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Friday, December 2, 2011

More on the upcoming UK vs. Lady Cards WBB game...


_Louisville advances in Round 1 of NCAA Volleyball

-Jenny tells us her "take" on the UL v. UK WBB basketball game.

-Sandra on the ticket status for the game

-David Watson discusses the game

The University of Louisville Volleyball team has defeated Ball State in first round NCAA Volleyball action...sweeping Ball State 25-22, 25-15, 25-20. We'll have a full recap and details in Saturday's Cardinal Couple. Way to go, Anne Kordes and the Lady Cards spikers! 


We're back up and running. Thanks to our superb I.T. guy Chris...and thanks for the e-mails expressing concern. Sometimes, you wonder (after the fact)..."Why did I click on that?"


(Jenny O'Bryan is a writer for CARDINAL COUPLE. Here is her "take" on Sunday's game.)

I believe we can win against the Lady Cats. If both teams show up to play, and play to their capabilities, I believe this is going to go down as one of the best games in the history (or at least the recent history) of this rivalry. I give the edge to Louisville, though. I do believe it is going to be a close game. Of course, I want our Lady Cards to come out on top. But even more so, I want a good game from both teams. 

So...what needs to happen to bring home the win? Here are my thoughts on the matter: 

First, UofL needs to get off to a strong start. Let's hope they start the game like they did against Murray State and hit shots in the first minutes. UK is too good a team to  start slowly the Cards have several times this year. GET OFF TO A STRONG START. 

Take care of the ball is next. The Lady Cards need to take care of every possession. They need to do this better than they have in games past. UK is a strong defensive team and they are going to force turnovers! We need not helping them beat us by committing unforced errors. The Lady Cares will need to value each possession, make good, solid passes on in-bounds plays and in transition. We must control this stat. TAKE CARE OF THE BALL.

The Lady Cards are also strong defenders. They will need to keep up the good work in this area. They can improve in this area by cleaning up the defense. The high octane, furious defensive effort loses its maximum effect when whistles are blown and play is stopped. When players get a chance to rest their legs and catch their breath you lose the advantages you have been stock-piling. PLAY SOLID, CLEAN DEFENSE AND...IN THE PROCESS...STAY OUT OF FOUL TROUBLE.

Dominate in the paint and on the boards. I believe this is the area where Louisville has the greatest advantage. Our "true bigs" include Cierra Warren and Sherrone Vails....with a supporting cast of Monique Reid, Asia Taylor, Sara Hammond, and Shawnta Dyer. Six players who can provide strong and valuable minutes inside. Louisville will need to find a way to exploit this vulnerability  of the Cats. The opportunity is there to rotate, stay  rested and dominate. UK has one true center in Samantha Drake and a forward/center in Azia Bishop. A strong effort from our "bigs" is the difference in this game. UofL must get solid minutes in the paint, stay out of foul trouble and rebound.

A'dia Mathies is still a huge impact player, even when her offense is off. She brings so much more to the game than just points scored. Containing her will be a huge task for the Cardinal guards...especially with Tia Gibbs done for the year.

The Lady Card assists seem to have increased with Shoni and Mo back in the lineup. This needs to continue to be a upward trend.

Finally, the Lady Cards need to just play like they know how to play. Hopefully, Shoni and Becky will be on fire from outside. Bria Smith will have her dribble drive going on and will be counted on to cash in on free throws. Mo will need to be the point producing paint specialist and look for her to see increased minutes. The Lady Cards will need to control the boards.

Lady Cards, go out on the hardwood at Memorial and play your game. Play hard, play strong and leave it all on the court. Bring home the win! 


(CARDINAL COUPLE correspondent Sandra Walker comments on the ticket situation.) 

Tickets for Sunday's UK vs. UofL women's basketball game are officially gone. announced no more tickets are are left for the Memorial Coliseum game...but they are still heavily promoting tickets to the UK vs. Duke WBB matchup in Rupp Arena. Official routes for tickets have not been available for awhile. Research at TicketMaster and contact with the normally resourceful ticket finder "Rob" at StubHub, Inc. also produced no results. Yesterday he responded "Just got your message and checked the listing for the game. Unfortunately, we have no more tickets left." 

One route may still be available as we have heard that a few tickets might be twisted out of UK's hands - to compliment those already held by over 250 fans who have committed to ride one of the fan buses to the game (which also includes a game ticket). You can confirm additional availability by contacting William Hancock at or the Fastbreak Club at UofL. 

I personally grew frustrated with the UK ticket office non-answers when trying to acquire a ticket as far back as October when it was announced that Rupp Arena was being reserved for the upcoming WBB contest between UK and Duke but not for the more heavily fan-followed Louisville game. It looks like that either UK was too tight to spring for the additional Rupp Arena usage funds or that Louisville's almost triple home attendance so concerned the UK faithful that it was determined that using Memorial would guarantee a large home town crowd majority with which to help break the Louisville over Kentucky win streak--as UK will need every advantage they can acquire. This, of course, is my opinion.

One other possibly successful tactic to acquire game tickets is what I did. I presented myself as having so much newly acquired interest in the UK women that I was interested in purchasing season tickets. For the $40 investment, I not only have admission to the UofL vs. UK game...but also tickets to Tennessee, Duke and all the other teams on UK's home schedule. Not a bad the incoming team will make it worth it.

Notice to potential UK recruits...At least Memorial is an improvement from the early years of UK women's practice facilities where unless shots were perfect swishes, the backboard moved.

Enjoy the game. See you there.
EDITOR NOTE: A couple of hours after this article, regualr reader Elvis Redbird sent us an e-mail and has (2) tickets for face value ($7 each)...his e-mail address is CARDINAL FANS ONLY

His e-mail:

Dear Cardinal Couple,

I have two extra tickets for Sunday's game available to Cardinal fans only who wish to attend. The seat are behind the visitors bench up high. I'm willing to part with them for face value of $7 each. If you know of someone wishing to see what's shaping up as a heck a contest. #10 vs. #12. Personally I'm looking forward to chanting 'O-V-E-R-R-A-T-E-D' as I believe the Cardinals are a much better team & will win by + 15 POINTS. Please give them my contact information.

(Thanks Elvis!)*****************************************************************

(DAVID WATSON is a Special Correspondent for CARDINAL COUPLE. He talks about the game below.)

I'll be watching the upcoming UofL vs. UK women's basketball game with a great deal of interest. I've heard it might be on ESPN3-which would be good for those who don't receive FOX SPORTS SOUTH. 

My neighbor Hank is UK crazy.  Blue flag flies 365 days a year. We were talking the other day out in his driveway. He was boasting about the successes of the UK men's team. I countered that the UofL women's basketball team was playing the Lady Kats and that it would be a good game. His answer: 

"I don't follow those women's sports too much but the Cats will win that one. UK is just plain better than Louisville in everything but football." 

We agreed to a friendly wager. Two sidewalk shovellings of the other's property after the first two sizable snows. No points exchanged, just a neighborly wager. Then, he went back into his cave, club over shoulder - and drug his wife out to the mini-van by her hair. Hank is definitely a male chauvinist pig, self admitted- and if there isn't a helmet, home run or slam dunk involved, he usually doesn't watch or care for it. Everytime I hear the Beatles sing "Here comes old flat-top." on the song "Come Together" - I get a mental picture of him.

Louisville will travel to Memorial Coliseum and beat the Kentucky women. How do I know this? I go by a basic and old and proven adage in basketball. The team that can rebound better usually wins. The Lady Cards have a wealth of tall, long-armed, muscular girls who can rebound. UK has one or two.

Rebounds equal possessions or second chance putbacks. When the ball is in your hands, it's better than having it in the opponents' hands. More possessions equal more chances to score.

And, I dig Monique Reid.

Cards win on Sunday. I'll say 69-59. And, let it snow, let in snow, let it snow.


It's started. Rumors about Louisville football coach Charlie Strong being pursued by other programs. Penn State and Texas A&M are currently on top of the speculation. (Putting hands over ears...going "La,La,La,La,La,La...")

Strong could be taking the Cardinals to Miami for the Orange bowl if Connecticut can beat Cincinnati Saturday. At least, the Cards are headed to Charlotte, Memphis or maybe St. Pete for post-season action.

Ask John L.Smith or Howard Schnellenberger, Charlie. Leaving would be a bad idea. Stay and make the mark on UofL football you've talked about doing.


(Thanks to our three writers today for their contributions. Tomorrow, Sonja and I will discuss our opinions and we welcome yours. E-mail us or leave a message in the comments section and let us know. Adios.)


  1. Hey! Let's not forget our VolleyCards who are opening play in the NCAA tournament as I type this. Let's go Ladies, Kill it!

  2. Cards win, Cards win! Straight sets over Ball State in Volleyball. 25-22, 25-15, 25-20.


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