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Saturday, October 30, 2010

10 29 2010 J-Town Interviews: C Zach Price, SG-SF Tony Kimbro Jr. and HC Jeff Morrow

By Shannon Ruffra - CC Writer and Managing Editor of Cardinal Dominance

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - David Watson says that Paul and Sonja are on the way home, so soon enough, the pros of Louisville women's athletics will be back posting and keeping us all informed with updates and insights for Louisville women's athletics.

For my final stand-in post, I have shared an exclusive interview I conducted yesterday with 2011 men's basketball commit C Zach Price, SG-SF Tony Kimbro Jr. and HC Jeff Morrow of Jeffersontown high school in Louisville.

I would like to thank the readers of Cardinal Couple for bearing with David, Charlie and myself as we stood in as contributing writers, while Sonja and Paul played Count and Contessa frolicking in the countryside of South Gatlinburg. I can see them now...... With Paul's fetish with bears, I was relieved to find out from David Watson that Paul was on the way home ALIVE......

Sonja and Paul are the best at covering the women. Sonja and Paul are my #1 and only source for Louisville women's athletics at Cardinal Couple.

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  1. All three of you did a wonderful job filling in for Cardinal Couple. It was nice to see some men's sports on here for once.



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