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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Wishes


-Christmas Wishes


On this Christmas Eve day, we wish all of our readers the best of good cheer, holiday greetings and the spirit of the season. While you're dashing around for those last minute gifts or preparing for your holiday meal, remember the true intent and meaning of the season...that many years ago, in a land far away...a savior was born unto you.

We've come up with some things we'd like to leave under a few trees tomorrow and we'll share them with you here.

For UofL fans...Wins galore in the next few months! Especially one over that rival 80 miles east on New Year's Eve day. Also, a successful trip to Charlotte and a chance to watch the Football Cards defeat North Carolina State. A romp through the BIG EAST for the LADY CARDS in women's basketball and the joy and comraderie we share when we all get together and join our voices in unison.  

The Lady Cards basketball team...Freedom from injuries the rest of the season and the will, desire, motivation and ability to go out and play hard every night. For some of our favorites on the team...

Becky Burke...Continued success from three point range and a great last semester as a Card.

Monique Reid...successful surgery and a chance to do it all again next year.

Tia Gibbs...complete rehab and a shoulder stronger than the Bionic Man's.

Asia Taylor...a stocking full of rebounds, points and unlimited ham and pineapple pizzas.

Shoni Schimmel...more Sportscenter Top 10 moves and the sound of the net swishing on perfect three point attempts. And, many trips to Sapporo.

Jeff Walz...a team that continues to grow, improve and sends him deep into the NCAA Tournament. And a brand new, black sweater vest.

For Sandy Pearsall...girls who can clear the bases with one swing, a strong armed pitching staff and a dome over Ulmer Stadium.

For Anne more great year from Lola, success on the recruiting trail and full houses in Cardinal Arena and the KFC YUM! Center. 

For Justine Sowry...Strength at the net, fleet footed girls with accurate sticks and packed stands at Trager Stadium.

For Karen Ferguson Dayes...Another deep run into the NCAA Tournament and a brand new facility to share with the men's soccer team. 

For Mark Beckham... Success with a strong women's tennis team in 2012 and some long, overdue recognition for the teams and chemistry he creates.

For "Coach K" Kelly Meyers Rothberg. Birdies and Eagles for her golfers and a personalized golf cart with cable and wi-fi.

For Laura Aubrey. Trophies to put in her new rowing facility and strong arms, strong backs and calm waters.

For Kellie Young. Talented recruits to replace her graduated seniors and fans in the stands at the lacrosse field.

For Ron Mann. Sprinters success, throwers triumphs, distance runners domination and vaulters victories.

For Arthur Albiero. Big splashes, perfect dives and a continuation of Cardinal superiority in the water in the BIG EAST and NCAA.

And, lest we forget the men...huge wins and great recruits for Rick Pitino, Dan McDonnell, Charlie Strong, Rex Ecarma, Ken Lolla, Mark Crabtree and all the guys who don the Cardinal Red and Black and strive to succeed.

Finally, for Cardinal women's athletics as a whole...the recognition and respect for one of the best athletic programs in the nation. Whether it's Haley Jurich corralling a cross pass, Nita Slaughter grabbing a rebound or Margret Harris sprinting across the line first, we 're appreciative and keep the good results coming. Our thanks and gratitude to Tom Jurich and Julie Herrmann for building a program that is the best in college athletics.


Finally, as we roll into Christmas-time, we'd like to give thanks for the many people who have helped take CARDINAL COUPLE from an idea and new kid on the block to a thriving and surviving information source that receives over 2000 hits a day.

To our readers, thank you for the viewings, suggestions, responses and support. Without you, this would all be meaningless. We like to describe ourselves as "the fan's voice for UofL women's sports" so, as you can see, it all begins with you! Sometimes we disagree, sometimes we get frustrated and sometimes...we sit in front of this computer and have no earthly idea on what we should write about and cover.

You guide us on. You keep us fresh, timely, on our toes and pick us up and carry us to the finish line. Couldn't do it without...wouldn't want to do it without you. We adore you. Stay with us on this merry and exciting dash through the land of Cardinal women's athletics.

Thank you.

To our sole sponsor, Panera Bread. Thanks for the support. You are our only sponsor for a reason. We respect and 
patronize quality. Whenever we've extended our hand, you've filled it.

We'd also like to thank, our mentors.

Charlie, Shannon and Howie. In the early beginnings, you were there for us before CARDINAL COUPLE ever existed. From early on, with Sonja's thoughts and observations that you posted on Cardinal Sports Report, UofL Card Game and Cardinal Dominance, we cut our teeth and soaked up your experience, thoughts, suggestions and encouragement. When it was time to "go out on our own" you were there with support and backing. You guys are the best.

To the athletic department at UofL, we also humbly extend our gratitude and appreciation.

Coaches, you've shared with us and patiently answered and explained what you do and why you do it. We appreciate it.

The folks at Sports Information have been invaluable in providing access, knowledge, help and support. There is no collective group out there that is better than Kenny, Kim, Lori, Nancy, Rocco, Garret, Sean, Jared and Ira when it comes to providing athletic information. Some of what you do may go unnoticed at times, but you provide an important and essential service and do it professionally and very well. The time and efforts you put in shows. 

Finally, our contributing writers. From the early days when David Watson first offered to send a few thoughts our way to now...with talented, thoughtful and passionate writers Jenny O' Bryan and Sandra Walker on board...thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We look forward to your 2012 contributions, the sharing of dialogue and ideas, those e-mail exchanges that can go from hilarious and gossipy to serious and intense. WE have no idea how we got so lucky to get you on board...but, strap in and hold're along for the ride and behind the wheel as we go forth and continue to try and provide our readers our takes and views of Louisville Womens' Athletics. 

We promise to try and provide, you...the reader...the best we can offer in Louisville Women's athletics in 2012. Your feedback, comments, advice, tips and dialogue is very important to us. You are fans. We are too. This is the fan voice for Cardinal women's athletics. Don't let us down. We promise to do the same. We'll be here, getting stronger every day and will count on you to keep us growing, healthy and relevant. Sounds like fun, eh?

Merry Christmas, readers !! God bless each and every one.

We'll be back in a few days with tales from the road and featured articles from our writers.  
Paul and Sonja Sykes


  1. Merry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas, Paul and Sonja. Hope that tree is loaded with lots of good things, including many Cardinal wins.

  3. Happy Holiday, Cardinal Couple! May you have a great Christmas and thank you for being the best darn UofL women's sports site around!

    Joe Hill

  4. Merry Christmas, C.C.! Seasons Greetings to everyone!GO CARDS!


  5. Have a very merry cardinal christmas. If god was not a U of l fan, he would not have made cardinals a big part of christmas


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