grave, clutching his secret spices recipe tightly. 


USA Womens Olympic basketball tonight against Angola. Go, Angel go! 5:15 EDT time. MSNBC with the live action. Rachel Maddow and Larry the Cable guy with the play-by-play. (Just kidding.) 

We're pretty sure Angel will see some significant minutes. Unless she and LeBron James have decided to enlist in the French Foreign Legion. 




  1. David, I have never met you but I wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed your writing. Up until last year I knew absolutely nothing about field hockey. But a friend's daughter plays for Manual and I went to a couple of their tournament games last season. Now I'm a fan of the sport and plan to attend some regular season games this year. Which university will your daughter be attending?

  2. Thank you, Mike. I was a novice to field hockey also until Abby took it up in middle school.
    Abby is at Bucknell. She got several letters of interest from other schools, including Loyola-Maryland and Ball State but the academics and campus there appealed to her more than the others.

    Field hockey is a fascinating sport to watch and I never thought that I'd grow to like it to the extent that I have. I've never been much of a regular hockey fan and went into it with some pre-determined thoughts and ideas. I was wrong.


  3. Zaxby's has great chicken. Make the switch, Paul

    Blue Lou

  4. Best of luck, David. You'll be missed!

    --Joe Hill

  5. I personally don't care who owns Chick-Fil-A or what his religious convictions are.

    I'm a Popeye's man. Can't beat that chicken.

    Curtis Franklin

  6. I'll give them credit. Those cow billboards are pretty creative but if they're gay and lesbian bashing then they won't get my business.

  7. David
    Your daughter is plenty talented enough just the way she is. You both will secretly bleed red, white and black forever. Great luck and career in the future - there is nothing that will ever replace being part of a high school or college team - it will positively impact your daughter forever, no matter what school she attends.

    I will miss all the trouble you stir up so whenever life gets a bit dull for you - you are sure to be welcomed by Paul and Sonja to toss in an article which will match the chaos caused by any swat teams best smoke and noise canister.

    Sandy W

    1. Sandy,
      Thanks for the nice words. Paul and Sonja have extended a "open door" policy to me for articles down the road -- so, I'll probably appear on these pages again down the road. I'll still be checking out the site every day -- so I expect you, Jenny, the Commish and the Couple will continue to keep the bar high and keep UofL women's sports fans "in the know".

      The importance of a site like this cannot be fully described in words and I'll always consider myself "one of the gang".

      I'll think of you every time I throw a load in the Maytag.

      David Watson


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