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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Louisville romps Portland 71-42


-LADY CARDS roll past Portland University 71-42 this afternoon in front of an announced crowd of 3211...the highest attendance to ever see a Lady Pilots home game.

Louisville used a 32-6 run over the final fifteen minutes in the first half to overcome a 10-8 deficit and lead 40-16 at the end of the first half. They would start the second half with threes from Becky Burke and Shoni Schimmel to propel them to  a 57-24 advantage after another Shoni three with 14:55 remaining in the game.

Becky Burke had 17 points for the Lady Cards. Shoni and Shawnta Dyer had double figures also for Louisville. The Lady Cards shot 52% in the first half and held Portland to 22% shooting.

All eleven Lady Cards that dressed for the game played. Monique Reid was on the bench in street clothes.


Asia Taylor, Becky Burke, Shoni Schimmel, Sherrone Vails, Bria Smith. They also started the second half.

Due to a prior Saturday night engagement commitment, that's about all we have time to report this evening.

We'll have much more for you in the Sunday edition of CARDINAL sure to check back!


  1. Jude gets my vote as most improved since this season's exhibition game. Opinions?
    I am pleasantly surprised by the unexpected rate of progress and can't wait for her to finish getting her Freshmen sea legs.

    Sandy W

  2. Reid was on crutches; could stand on both feet without them but not walk.
    I could write a lengthy essay about why I share Dr. Watson's unease over the team, but space does not permit.
    A nice homecoming game for the Schimmels, nonetheless, with a Native drumming and chanting ceremony on the court afterward, and a mob scene on the court and outside the visitor's locker room.
    --PDX Phil

  3. I should clarify the phrase "mob scene." There was no disorderly conduct whatsoever. Just a lot of people packed into a small place who wanted autographs and pictures of #23 and #22.
    -PDX Phil

  4. Pdx, my Internet connection was spotty at best. What I could gather we played a good first half, and an abysmal second half, correct?
    17 turnovers and we were never pressed? Is that accurate?

  5. Other than some quick 3's to start the second half, the second half was sloppy, though I have to say that Walz used some unusual combinations in the second half, including Schimmel, Schimmel, Smith, Burke, and one big. Box score shows 23 turnovers. Portland did not press.
    One highlight of the second half was when a Portland shot got wedged between the rim and the backboard. How about a poll for people to guess who jumped up to knock it loose?
    --PDX Phil

  6. Let's look at this for what it was today. The Cards had a cupcake in the Schimmel's backyard. A feel good win, much needed for Louisville after a sub-standard performance against UC. Walz did the right thing and gave the freshmen lots of minutes, the Schimmels plenty of playing time together and kept it interesting.

    Can't wait to see how he developes Sara Hammond. So much potential, still so raw and undeveloped. If he doesn't have her working with a talented "big" every day (can someone say Liz Sherwood...on the Cardinal staff...) he should have his head examined.


  7. Personally, Donnie, I am over the "feel good wins" over cupcakes. Yeah, they needed an easy win, so what. If they played like the team they are alleged to be, we would not need to excuse the bad play time and again. B East play starts in under a month and by the looks of it, we are going to get our butt handed to us.

    This team is consistent in their horrible turnover rate and low assists( though assists were much better yesterday). The assist to turnover ratoo tells me that this team is playing more like individuals and less like a cohesive team. Disappointing considering all the chemistry and team building that happened during the off season.

  8. Right now, the philosophy would seem to be one day at a time, one game at a time. Improve each day. Today was a win. They'll try to win again Monday. It mirrors the philosophy Walz has with injuries...worry and comcentrate about the ones that can play, because they deserve the attention.

    Eleven days of practice before the next game after WSU...versus Tenn. Martin and then six days after that (Marquette) will give Walz, the staff and the team plenty of time to implement what works, eliminate what doesn't and...hopefully, establish an identity.


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