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Monday, October 25, 2010

Good Morning Cardinal Couple


David Watson here and reporting that the Cards won their volleyball match yesterday against USF in five games. The Cards were led by the strong serving of Lola Arslanbeckova and Emily Juhl.

Louisville is peaking at the right time and has won their last eight contests. For more details, you can check out:

Congratulations to Coach Yelin and the team!

David Watson
Special correspondent for Cardinal Couple


  1. David:

    Myself and Charlie Springer of Card Game are supposed to be posting articles, and we are having problems.

    I am Shannon, a good friend of Sonja and Paul's that owns Cardinal Dominance.

    Please give me a call at (812) 557-0883. Shannon

  2. Hi Shannon and Charlie,

    Just accept the invitation sent to you by e-mail to be a administrator and then sign in using your Google account. Once you accept then I can approve you for posts. Sorry about the confusion on this.



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