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Friday, December 23, 2011

Knee injury sidelines Monique Reid for the season


-Reid sidelined with season ending knee injury

-BIG EAST WBB Thursday Results

The Sho and Mo show is a no go. Here's the official press release on her season ending injury:

Monique Reid Out For the Season
Cardinals lose leading scorer and rebounder to season ending knee injury.

Dec. 22, 2011

University of Louisville senior forward Monique Reid will miss the rest of the 2011-12 season after suffering a osteochondral injury to her left knee in the second half of the Cards' BIG EAST opener against Cincinnati on Dec.14th.

A diagnostic resonance imaging (MRI) test was performed at Jewish Hospital in Louisville the next day but found no ligament damage in her knee. Reid saw knee specialist Dr. Caborn when the Cards returned from Pullman. which determined the injury was season ending. Reid will have surgery to repair the damage on Jan 4th.

"This is a big blow to our team but we will not use it as an excuse when we begin our conference play." said head coach Jeff Walz. "Mo has been a big part of our offense the last two seasons and we expected a big senior year from her. Unfortunately she has been plagued with injuries this season and we look forward to a full recovery for her. We've faced adversity before and we will rally together as a team. We're going to need contributions from everyone to pursue our team goals"

A 6-1 forward from Louisville, Reid saw action in eight games this season and was the team's leading scorer headed into the Cincinnati game. She misse he first three games of the season with a back injury. Reid was a preseason first team All-BIG EAST selection. She was also named to the Wade Trophy Watch List in the fall. Reid was averaging 13.1 points and 5.3 rebounds per game. She has led the Cardinals in scoring and rebounding the last two seasons and has been a first team All-BIG EAST selection.

If the Lady Cards were a foot...they've just lost their big toe.

Questions we've been getting...

(What is a osteochondral injury?)

It's an injury to the smooth surface on the end of a bone.

(Will she be eligible for another year of playing?)

She is. Whether she'll apply for a medical hardship word out of UofL or her about that yet. She is due to graduate in May.

(Who will replace her?)

We're not sure if one person can. Shawnta Dyer and Asia Taylor have been playing the position Mo held in the lineup...but...they aren't Monique Reid. We're going with what Walz said...the whole team has to contribute.

(How will it affect the season?)

This is a hard one to answer. Reid's ability to score inside and rebounding skills are definitely going to be missed. You lose your leading scorer...yeah...that's not good. Others will need to step up. Shawnta Dyer has had a couple of good games in a row. She'd be our odds-on favorite to try and fill the gap. One thing is for sure...Cardinal opponents will have one less scoring threat to worry about when they plot a game strategy.

(Will the team have to change their style of play because of it?)

We don't see that happening. Mo's minutes were actually not that many in most of the games she appeared in this year. She was a prolific scorer in most of those games. Louisville's offense runs through the guards and what they can accomplish. If Shoni and Becky can shoot well, if Bria can continue to penerate and score from the baseline...that's pretty much what Lady Cards basketball has been when Mo hasn't been in the lineup. The "Stop Shoni" campaign...which we expect everyone from here out to employ against the Lady Cards...could have been eased if Reid were available. She and Shoni clicked well as a combo...Shoni finding her with dazzling passes for easy baskets. That will definitely be missed.

So, it's a sad thing and a rotten break for one of the best to ever put on a Lady Cardinals uniform. Jeff Walz will tell you that injuries are a part of the college game and a team has to go with the ones who can play and his efforts have to be centered around those who can play.

He's about to get another chance to test that theory. We know how it turned out in the 2009-10 season. Let's hope there isn't a sequel in the offing.

And, that's it for today. It is what it is. Excuse me while I go out and kick the fence a few times and mutter about fortune, fate and bad luck. I can go out in my backyard and see Fern Creek High School...where Mo played her pre-UofL ball. I'm sure when I gaze at the educational facility, I'll think of her from time to time.

I can see the Fern Creek football field, too. Ironically, her little brother Billy (who is not so little) ended his very successful football season as a linebacker at Fern Creek the same way...knee injury. What's the odds?

Gonna miss ya, #33. If it's "in the Cards" for you to get another year...I hope it happens. You and Tia have some unfinished business to take care of.

In hoops this season, (both men and women) the name Louisville = injuries
and that, friends, just plain out stinks. Go away, injury demon. Head to Lexington.



Providence pulls out a surprising win over Clemson 73-63
DePaul has no trouble with Southern Illinois 93-67
Villanova wins the battle of Philly over Temple 56-47
St. John's a surprise loser to Harvard 63-56
Cincinnati handles Longwood 70-54

Everyone's off till the 28th. God rest ye merry gentlewomen...


  1. I am heartsick over this. But then I stop, breathe deep, and think of bigger problems. Oklahoma State. Pat Summitt. Maggie Dixon and what she did and does stand for. The young start out of New York who lost her life, nicknamed Chicken. These are all tragedies in the basketball world, lord knows tragedies exist every day in the world around us.

    I am sad for Mo and Tia, for all they are enduring. I am sad for how this impacts a program and game (yes, it is a game) that I love. But, these are survivable setbacks. Set backs.

    So, for me, I am ready to embrace the challenge, rally around my girls, and welcome the growth that these unfortunate circumstances allow for.


  2. Agree, Jenny. You sum it up very well. The Cardinal spirit still remains strong and it's time for the LADY CARDS to regroup, refocus and resume.

    They will.

  3. Very well put Jenny.With the loss of Tia and Mo our Lady Cards are forced to step up.Great opportunity for players to develope an improve their individual skills.Team should now ralley together an hopefully play with better chemistry.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. As far as the remove post above goes...something we can "say" yet. Will re-post it when we fact check an it turns out to be valid and truthful.


  6. Hope the removed post was good news. Ladies could sure use some about now. One thing about Mo's injury---team had basically already been playing a lot w/out her, so that it shouldn't affect them a whole lot. Sorry that she won't get to play this season, as well as Tia, our two hometown players down! Could bode well for next year, if both are allowed another year and take it. And this will give someone else a chance to step up, could very well be S. Dyer, or a combo of Dyer/Taylor/Hammond.

  7. I am bummed for you guys and for her. Best wishes to her with the surgery and recovery. (Not gonna lie, a bit relieved as a St. John's fan, but in that selfish sports fan whose team needs a cheap win way.)

  8. If you look at it "by the numbers" Mo had 105 of the Cards 980 total points of the season. This breaks down to about 11%. She was behind S. Schimmel, Burke and Smith in total points.

    Her 42 rebounds was tied for seventh best on the team. She played 143 minutes in eight games, which is about 18 minutes a game.

    Statistically, this is not a horrible loss but we all know she was much more than just a few lines on a stat sheet to Louisville.



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