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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Volleyball eliminated from NCAA Tournament...WBB: Cards vs. Cats today



3:05 p.m. It is done. Cats 74 - Louisville 54. Much more later tonight...included quotes and perspectives. An old-fashioned, take you back to the barn whipping. Whew... 

3:01 p.m. Schimmel makes it 70-50 with a twisting, driving layup. 2:27 left.

2:53 p.m. Reid down after bumping her head on the floor. Up own her own. It's 64-46. Mercifully, only 4:01 to go.

2:42 p.m.  Media timeout. 7:58 left. Maybe premature...but...stick a fork in the Cards...they're done.  

2:40 p.m. Back to back Cat threes harmful here... it's 62-42 UK. 

2:33 p.m. 56-40 UK. Cards had it down to thirteen before another A'dia Mathies three. 11:20 to go..and if Louiville is going to get hot, now is the time. Sonja says...."Hustle, Cards!".

2:22 p.m. 50-32 UK. Cards briefly rallied to cut it to 14 but UK rallied right
back. First Schimmel/Schimmel court apperance at the 16:00 mark.


Louisville with 15 first half turnovers...Cards scored first and led 6-2 but it went south (or east, I guess...) after that. UK is...well..just whipping Louisville with quickness, accuracy and outside shooting.

Becky Burke with seven to lead Louisville. After her three that made it 10-9 UK, the Cats went on a 15-1 run to lead 25-10 with 7:25 left in the first half. Cards need to focus, rebound. Louisville getting out-rebounded 17-15.

Cards shooting 33.3% from the field and UK 51.7%. Cats six of nine from three-point range...Louisville 2-10. Adia Mathies 10 points for UK.

Ugh. Let's hope for better in the final twenty. The last 15 minutes of the first half were rough to watch.

1:48 p.m. It's now 35-23 after a Becky Burke 3. Cards still getting outrun and hustled by UK. A'dia Mathies on fire for UK.

1:37 p.m. Cats on a 12-1 run and lead 22-10. Cards shooting poorly and in a hurry. Walz not handing out any roses or cookies during the media timeout.

1:25 p.m. 17-9 Cats 11:36 to go. UK running and gunning better than Louisville.

1:14 p.m. 6-5 Cards. Amber Smith at the line after a particularly hard Hammond foul. Cards controlling the boards. Media timeout, Mo in the game for the first time with 15:56 left.

12:54 p.m. Pep band for UK blaring, no Cardinal pep band, LadyBirds or cheerleaders. Cats in locker room, Cards still on is Walz's custom. Six minutes to go. We're guessing 700 UofL fans here...

12:42 p.m. At courtside under the basket near UofL bench. Place is about 3/4th full already....18 minutes to tip. Cats warming up in front of us. Cards bench right next to us.

Good contingent up in the rafters from UofL and loud when the Cards entered the court. UK pep band to our right. Howie Lindsey sitting next to me...Sonja to my right. As we predicted, Gary Gupton doing TV play-by-play. Bring it!

12:07 p.m.  We're in the media room at Memorial Coliseum. Pretty "blue" in here. Did talk briefly with Matt Andrews, UofL play-by-announcer. Sonja is at the food table, Howie Lindsey just walked in and it's 52 minues until tip-off. Like I said, a lot of Blue up in here.

-Volleyball falls 3-1 to Boilermakers

-Cards vs. Cats today in Lexington

-Men's soccer loses in double-overtime to UCLA

For awhile, it looked like the University of Louisville Volleyball team was going to give Purdue a run for their money in the second round of the NCAA Volleyball Championships.
After getting handled convincingly 25-14 in the first set, the Cards rallied and behind Brooke Mattingly and Tanya Lukyanenko and were up 23-20 in the second game. They had the Boliermakers at set point several times, then saw Purdue at set point before finally getting
two kills from Lola Arslanbekova and one from Lukyanenko to tie the match at 1-1...winning 28-26.

Then, the air went out of the ball for Anne Kordes' team.

The Boilermakers had Lola
bottled up Saturday
Purdue looked strong in smashing the Cards after the break...pulling away 12-3 in the third game and winning 25-11. More of the same in the fourth game...the Boilermakers scooting out to a 12-4 advantage and taking the set 25-16.

Shutting down Arslanbekova was the key and Purdue did it well, limiting her to 10 kills for the match. When they weren't stopping her, Lola was her own worst enemy...with numerous attempted kills that were too strong and too long.

Credit Caitlin Welch and Taylor Brauneis for some spectacular saves and digs...but you eventually reach a level of competition that is better than you...unless you win the title...and the Cards ran into that yesterday.

A capacity crowd, mostly Purdue students, made a racket of noise throughout the entire match. We're not big fans of game attendees being able to practically stand on the court and yell directly into the server's ear...but that is the configuration in Purdue's gymnasium. Not that it was the game-changer. The Cards missed enough kills and had enough unforced errors to do themselves in quite easily.

Anne Kordes (right) will do great things, we predict,
in the future as UofL Volleyball coach. Even if
she won't grant us an interview. CARDINAL COUPLE
mojo was there for her...maybe down the road.
Still,  a very good season for Anne Kordes' shorthanded roster. The Volley Cards lose just two seniors from the roster...Maci Wacthel and Gosa Lech...and neither played very much. We're unsure on Gwen Rucker's status for next season...she missed most of the year with a hamstring injury and it's not clear to us whether she'll get an additional season or not.
Anne Kordes has been recruiting well and is bring in at least three top players in the nation as freshmen next season.

So, at 24-9...the volleyball season ends at UofL. A lot to look forward to next year, though and a very good rookie season for Coach Kordes, who battled at times because of a short roster, and did great things. WE could harp upon the fact that she never did return e-mails about doing an interview with CARDINAL COUPLE, even after Paul gave her a card and contact information...but WE'RE sure she had a lot more important things to do than to talk to the fan voice for UofL women's sports. We'll give you a mulligan, Anne. Never underestimate the powerful mojo that you receive when you talk to CARDINAL COUPLE...though.  OK, let's move on...

Props to Al Greener, members of the UofL Pep Band and Cardinal Cheerleaders for making the trip to West Lafayette. You got air time on the BIG TEN Network. Greener plays a mean trombone.  


As we write this, it is six hours away from the UofL vs. UK women's basketball game.  It's a sold out contest, around 9000 will pack into cozy Memorial Coliseum...and thousands more watching on Fox Sports South...or listening via  or 790 WKRD.  At stake - bragging rights in the state for a year.

We wonder if Matt still hates
everything about Louisville...
Louisville is 7-1. Kentucky is 7-0. The Cards are ranked 10th. and UK is at 12th. Both teams come into the game after lopsided wins from last week.

Will Jeff Walz be walking
on air after today's game?
For Louisville, Monique Reid leads the scoring efforts with 17 points and game. She's joined in double figures by Shoni Schimmel (13.2 ppg), Becky Burke (12.5) and Bria Smith (11.0). Cierra Warren is the leading rebounder at 6.3 grabs a game.

The Cards have faced two top 25 opponents this year, defeating Florida State in Tallahassee and losing to Texas A&M in College Station. 

UK is led by A'dia Mathies' 15.4 points a contest. Other double figure scorers for the Cats are Bria Goss (10.9), Keyla Snowden (10.7) and Kastine Evans (10.7). Sam Drake is the top missed shot grabber with 8.6 an event.


Better dancer...Mitchell does a mean "Dougie". We've never seen Walz dance. UK

Better vertical....See Walz picture above. Mitchell looks like he could shed a few lbs. UofL

Head coaching experience...Mitchell seven years...Walz five. UK

Better haircut...Walz keeps his "high and tight". We're not sure what's going on with Mitchell's hair styleUofL

NCAA Tournament Success...Walz has a title game history and two other appearances. Mitchell with two visits to the BIG DANCE.  UofL 

Perspiration...Mitchell is usually soaked after a game. Walz doesn't appear to sweat. UofL

Coaching tree...Mitchell worked for Pat Summitt and Mickie DeMoss. Walz for Paul Sanderford and Brenda Frese. UK

Guy we'd rather hear sing...Mitchell doesn't stutter, Walz does...but he can joke about it. Maybe he'd do a good version of 'My Sharona' .UK

Offspring...Both coaches have two kids. Walz's are cuter.  UofL

Coach most likely to get a technical...Walz can go ballistic at times. Mitchell mostly whinesUofL

CARDINAL COUPLE will try to provide pre-game and live reports from Memorial Coliseum today. Not sure how the UK wireless network is...and we've had trouble before trying to update in the past at Eastern and Xavier...but we'll give it a shot. WE will provide a full report and summation tonight. Check in for updates and WE'LL try to be there for you...

May the best team win.


Tough loss last night in Cardinal Park, with the UofL men's soccer team going down in double-overtime to UCLA 1-0 in front of a large and rowdy crowd of almost 5,000. WE were able to watch a lot of it on CARDS TV...bouncing back and forth from Volleyball on the BIG TEN network to the soccer match. Cards gave it their best shot...and we like listening to Sean Moth call the game. More like a documentary than a play by play description...which we like. We're guessing we saw 20 Fed Ex semis roll down I-65 because of the camera angle.

Charlie Springer, over at UofL Card Game has a couple of nice action pics of the fans and players and a recap.

Person who might enjoy a few days off: Louisville assistant S.I.D Kim Pemberton. After last night's soccer match, which is one of the sports she handles...she's got basketball today in Lexington. Wouldn't blame her at all for sleeping in on Monday. She gets a break...Lady Cards don't play again after today until Saturday.

Can't say enough about the job she does, especially at UofL women's basketball games...where we see her the most. Any question we have, she'll get the answer. Any request we bring, she does her best to fufill it. Salute!


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